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Edith Evanson

During the Golden Age of Hollywood there were an array of character actors who came out and perfected their craft alongside some of the era's most popular stars. Within that category is one Edith Evanson.

She was born on April 28, 1898 in Tacoma, Washington, the daughter of a Protestant minister. In the the 1910s she was educated at the historic Stadium High School in which she appeared in various drama productions. In the 1910s and 1930s she appeared in various stage productions through a stock company.

In 1939 she came to Hollywood to begin work as a supporting actress in motion pictures; she made her debut the following year in "The Man Who Wouldn't Talk" (1940). She soon made a name for herself in films often appearing as spinsters, landladies, wealthy widows, maids, town gossips, middle-aged secretaries, and snobs.

During her film career she appeared in such classics as "Citizen Cane" (1941), "Woman of the Year" (1942), "Reunion in France" (1942), "The Strange Woman" (1947), "Rope" (1948), "The Day The Earth Stood Still" (1951), and "Toby Tyler" (1960). With the advent of TV she expanded in her career and made guest appearances on such programs as "Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre", "The Loretta Young Show", "Lassie", "Bachelor Father", and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".

In her later years work became harder to find due to old age and she retired from acting in 1974 following a guest role in the TV show "Apple's Way". Upon retirement she moved to Riverside Country, CA where she lived until her death from natural causes on November 29, 1980. Since she had no close family when she died she left her money to her church, the Democratic National Committee, and to the Motion Picture County House and Hospital. She was 84 years of age.

Brigid Ryan

Brigid Leigh Ryan was born in Summit, NJ. She was the youngest of three children. Her father Greg was a truck driver for FedEx. Her mother, Alberta, also worked for FedEx, but went on disability leave for the larger portion of Brigid's life. She has an older brother, Gregory, and an older sister named Theresa. Her sister was born with moderate to severe cerebral palsy.

When Brigid was fairly young she was convinced that she was older than her sister simply because she was larger. For the rest of her life she would say "my little, big sister" having to constantly correct herself.

Brigid was always interested in movies. Her mother showed her films on Turner Classic Movies from a young age. Brigid thought that she wanted to be an actress, however, she did not have much skill at it. She then hoped to find skill in writing, again finding a lack of skill. Eventually Brigid took some classes in TV production at her high school TV studio and discovered her love for editing.

Since then her dream was to edit Hollywood films and win the Oscar for best editing.

Her older brother Gregory went to Penn State for Stage Management. He joined the Actor's Equity in 2010.

Brigid's high school career was very eventful. She received many scholarships and did well academically. She was accepted into Emerson College on Early Action.

Brigid's favorite movies are Some Like It Hot (1959), Harvey (1950), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), WALL-E (2008), and Up (2009).

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