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Dave Thomas

Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Dave was the eldest son of John and Moreen Thomas. John Thomas (deceased) was a PHD in Philosophy (Duke), noted medical ethicist, head of Philosophy Department at McMaster University, and author of several books including: "Matters of Life and Death," "Well and Good," "Medical Ethic and Human Life." Moreen Thomas (living) was a church organist for 30 years and noted composer of church music. Brother, Ian Thomas is a noted Canadian musician and composer whose songs have been covered by bands like America, Chicago, Air Supply (Russell Hitchcock & Graham Russell), Bette Midler, and Manfred Mann.

Starting his career at ad agency McCann Erickson, after one year, Dave became the head writer of the Coca-Cola account. He then moved from the Toronto office to New York at the request of agency client Coca-Cola. Dave left advertising after three years to work at Second City Company in Toronto with Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Gilda Radner, and Eugene Levy. He subsequently co-founded NBC's critically acclaimed comedy series SCTV, along with co-stars Harold Ramis, Catherine O'Hara (I), Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, and John Candy. During the show's five-year run, Dave won an Emmy Award, 4 Emmy nominations for his comedy writing, an ACTRA Award for Best Variety Performer and the Earl Grey Award in 1993.

With Rick Moranis, Dave co-created the infamous McKenzie Brothers and co-starred in the cult hit comedy film Strange Brew (MGM). Strange Brew won the Golden Reel Award for the highest box office grossing movie in Canada in 1983. The duo won Gold and Platinum Albums and a Grammy nomination. Since the film's release in 1982, the McKenzie Brothers have become a 20-year-plus enduring franchise, and Thomas and Moranis have licensed the characters to the following companies -- NBC, CBC, Polygram, MGM, Pizza Hut, Mr. Lubbe, Miller Brewing, Molsons Brewing, Todd McFarlane Toys and Disney.

Dave has written, directed, produced, and co-starred in television shows for all the major networks -- most notably The Dave Thomas Comedy Show (CBS) and Grace Under Fire (ABC). He was co-creator and co-executive producer of The New America's Funniest People (ABC). He wrote and directed the M.O.W. Ghost Mom (Fox) starring Jean Stapleton and Geraint Wyn Davies and starred in the M.O.W.'s Kids in the Woods (Disney) and Picture Perfect (ABC). He has voiced animated shows like The Simpsons, Duckman, Catdog, Dilbert, Animaniacs, Justice League of America for Warners and Tarzan for Disney. He has appeared in numerous feature films, including Stripes with Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, Spies Like Us (Dave was also co-writer with Aykroyd) with Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd, The Experts (Dave directed) starring John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Boris & Natasha with Sally Kellerman, Coneheads with Dan Aykroyd, and most recently Rat Race with John Cleese, Whoopi Goldberg, and Cuba Gooding Jr.. In 2001, Dave played a featured role in the theatrical features Who's Your Daddy and Call Me Irresponsible (Norstar). Dave is currently voicing a major role along with Joaquin Phoenix and Rick Moranis in the upcoming full-length Disney animated feature Bears due for theatrical release in 2004. In 1996, Mr. Thomas wrote a book, "SCTV Behind the Scenes". It is currently in its second printing. Mr. Thomas' production company, Maple Palm Productions, produced an Ace nominated comedy special for Showtime entitled The Time Travels of Henry Osgood starring Bronson Pinchot, Catherine O'Hara (I), John Candy, Martin Short, and Joe Flaherty, a special for CBS in 1990 entitled "Standup at Forty" starring Gary Shandling, Bonnie Hunt, Martin Short, George Plimpton and Richard Belzer. In 1992 Maple Palm produced another comedy special, this time for ABC entitled "Inside American's Unsolved Mysteries". In 1994, Maple Palm produced a reality pilot for ABC entitled Family Challenge. ABC elected not to pick up the series, so Maple Palm produced 130 hour-long episodes of Family Challenge for the Family Channel with Woody Fraser. In 1999, Maple Palm Productions and Dave Thomas produced Ambushed a movie for HBO, starring Courtney B. Vance, Virginia Madsen, and David Keith, directed by Ernest R. Dickerson. Ambushed was the highest rated television show in its time slot when it first aired in 1999. Currently, Dave is a partner in Animax Interactive, an online production company creating sponsored interactive content and designing Web Pages for such companies as Ford, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Verizon. Dave lives in Malibu, California with his wife Kim and four children John, Emily, Harry and Charlie.

Dan Mahoney

Dan started working in the Industry as a production assistant in the mid 1970's. He then worked as a Key Grip from 1977 until the later part of 1996 in the New York area. Dan worked on many Feature Films and thousands of TV Commercials over that span from the famous "Miller Light" commercials of the 1980's to hundreds of Wendy commercials starring the late founder of Wendy's ,Dave Thomas.

Dan then served as the Business Representative of Local 52 IATSE from 1997 until 2002.

Since 2002 Dan has worked at the IATSE International Union where he is the Assistant Department Director of Motion Picture and Television Production in the United States and Canada. The IATSE represents over 115,000 "below the line" workers in the Entertainment Industry throughout North America.

Ron James

Ron James' unique brand of physical comedy is balanced with intelligent and informative observations on everything from the mosquito driven torment of a Canadian camping trip to the sheer terror of being in a traffic jam with your bladder about to explode. His kinetic energy and comic style have been seen on CBC, Global, CTV, CBS, NBC, HBO, Disney and the FOX network, and he has also appeared on The Martin Short Special, The Dave Thomas Special and the Jim Henson Hour. A longtime member of Second City, James wrote, produced and starred in the critically- acclaimed Up & Down in Shaky Town: One Man's Journey Through the California Dream. This one-man show, which aired on The Comedy Network, is based on his real-life experience as a hapless Canuck trying to survive and succeed in the cut-throat environs of Los Angeles. James has also been a headliner at many leading comedy festivals including the Banff International Film & Television Festival, Just for Laughs and the Toronto International Comedy Festival. In 1998 he filmed a 90-minute Comedy Special for CTV which was considered by Sid Adilman of the Toronto Star to be, 'one of the best television events of 1998.'

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas is an award-winning filmmaker and an Emmy honored creative director whose work has been featured in popular television shows like The Amazing Race, Nip Tuck, The West Wing and Young and the Restless. He directed the film 24/7/365: The Evolution of Emergency Medicine, which received the 2015 Emmy Award (New England Chapter) for Best Documentary Film. He was also the creative force behind the re-branding of networks like the Discovery Channel, The Food Network and BBC America, among others. A master storyteller, Dave has spent a great deal of his life traveling the world and immersing himself in experiences that have influenced his work. His vast experience in the entertainment industry includes editing, designing and photography, invaluable skills that have made him a strong filmmaker and sought after director. A member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Dave was most recently featured in a new book on the entertainment industry called, "Hire Me, Hollywood!", highlighting his exciting career path and professional accomplishments. He divides his time between New York City and Los Angeles.

John Thomas

John Thomas is a sound designer and re-recording mixer for film, television, and video games. He comes from a large family of entertainment professionals. He is the son of Canadian actor/comedian Dave Thomas of SCTV, brother of actor Harrison Thomas, nephew of Canadian musician Ian Thomas and cousin of actor Dan Petronijevic. John's mother Pam Thomas is a producer with credits ranging from Saturday Night Live to Kids in the Hall. John was the supervising sound editor at Animax Interactive, a digital media company founded by his father from 2003-2015, he works at Blizzard Entertainment as a sound designer. John has also appeared on T.V. as an actor in episodes of Fox's "Bones" and "The Gilf" starring Wendi McLendon-Covey of "Reno-911" (2008)

Amber Rose Kelly

Amber Rose was nominated for a 1991 Young Artist's Award for Best Actress Under 9 for her role as Amanda Huntoon in "Face of Love". Amber Rose started acting in 1987 at 5 months old when a young USC Director asked her mother if she'd do the movie playing a little boy. Several years later in 1997, Amber Rose started writing her own original music at age 11 with, "Growing Up". She taught herself to play guitar at 12, and has been home recording music since her first home demo in 1997. At 14 she posted her home demo Sorrows and Tears on the new Tonos website. At 15 yrs old she finally got to record in a real studio out in Sedona, AZ and then the producer claimed to have lost her masters to her three songs, when she went in to finish them. So, she later debuted her new songs and music with a more folk rock sound than pop edge the producer wanted, so the catastrophe worked out for everybody. Amber Rose then debuted as a solo acoustic artist at The 2002-2003 Accept & Respect Festivals, and on April 13, 2003 in The Rainbow Bar & Grill as well as a Solo Photography Show at The UnUrban in Santa Monica, which also featured her live music show.

In July 2004, one month after she graduated high school, the 17 year old's song, Don't Let Me Go went to #1 on Soundclick.com for 5 months straight. Her music is a blend of sultry vocals, folk rock acoustic and electric guitar driven music. She is endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars since December 2006 and has been performing music on stage and film since she was a toddler. At 19, she formed The Amber Rose Band to play larger venues and to tour. Her band played at The Roxy, The Key Club, and a Junkiri Girls School Benefit, and The Cat Club in Los Angeles.

In 2007 and in 2008, Amber Rose recorded new songs for her Sweet Poison EP, and by early 2009, Amber Rose's music and songs have been #1 online on Soundclick.com, Ourstage.com, and her name was at the TOP of the Google Search Engine above AOL, Apple, and Dr. Amber Rose the Bee Lady, and Amber Rose actually did the work to get it there since 1999 when her music first went online. In December 2009 Amber Rose accepted a Music Residency at The Cat Club in Hollywood until April 2010.

As an infant, Amber Rose got her first work permit at 2 months old to audition for Full House. She started in films at the age of 5 months old starring in a short film for Amy, a young director at USC, in which Amber Rose was dressed up like a little baby boy for the role.

It was another two years before she got a real starring role in Face of Love and several other TV Movies of the Week, two with Cheryl Ladd (Locked Up: A Mother's Rage) (1991) with Angela Bassett and (The Girl Who Came Between Them)(1990) aka "Face Of Love". She did another Movie of the Week with Robert Urich (And Then She was Gone)(1991). A small role on ABC's (thirtysomething) (1989) as a Crying Baby and a Twin on a Leash on The CBS's (Dave Thomas Show)(1990).

Jason Lupish

Jason was born in Grimsby, a small town in Southern Ontario Canada. Since then he has lived in St Catharines, Ontario, the home of other celebrities such as 'Dave Thomas', Linda Evangelista, Ron Sexsmith, and Neil Peart. Jason attended the same high school as Peart, but obviously more than a few years afterwards.

During his high school career he was less focused on making films and more focused on watching them and playing football. He played for the regional football all-star team, and even the Provincial team one year. In the winter of 1998, Jason was offered a scholarship to Graceland College in Iowa, and was excited to attend later that year in the fall. But in the early summer, just months before he was set to leave for Graceland College, while tackling another player he was injured and temporarily paralyzed. He suffered minor neck and back injuries. The injuries were not enough to stop him from living a normal life, but his days of playing football were over. Graceland offered to still give Jason the scholarship, but in a state of depression he declined.

He decided that he would turn his focus to filmmaking, more professionally when in 1999, after graduating from West Park Secondary school, and immediately formed his own business Digital Dream Pictures, which produced several short length promotional videos for 97.7 htzfm's web site. In 2001, he turned his focus to the narrative form of film and directed a short length movie titled "At Midnight" which was well received by the online community in the spring of that year. In the winter of 2001, Jason starred in a short length video production, produced by Locked Out Entertainment, titled PUSH, in which he played a serial killer. Shortly thereafter, Digital Dream Pictures and Locked Out Entertainment joined together to form LOADD Studios, in order to produce the Full Length Motion Picture An All American Fairytale. A movie which was produced by Lupish, and directed by Lupish, Christopher Carter, and Adam Jack.

In the Summer of 2003 Jason was approached again by writers/directors Carter and Jack who asked him to help produce and co-fund the demonstration pilot for "4 Years To Life", a project that is now receiving acclaim from Canadian television and film professionals. In November 2003, Jason produced and was the Director of Photography for the short film "The Switch" directed by Award Winning Writer/Director Carey Lewis. About a month later, Lupish, Carter and 'Joe Gallo II' a writer/director from Toronto, created "Nocturnal" a feature film that will bring together the creativity of 7 different directors all on one project. Each director gets 10 mins to tell a story, and must do so with a list of rules.

In March 2004, Jason became the first person in history to direct a Live-Action fully 3 dimension holographic commercial. It was for White Oaks Resort & Spa in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, and featured 2 guests of the resort playing tennis, lifting weights eating dinner, etc. All the various activities one can enjoy while staying at White Oaks.

Jason is currently prepping a few scripts for production in early to mid spring, and also directing a music video for the band PRI.

Dave Thomas

Born during the Depression to a dirt-poor single mother in Atlantic City. New Jersey, Dave Thomas was adopted as an infant by a traveling construction worker and his wife. Moving out on his own at age 15, Thomas held a succession of jobs in the food industry, starting out as a busboy and working his way up. A fateful meeting in 1956 with Col. Harland Sanders, founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain, led to Thomas' investing money in one of Sanders' KFC franchises, which paid off handsomely and made him a millionaire by the time he was 35. In 1969 Thomas decided to strike out on his own and left KFC to start his own chain of fast-food restaurants, Wendy's (named after his daughter, whose name was actually Melinda but whose nickname was Wendy) Hamburgers, in Ohio. Eventually the chain grew to more than 6000 restaurants, with annual sales revenue topping $6 billion. As successful as his business career was, however, Thomas was even more famous for his appearances in the company's commercials, where he came across as just a regular guy next door who got along with everybody and was the kind of grandfather that everyone wished they'd had--which, according to many who knew and worked with him, was exactly how he was in real life. He never forgot how tough it was to be an adopted kid, and founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to help both adopted children and the families who adopt them. He died of liver cancer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 2002.

Bonni Lee

Bonni Lee began her film career as a script reader before becoming an executive at MGM/UA where she worked on "Strange Brew", starring SCTV's Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis. While at MGM/UA she also developed and oversaw the black comedy, "The Utterly Montrous Mind-Roasting Summer of O.C. and Stiggs", directed by Robert Altman and based on an issue of National Lampoon.

Lee was hired as Vice-President in the feature division at Warner Bros. where she brought Tim Burton to the studio to direct his first film, "Pee Wee's Big Adventure". She introduced Burton to writer Sam Hamm and suggested the two collaborate on "Batman", which eventually grossed over $400M worldwide. Lee also worked with Burton on "Beetlejuice" for Geffen Pictures and Warner Bros. After working on "The Accidental Tourist", "Lethal Weapon" and "In Country", Lee left the studio to become President of Robert Redford's two production companies, Wildwood Entertainment and North Fork Prods., which produced Erroll Morris' feature directing debut, "The Dark Wind", the Leonard Peltier documentary "Incident at Oglala" and "A River Runs Through It", directed by Redford.

David Geffen hired Lee as President of Geffen Pictures, where she oversaw "M. Butterfly", directed by David Cronenberg and "Interview with the Vampire" and "Micheal Collins", both directed by Neil Jordan. Under Geffen Pictures, Lee produced MTV's first feature film, "Joe's Apartment". When David Geffen created Dreamworks SKG with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, Lee had a production deal at the studio for her company, "Mighty Hula Pictures". Lee moved to the east coast while raising her children and has since returned to L.A. where she develops television and feature films. The films Lee has developed and overseen have grossed over $1B worldwide.

Jake Thomas

Jake Thomas was born in Hamilton, Ontario to parents Catherine Ford and Ian Thomas a Juno Award winning Canadian Musician/actor. He is a nephew to Dave Thomas the actor/comedian from SCTV behind Bob & Doug Mackenzie. At the age of 9 he presented a Juno award in front of hundreds of people along side the late John Candy and Andrea Martin and was bit by the performance bug. He grew up in his fathers recording studio writing and performing his own music and would often visit his uncle Dave at various movie sets. He studied recorded music production in college and also graduated with a degree in film. Spending his summers at a cottage in Northern Ontario he developed as a professional water skier and began producing short action sport videos at an early age. These videos lead to the incorporation of Riley Lake Productions Inc. which continues to produce various forms of motion pictures for film and television. Throughout his water sports career he has appeared on numerous Canadian television shows including PowerBoat Television and Cottage Life Television. His dynamic personality inevitably led to his role as host on the TV series The World of Wakeboarding that was produced and directed by Jake and aired all over the world. He has been married to Jenny Thomas since 2000 and together they have 4 children.

Rickey Gerard Perez

From the Pine Brook section of Montville Township, New Jersey, Rickey first grew a passion for storytelling when being taught by his high school English teacher Kurt Kilanowski. He then attended Villanova University where he learned Television Production and Film Analysis from Nasser Chour, PhD., Screenwriting from Dr. John A. O'Leary, PhD., and Intro to Acting from Harriet Power, M.F.A.

He had the privilege to intern at ESPN Radio, Furthur Films, and Worldwide Pants' "The Late Show with David Letterman." Christina Delgado, who was instrumental in giving him a taste of production work, produced an Austin Stark short film titled "Love/Death/Cobain" where Rickey served as a Production Assistant.

Rickey has taken workshops, classes, and intensives at Kathy Wickline Casting in Philadelphia, PA. Notably, he has been instructed by Thomas Roy, Dave Thomas, and Gene Terruso.

His past survival jobs included Account Specialist and Account Executive work for DSM Nutritional Products and 770AM WABC Radio. He has over five years of Sales and Account Management experience and is looking to mesh his appreciation for film, fund raising, and sales into a successful career as a Producer.

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