18 names.

Mili Avital

Mili Avital began her career, at the age of 17, in Christopher Hampton's "Dangerous Liaisons", at the Cameri Theater of Tel- Aviv. Among her Israeli films, she won the 1992 Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Me'ever Layam (aka "Over the Ocean"). Arriving in New York in 1994, she was immediately cast as the female lead in Roland Emmerich's Stargate, for which she received a Sci-Fi Universe award. Her film work includes: Dead Man (Jim Jarmusch), Kissing a Fool (Doug Ellin), Polish Wedding, Animals with the Tollkeeper, The Young Girl and the Monsoon, The Human Stain (Robert Benton), When Do We Eat?, Colombian Love (aka "Columbian Love") (Israel), and Noodle (Israel / China), for which she received the 2007 Israeli Critics' Circle Award for Best Actress, the Israeli Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, and Israel's Person of the Year nomination. Television: "Scheherazade" in the Emmy-nominated ABC miniseries, Arabian Nights, NBC miniseries, Uprising (Jon Avnet), USA Network's After the Storm, Damages (FX), Prisoners of War (aka "Prisoners of War") (Keshet, Israel). Directed a short documentary, I Think Myself I Am All the Time Younger, (Tribeca Film Festival 2004, Jerusalem Film Festival 2004). She resides in New York City with her husband, screenwriter Charles Randolph, and their son.

Matthew Tompkins

Matthew Stephen Tompkins, a native of Oklahoma City, is an award winning Actor and Indie Filmmaker/Producer with over 40 feature films, 80 TV roles, and over 100 plays to his credit to date, and currently makes his home in Dallas, Texas where in 2007 he founded a successful Independent Film Production Company, Wolfclan Productions. Inspired by cinema and literature loving parents, Matthew began writing and directing Super 8 films in his neighborhood by the age of 10, projecting the films on the wall of his childhood home to the delight of his family and friends. An avid athlete and Martial Artist, Matthew began studying acting seriously at the university level and wrote and directed two of the first student written productions ever produced in the 100 years of his alma mater, Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. After graduating with a degree in English Lit and Theater Arts in 1989, he went on to live and work in New York City as an actor and playwright for the Off-Broadway Cooper Square Theater and the Playlab Studio Theater, and he studied acting with the late Bill Hickey and Uta Hagen at the famed acting conservatory, HB Studios. A move to Dallas in 1991 saw his entrance into early professional TV and Film work with recurring roles on shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and the Emmy winning Childrens show, Wishbone while being represented by one of the first, most beloved, and well known Franchised Talent Agents in the Southwest, Peggy Taylor. Dozens of roles on episodic TV, made for TV movies, Feature Films, and national commercials followed, and his work in the leading Theaters in Dallas/Fort Worth won him the Dallas/Ft.Worth Theater Critics Best Actor award 7 times between 1993 and 2009 for roles like King Henry in "Becket", Stanley in "A Streetcar Named Desire", Lenny in "Of Mice And Men", Valmont in "Dangerous Liaisons", Sharkey in "The Seafarer", the Title Role in "Othello", and Nelson Algren in "Transatlantic Liaison"...Some highlights from recent theater and film work include playing great American author Nelson Algren in a smash extended run Off Broadway of the New York Times lauded two person play "Transatlantic Liaison" in 2006 at the famous Harold Clurman Theater, and in 2013 a turn as one of the key Secret Service Agents in the Tom Hanks/Playtone produced Feature Film, "Parkland". Matthew and Wolfclan Productions, along with producing partner Jon Keeyes and Highland Myst Entertainment, are actively engaged in the production of genre specific Feature FIlms, and have recently delivered the films "Odd Man Out" and "Nightmare Box" to be released worldwide in 2014 by Indican Pictures and IndustryWorks, respectively. Matthew is currently represented by Linda McAlister with the Linda McAlister Talent Agency in both Texas and Los Angeles.

P.J. Marino

P.J. Marino was born and raised in Boston's North End, or Little Italy. He started his career as a stand-up comic, quickly getting spots at some of Boston's best comedy clubs, such as The Comedy Connection and Nick's Comedy Stop. He landed an acting job after his first audition, a national commercial for Nike starring Ken Griffey Jr., in which Griffey hits a foul ball off the head of a popcorn vendor played by P.J. After his first film audition, P.J. landed the role of Brian in "Little Shots of Happiness", shot entirely in Boston on Super 8 video, this film got accepted in over a dozen festivals, including Berlin, New York Underground, and Thessalonika.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1998, and took his first acting class, studying with Aaron Speiser in Beverly Hills. Within a few months, he got his first TV audition, a recurring role in a new Fox sitcom looking for authentic Boston accents called "Costello". Four callbacks later, he booked it, and shot his first TV show on the Disney lot. Several national commercials followed, including Saturn, Coors Light, Blockbuster, Volkswagen, and a widely shown Coors Original campaign with Kid Rock. In the meantime, P.J. has worked steadily in TV shows, appearing on "Everybody Hates Chris", "King of Queens", "Without A Trace", "Las Vegas", "ER", "Alias", and many others. He also appeared on stage in "The Talking Cure" under the guidance of artistic director Gordon Davidson and writer Christopher Hampton (Academy-Award winner for Dangerous Liaisons), and performed at downtown LA?s prestigious Mark Taper Forum.

P.J. is also a writer. His spec script for "The Simpsons" placed second in a recent national competition sponsored by Scriptapalooza, and his original pilot, "Bella Napoli", was a finalist with Writers? Digest and Square Magazine. He just finished his second feature-length screenplay, "Over The Tobin", based on his life growing up in the North End.

Yong-jun Bae

After a few roles in Korean TV movies, Yong-jun Bae became a star thanks to the series "Winter Sonata". Following this triumph, Yong-jun Bae could have chosen the easy way out and tapped into the opportunity. Instead he chose to try something different by debuting in cinema. His first part on the big screen was that of a Valmont-like ruthless seducer in Yong Je's 2003 "Untold Scandal", a loose adaptation of "Dangerous Liaisons". He was totally different but as convincing in the sensitively told romance "April Snow", showing once again that there is more to Yong-jun Bae than just a standard heartthrob.

Thom Bishops

Brooklyn native Thom Bishops moved to Los Angeles after graduating from New York University drama school.

In 2015, Thom shot the Jennifer Fox directed film, The Tale, opposite Laura Dern and Ellen Burstyn.

In 2014, Thom shot the Oren Movermen drama, Time Out of Mind, opposite Richard Gere, Steve Buscemi and Kyra Sedgwick, which won the Fibresci critics choice award at the 2014 Toronto International film festival and was distributed by IFC films in 2015. The same year he shot a series regular role in the ABC pilot, Dangerous Liaisons, written by Richard LaGravanese and directed by Taylor Hackford. opposite Rufus Sewell, Katie Holmes and Melissa George.

Thom also shot the comedy Barely Lethal directed by Kyle Newman and produced by Brett Ratner, starring, Hailee Stienfeld, Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Alba which was also released in 2015.

In 2013, Thom landed the lead role in Berlin -7, directed by acclaimed director, Ramtin Lavafipour, Thom also shot the ensemble drama, Dream in American and the comedy, Only in New York, opposite Hiam Abbass, which premiered in the, Abu Dhabi International Film Festival and won the "audience award" in Montpellier International Film Festival 2013. In 2011, Thom shot the lead role in A Seven Hour Difference which world premiered at the 2011 Dubai International Film Festival, won "Best International Feature" in the 2012 Manhattan Film Festival and won the "Grand Jury Prize" at the 2012 Malmo International Film Festival in Sweden, and for which Thom was nominated for "Best Actor" in the Tenerife International Film Festival in Spain.

Bishops first gained notice in the Lions Gate sci-if thriller The Final Cut starring opposite Oscar winners' Robin Williams and Mira Sorvino, alongside Jim Caviezel. The film world premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, followed by a win for "Best Screenplay" at the Deauville International Film Festival. Bishops' follow up feature was the cult classic comedy Fanboys, co-starring Kristen Bell and Seth Rogen for The Weinstein Company. Next was a supporting role in What We Do is Secret, a music biopic chronicling the iconic LA punk band TheGerms. Thom's subsequent supporting role landed him opposite Simon Baker and Winona Ryder in the provocative dark comedy, Sex and Death 101. Thom has guest starred on top rated Emmy award winning shows including NBC's "Law and Order: SVU" and Fox's "House M.D. Thom just wrapped the web series, "The Break Up Diaries" and filmed a recurring role this past fall on the series, "Susanna", directed by Jon Avnet, starring Maggie Grace, Anna Paquin and Virginia Madsen.

His online presence came to the forefront when Thom starred in and produced several segments for Will Ferrrell's Funny or Die website. " Additionally, Thom has over 10k Twitter followers.

In theatre, he has performed in several Off-Broadway plays in NYC, most notably, Shadows in the Sun opposite the late, great stage and screen actress Kim Hunter (Street Car Named Desire) and Marisa Berenson. This role lead to a "Best Actor" award in the New York Winter Play Festival. ! Thom was raised in Brooklyn, New York, by an entrepreneur father and a chef mother, whose restaurant, Tanoreen, is the top reviewed, Michelin rated restaurant in New York City.

Philippe Durand

Actor Philippe (Lawrence) Durand was born Philippe Gilbert Durand. His mother, Lucienne, was a ballerina and his father, Roger, a tenor who began his singing career as a baritone. When Philippe was born, his parents were traveling a lot and needed more stability. His mother then worked for a firm overseas as the director's main secretary and his dad became an artist chief baker working with personalities. Philippe was always grateful to his parents for giving him a beautiful childhood and for always being supportive. They encouraged Philippe to practice arts and sports from the very start. Philippe's parents believed in the saying "A sound mind in a healthy body". Raised in the South of France,the only child Philippe Durand started his career with the Alphabet Theater, a reputable independent theater company in Nice, in the play entitled "Dieu aboie-t-il?" by Francois Boyer. Encouraged by the reviews, Philippe pursued acting, mostly stage, playing the leading men in "The School Of Wives", "Don Juan" and "The Misanthrope" among others. Philippe got his first theatrical roles with the studio Of the Victorine: "Ombres", "Heidi", an appearance in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" with Michael Caine and Steve Martin, and "Monte-Carlo" with Joan Collins. But it was on stage, at the National Theater of Nice directed at the time by Jacques Weber, that Philippe caught the attention of the producers and agents with the lead role of the tormented and versatile soldier in love, Woyzeck, in "Woyzeck" by Georg Buchner. Philippe won a critic Award for the role (1994). Philippe is also a singer-songwriter and at a very young age played piano at the well-known Conservatory of Nice He won many prizes from age five to eighteen before starting an acting career a few years later. Philippe began competing in sports at an early age and is an accomplished athlete. He won competitions in skiing, swimming, tennis, and soccer. Since said competitions Philippe has continued to practice sports on a regular basis. It was in Paris that Philippe started to write and to direct while pursuing his acting career. With four shorts (two award-winning in European festivals), three full scripts and his credits as an actor under his belt, Philippe arrived in Los Angeles. He bought an old American car at first and was working hard on his English pronunciation while being stuck in LA traffic. He practiced constantly that way. He soon appeared in a series of guest-starring roles: "USA High" (1998), "Seven Stages", the co-lead in the independent film "Pinter", and the lead in another independent film "The Islander". He then booked a guest-starring role in the Emmy Award-winning show, "Frasier" (2001), played the role of a mean French lover in the feature film "Not Entirely Awake" (2002), booked the co-lead in the French-English-Italian feature "Two Lonely Friends" (2003), and a challenging co-starring role in "American Dreams" (2004), playing the French Mercenaire, Rene, who gives JJ (played by Will Estes) a hard time. He also played on stage the role of Valmont in "Dangerous Liaisons" by Laclos. Philippe has been seen in a feature film with Christopher Walken entitled "Balls of Fury"(Focus Pictures/Universal)(2007). He went to Brazil to play the role of the race car pilot Symington in "Bluecross". He played on stage Jean-Pierre, the French lover of an American girl named Emma, in a love triangle story entitled "The Innocent Love of a Butterfly". This play was originally a screenplay that will be soon made into a feature film. He passed successfully his first audition at the Actors Studio with a scene from Fool For Love by Sam Sheppard, playing the role of Eddie, a cowboy. For a Frenchman, that was already an accomplishment. Something that will help him later on. Meanwhile Philippe has been pursuing his writing and directing career in the US and in Europe. Philippe's first American movie as a writer-director, "Black and Blue"(2005-2006), was a touching story about missing children. "Black and Blue" received acclaims from associations for the missing children. One of the main projects that brought Philippe to the US has been a thriller entitled "The Man in the Green Hat" and before a feature film drama entitled "The Devil Never Sleeps", by director Ralph Server, winner of the 2004 New York Independent Film Festival with the film "Without Mercy". Philippe has been approached by the writer-director of this film to play the lead role in this drama, in the style of "Ocean 11". This role went to Alain Delon 15 years ago before the sudden death of one of the producers, Boris Sagal, that stopped the production of the film at that time. But the film to be directed by Ralph Server was never made. Philippe's fascination for westerns took an unexpected turn when a group of producers brought him a new project, a western. Philippe played an interesting role in it: a man who have a hard time to speak but can draw very fast. The film called "Mysterious Rider" was never released. Philippe's disappointment was short as another opportunity came along: to make a western in Arizona with a group of producers interested in Philipp's own script, a unique western entitled "The French Cowboy". From that moment on, other opportunities came along and Philippe has now a series of films in development and in preparation with independent companies and studios. Including a love story drama, a family adventure drama, a WWII movie, a western... Philipp's love and insatiable appetite for writing, acting, producing, and directing brought him many exciting and new opportunities as his own production company keeps growing. His schedule is busy until 2018. On a personal level, Philippe has been engaged 4 times. His third engagement sadly ended at the end of the year 2009 after 3 years. Although Philippe likes to say that being engaged to a girl with all the qualities a man desires and who was not in the same business was exciting and refreshing. Finally in 2014 Philippe married a beautiful and talented young doctor met in Florida.

Catherine De Sève

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Catherine De Seve studied butoh dance in Japan with Kazuo Ohno. She then graduated with a degree in performance from the National Theatre School of Canada. She divides her time and versatile talent between French and English theatre, television, voice work and film. She made a name for herself in Quebec television with Sketch Show (Gemeaux Nomination for Best Actress in comedy). Since 2003, she has been part of the prime-time program L'Auberge du Chien Noir (Gemeaux Nomination for Best Supporting Actress), which is broadcast on the national channel SRC. On stage, among others, she played the Marquise de Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons (Segal Centre at Saidye-Bronfman) and Stella in A Streetcar named Desire (Rideau Vert Theatre). She directed a short film, entitled Hidden Dance, which was produced by her company Catfou.

Keiron Self

Born in Newport in Wales, Keiron Self read English at Oxford before studying at the Welsh College of Music and Drama. On leaving in 1993, he and some colleagues set up "just for a laugh" the Mappa Mundi theatre group to produce their own versions of classic plays. The same year he married actress Lynne Seymour, Ophelia to his Hamlet, and they have twins, Molly and Jake, born in 2001. Initially supported almost entirely by box office returns Mappa Mundi joined with Theatr Mwldan in 2006, and have been acclaimed for their innovative productions, including a cross-dressing King Lear and an all-male Taming of the Shrew. Though touring largely in Wales their recent productions of 'She Stoops To Conquer' and 'Dangerous Liaisons' were also acclaimed at venues in England. In 2007 Keiron was one of several established Welsh talents to lend support to 'It's My Shout', an arts project designed to support budding young Welsh performers. He is also a writer, having provided scripts for several children's television shows but is probably best remembered as ditzy dentist Roger Bailey in the 'My Family' sitcom -initially intended to appear in one episode but so endearingly goofy that he became a regular character. As of 2010 he and his family live in Cardiff.

S.J. Evans

SJ Evans was born and raised in a small market town, Wrexham, situated in North Wales, UK.

After learning his trade through attending numerous workshops with people such as 'Stephen Frears' (The Queen, Dangerous Liaisons), 'Ken Russell (I)' (The Devils) and 'Timothy Burrell' (The Pianist) SJ got his first job in the film industry near the top working as DoP on the feature film 'Seeing is Believing' in late 2001.

From then he went on to work on Short Films, Music Videos, Television Programmes and a variety of Corporate projects in a similar capacity. However, SJ's own desire to create his ideas into films grew so much he decided to create his own production company in 2002 called Nikjaw Productions Ltd.

His first decision was to direct, produce and even edit a short film he'd written earlier that year called 'The Invisible World'. Although technically it wasn't the greatest film ever made, the moving and sometimes harrowing tale of social attitudes towards the homeless gained SJ many admirers, impressing TV executives from both Argentina and USA to screen the short.

The company went forward and produced a wide variety of projects including a commercial which had a successful two month screening on the SKY network and a fitness video which sold out nationwide. However it was SJ's love of short films that the company thrived on producing.

The next two shorts 'Blink of an Eye' and 'Out of Reach' brought particular success and prestige to NikJaw Productions. In late 2002 'Blink of an Eye' was voted third out of over six hundred films from over forty countries at the renowned Foyle Film Festival and gained a special mention from the events organizers. Then in 2003, 'Out of Reach' (a prequel to 'The Invisible World') was nominated for Best International Short at the Irish Film Festival and though it wasn't placed, as Director, Producer, Writer and Editor SJ had great pleasure introducing the film to the enthusiastic Irish crowd. Both films have since been screened at various festivals throughout the UK, gaining positive reactions from whoever watches.

The success of the shorts brought attention from many corners of the industry and SJ was eventually invited to become a member of BAFTA in early-2004 which he describes as "one of the proudest days of my life".

After changing the company's structure to accommodate the very talented 'Sousila Pillay' and re-packaging itself as Pillay-Evans Productions, more success was soon to follow as the HD short 'Fate' and the remarkable 'Self' (in which SJ also made his acting debut) both were short-listed for the DM Davies award at the Welsh International Film Festival in 2005.

In 2009 SJ started directing his first documentary, the feature 'Tattoos: A Scarred History'. The film had a successful screening in Cannes in 2010, receiving several international sales offers, and was released on DVD by 4digital Media in the UK & Ireland.

SJ has just completed the feature horror 'Dead of the Nite' with icon Tony Todd and is due to direct the horror comedy 'New Years Evil' in late-2012.

Herzl Tobey

Born in Gibraltar, raised in Israel and trained in England, Herzl underwent a rigorous theater training at 'The Arts Educational Schools, London' from 95-98. Following the 3-year course, he took part in a variety of theatre productions around London, ranging from classical to contemporary plays, with roles such as Le Vicomte De Valmont in 'Dangerous Liaisons,' Mr. Happiness in David Mamet's 'Mr. Happiness.' and Argan in Molière's 'Imaginary Invalid'. In 2002, Herzl moved to Los Angeles and began working in TV and film for over 6 years, after which in 2008 he moved to Israel and joined the Israeli TV and film industry.

Pierre Simpson

Pierre is a Dora-nominated (Toronto's Tonys) and Rideau award-winning professional bilingual actor. A graduate of the University of Ottawa's bilingual Theatre program, his English Theatre credits include "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Canadian Stage), "Habit" (Luminato), "Strawberries in January" (Great Canadian Theatre Co.), "It's A Wonderful Life" (Theatre New Brunswick), "Dangerous Liaisons" (Third Wall Theatre) as well as "The Bookshop" and a reading of "Look Back in Anger" (National Arts Centre). French theatre credits include the national tour of "Les Médecins de Moliere" (Dora Award nomination and Rideau Award for Outstanding Performance), "L'Emmerdeur", "Le Dîner de cons" and "Le Misanthrope" (Theatre français de Toronto). Pierre has also been featured in many national commercials and corporate training videos. Other awards include Théâtre Action's Artist of the Year and the Prix d'excellence du ministère de la culture de l'Ontario.

Kerri Pomarolli

Born in Dearborn, Michigan, Kerri Pomarolli found her comedic calling at the tender age of 2. She figured out how to tell jokes and became addicted to making people laugh. (If only her parents would have pushed her into math, instead)! Kerri's southern Alabama mother had different plans for her and enrolled her, immediately, in dance classes, where Kerri found a way to express her other talent. She was well on her way to becoming a professional dancer when difficult obstacles surfaced. At age 11, Kerri was diagnosed with Scoliosis and went through extensive and painful treatment, culminating in a spinal fusion surgery that placed two metal rods in her back, allowing her to live a normal life. Her dreams for a ballet or dance career, however, were over. Devastated but determined, she decided to try acting. Kerri got the phone book and called the local theater company and said: "Hello, my name is Kerri Pomarolli. I'm 11 and I want to be an actress". She auditioned and was cast in the lead role of "Mary Tilford" in Lillian Hellman's "The Children's Hour". This experience gave her the theater bug and the rest is history. She's appeared in more than 75 stage productions, coast to coast, including off-Broadway in NYC, at the Lambs Theater. Other theater productions include "Leader of the Pack" in NYC, "Godspell" in Los Angeles, and the musicals, "Evita" and "Robber Bridegroom", in Detroit. Her accomplishments continued through high school performances in theater, musicals and commercials. She toured Italy with a classical theater study program through the University of Detroit and performed in the Greek operetta, "The Bacchae", in Italy at the age of 17. She graduated from Northville High School and was accepted at University of Michigan, where she received her Musical Theater BFA and joined the Alpha Phi Sorority. During her summer semesters, she studied at Stella Adler Conservatory in NYC, went on to London to study at the British American Drama Academy and was offered a role in "Revenger's Tragedy" at the prestigious Young Vic Theater. She impressed director Simon Stokes (Dangerous Liaisons) so much that he cast Kerri in the lead role as Vindice even though the part was written for a man. After college Kerri moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. She graduated from the two-year program at Second City and performed on the main stage in LA with "The Thompsons" for a season. She also studied at the Groundlings for Improv and joined the award winning theater ensemble, "The Actors Co-op." Kerri paired up with known television actor Gary Hershberger to co-found the inspirational drama ministry "Act In Faith" and got rave reviews for their honest and heartfelt dramas on life's tough issues. They have performed at the National Pastors Conference and around the country. Kerri came to Hollywood searching out that one role that would make her famous but found compromising her faith was not worth the star on the Walk of Fame. One night after much prayer, it was apparent that God had other plans for her: Kerri was to do stand-up. She was led to her first real gig, in all places, at the world famous Hollywood Improv. Although she performed in front of a very secular crowd Kerri was the only performer asked to come back. Little did she know the comedian at the ticket booth who offered to pray for her would someday become her husband. Kerri continues to hone her craft by working the comedy club circuit. She has become one of the most sought after comedians, and tours extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada. She has shared the stage with such diverse comedians as Sherri Shepherd from The View, Jim Carrey, Jay Leno, Lonnie Love from NBC's Parks and Recreation, Zachary Levi from NBC's Chuck, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jeff Allen, Carlos Oscar and Judy Tenuta, and Wendy Liebman -- to name a few. She's also been a part of the national women's conference, "Extraordinary Women". Kerri has toured with Women of Faith's Thelma Wells in the "Thelma-Kerri TK Tour" from 2010 to the present. She is a much sought after corporate comedian for such clients as Ford Motor Company and Cisco Systems. She and Ron were honored to partner with Glenn Beck for his Restoring Love Conference and provide entertainment for thousands of fans in Dallas. She recently headlined the red carpet launch for the prestigious California Women's Conference, where she will be performing on several panels with over 20,000 in attendance, and hosted the 168 Film Festival in Hollywood. Kerri is honored to share the stage with legendary actresses Tippi Hedren, Sharon Lawrence, Marcia Cross and Mark Victor Hansen -- all of whom have become "Kerri Fans". Her latest DVD is on sale now: "Two Comics Walk Into a Church" with comedian- husband Ron McGehee. Kerri is also an accomplished actress, published author and veteran of television--with credits that include 29 appearances on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, recurring roles on Port Charles and The Young and the Restless, the Style Network, and Lifetime. She has been a popular guest on many TV shows on Fox, TBN, CBN, The Total Living Network, ABC, ABC Family, NBC, The Joni Show, Oxygen, CNN Headline News, Showbiz Tonight, The Hallmark Channel, Pre-Show Host at the GMA/Dove Awards, and many others. She just filmed an episode of the new hit show, "Mom's Night Out," which aired on Nick at Night this fall. She is also a part of the new TV pilot "WHOA Women," a talk show that will be airing in 2013. Her latest film, La La Land (2012), premiered in 2012 in NYC and LA, in which she appeared with her actor-husband Ron McGehee. She also co-starred with Ron in the award-winning film, Engaged (2010), which was released theatrically and on television. She starred in the award-winning documentary, Hollywood on Fire, with Pat Boone and the late actress Jane Russell. She got the honor to perform with Pat in 2011 and he compared Kerri and Ron to the great comedy duo Burns and Allen. He said, "I'd share the stage with them anytime!" Her most recent film "American Jesus" hits theaters in 2014. Kerri and husband comedian Ron McGehee appeared on the Oxygen Network's hit reality show, Tori and Dean: Inn Love, and starred and co-produced a pilot with Eastgate Productions. She and her creative partner Angela Hoover from America's Got Talent" have several TV projects in the works including their latest venture, "MOMLAND", a sketch comedy about motherhood. Kerri has also hosted her own weekly show on MomTV called "Laugh Break", where she was excited to interview celebs such as her childhood crush Scott Baio, Tiffani Thiessen (White Collar) and many others. Kerri also writes her own advice column in national magazines and is a contributing writer for the new national magazines "Hope For Women" and "WHOA". She's written articles for the teen magazine Brio, is a contributing writer in Flint Wainess new book, "It's Not Me, It's You," collaborated with author Matthew Paul Turner on the book "How To Ruin Your Dating Life," published by Nav Press, and is part of a new book called "Relevant Nation: 50 Revolutionaries Under 40"--in stores now and published by Relevant Press. Her book, "If I Am Waiting On God, Then What Am I Doing In A Christian Chatroom? Confessions Of A Do It Yourself Single," is in Christian bookstores nationally, and was just re-released to reach a secular audience under the title "Boys Like Girls Named Jennie." This book is also being considered to become a motion picture about Kerri's love life. You can read her award-winning "Best Column" national syndicated column Report From A Hollywood God Girl and her cartoon comic strip, Kerri, in The Chronicle Christian Newspapers. She is a monthly guest on Canada's top Talk Back radio program, The Drew Marshall Show, and regulatory makes other radio appearances. You can also listen to her on the Sirius Radio Comedy Channel. She's appeared on the cover of "Today's Christian Woman"--and her newest cover is "Action Magazine," out summer 2012. Her new devotional book, "Mom's Night Out and Other Things I Miss", releases in April of 2014, alongside the theatrical release, Moms' Night Out, starring Patricia Heaton and Sean Astin.

In addition to writing and comedy, Kerri has a passion for ministry. She not only serves as a secular clean comedian, but in Christian venues, as well. She is a well-received speaker and evangelist for retreats and church services of all sizes.

Martin Challinor

Martin is a professional actor who is passionate about all things film, TV and theatre. Having trained in both London and Los Angeles, Martin has focused on Method acting as a tool to allow him to portray characters in a realistic and genuine way.

Martin has featured in a number of TV series, including Casualty and Doctor Who, and has over the last few years taken up a number of leading roles in independent short and feature films. Two of these films were recognized at festivals by winning awards. Additionally he has performed in a number of theatre productions, a highlight playing Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons.

Prior to becoming a professional actor Martin has worked in a number of areas, including both the military and corporate world. He has also had success in athletics followed by a number of publications as a model. Acting has, however, always been part of Martin's life and he feels most fortunate to be able to pursue his ambitions in this area and he strives to work with other like-minded individuals to create unique and inspiring films.

Maria Valentinova

Along the picturesque banks of the Danube River where Strauss and Mozart once frolicked, Maria Valentinova was born in 1979 into a family of devout Communists; her father, an officer in the local KGB, and her mother, a schoolteacher.

Raised by her grandparents as her parents tended to affairs of the State, Maria was taught such fin-de-siecle delights as waltzing, oil painting, poetry and sculpture by her timeless and genteel elders, who also saw fit to educate young Maria in more ancient albeit practical pursuits, such as the study of the dexterous Chinese fighting discipline WuShu.

Grounded in, and with a firm appreciation for the arts, a teen-aged Maria took to the streets in the town square of her beloved Rousse, and would perform impromptu skits with a fellow troupe of merrymakers and actors. Crowds grew and word spread quickly...

Stints in the theater soon followed, and by the time she reached 17, Maria had two starring roles for Bulgarian State TV under her belt, 'Miss Marley' and 'The Phone Call' respectively.

Feeling she needed to journey to America to expand her career, Maria enrolled in Lawrence Conservatory where she studied theater and dance. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Maria broke both school policy and convention by becoming the first sophomore student to both direct and star in her own stage production of 'Dangerous Liaisons', complete with Christopher Hampton's blessing and amusement at the young star in waiting.

Having successfully scandalized the small Midwestern town where Lawrence U. resides with the successful run of 'Liaisons', Maria moved west to Los Angeles where her meteoric rise is sure to delight both new and old fans alike.

George Contini

George Contini is an Associate Professor in the University of Georgia's Theatre and Film Studies Department where he specializes in Characterization, Solo Performance, and Acting on Camera. In addition to teaching, George maintains a career in theatre and film. His original solo show Put It In the Scrapbook was recently performed at the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Prior to that he was seen in Shear Madness at Atlanta's Alliance Theatre and The Big Bang at the Horizon Theatre. Named Best Actor in Miami and a five time nominee for the South Florida Critic's Carbonell Award. Favorite Regional Theatre Credits include; Tony in Shear Madness (Kennedy Center, D.C.), Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar (Actor's Playhouse, Miami), Buzz in Love! Valour! Compassion! (New Theatre, Miami), Gooper in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Actor's Playhouse, Miami), Larry in Burn This (Florida Shakespeare, Miami), Otto in The Food Chain (Florida Shakespeare, Miami), Sterling in Jeffrey (Acme Theatre, Miami), Buddy Husband in Secret Lives of the Sexists (Celebration Theatre, LA), Rosa Buxembourg in Blame It on the Big Banana (Theatre Offensive, Boston), Milt in Laughter on the 23rd Floor (Actor's Playhouse), and Lord Edgar/Jane in Mystery of Irma Vep (Worcester Forum). Also a playwright and filmmaker, his plays jumping through windows (Carbonell Nomination) and midnight scrabble were produced by New Theatre in Miami and his film adaptation of jumping through windows was screened at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. He recently adapted and directed the first English translation of Augusto Boal's The Misadventures of Uncle McBuck. His script Portraits of W.H was awarded a Rockefeller Fellowship for New Forms in Theatre and Opening Doors was commissioned by the Pan American Games and toured throughout the Midwest to promote that event. Among the diverse shows George has directed are Grapes of Wrath, Dangerous Liaisons, Iphigenia at Aulis/ Trojan Women, Children of an Idol Moon, Pippin, Laramie Project, Lion in Winter, Fifth of July, Psycho Beach Party, Company, Raft of the Medusa, and the original opera A Good Man is Hard to Find. TV/Film credits include featured roles in Lifetime's Shame II, Pointman, and commercials for "White Castle", "Motorola", "LaBatt's", and "Toyota". George provided the voice and motion capture for 19th century vaudevillian Frank Bush in the innovative Virtual Vaudeville Project. While at UGA George has been honored to receive many university wide awards recognizing his outstanding teaching and research including the Richard Russell Award, Sandy Beaver Teaching Fellowship, M. G. Michael Award, Sandy Beaver Special Teaching Award, Willson Center for Humanities and Arts Jr. Faculty Fellowship Grant, Jr. Faculty Research Grant, as well as two separate artistic project grants through Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE). He has used these grants and rewards in his continued study of Michael Chekhov's Acting Technique and for the research and creation of his solo show Put It In the Scrapbook based on the life and career of early 20th century female impersonator Julian Eltinge. Mr. Contini received his MFA from the University of Miami, Florida in Film Production. and received his B.A. from Baldwin-Wallace College with a double major in Theatre and English.

Francoise Balthazar

Francoise's power and charisma as a performer make her mesmerizing to watch whether anchoring the show as the lead or adding depth and meaning to a character role. Francoise is respected by directors for her strong work ethic and ability to fully inhabit any character.

Francoise has performed in many varied roles in film, TV, and theatre across Canada as well as England and the United States.

This past year has been a busy one for Françoise. She played lead feature roles as Felicity in the acclaimed Colleen Wagner genocide play 'The Living' at the Toronto Theatre Centre and the classic Mamet role of Dave Moss from 'Glengarry Glen Ross' at Toronto's popular indie theatre space, The Red Sandcastle - both sold-out runs. All this after coming off of another sold-out run of Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' where Francoise riveted audiences as the conniving Cassius.

Francoise has distinguished herself in interpreting both classical and contemporary roles including Calphurnia in BRAVO TV's 'Julius Caesar'; she played the lead role in the independent short film 'The Unstrung Ear' directed by Ryan Redford which was screened at the Montreal Film Festival; the lead role of Alcandre in 'The Illusion' at the Stratford Festival Theatre; the Nurse in 'Romeo and Juliet' at the prestigious Minack Theatre in England; Merteuil in 'Dangerous Liaisons' at Toronto's Alumnae Theatre; Helena in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at the Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbour, USA, and Lucrezia Borgia in the award winning Canadian play 'Bella Donna' at the Canadian Stage.

Francoise was singled out by NOW Magazine as outstanding performer in the Toronto Fringe Festival for two consecutive years for playing the lead role of Lucrezia Borgia in 'Bella Donna' and the title role of Richard III in an all-female production of the play.

In addition to her stage and screen talents, one of Francoise's lethal weapons is her warm and resonant voice. She has been selected as the principle voice performer for multiple national commercial campaigns including Mercedes-Benz, Tide ,Crystal Lite, Rogers,and Gaviscon.

Jacquie Perryman

Born in London, England. College-educated, BA in Graphic Design & Photography from Chelsea School of Art, London. Moved to Paris, France and lived there 7 years (1975-82) working as a photographer, then in the music business for Pathe-Marconi EMI, then Arista/BMG.

Travelled extensively. Moved back to London to work for fledgling Virgin Records, run by Richard Branson and Simon Draper. Worked with Peter Gabriel, Culture Club, Simple Minds, OMD, Human League and on the soundtracks to "Risky Business", "Cat People", "1984", "Pretty in Pink" and "The Breakfast Club". Helped sign "The Mission" soundtrack.

Transferred to Los Angeles in 1987 when Richard Branson opened Virgin America. Worked with Roy Orbison, Soul II Soul, Ziggy Marley, Lenny Kravitz, Paula Abdul, Warren Zevon and created Virgin Movie Music, a small label dedicated to releasing soundtrack albums, mainly scores. Acquired "The Last Emperor", "The Sheltering Sky", "Rambling Rose", "sex, lies & videotape", "Kafka", "Betty Blue", "The Big Blue", "The Moderns", "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Sliver".

1993-1994 - Worked for Clive Davis at Arista as head of Soundtracks, and worked on "Boys on the Side", "Nell", "Mrs Doubtfire", "Speed 2" and "Airheads".

1995-1999 - Head of Soundtracks at PolyGram. Acquired soundtrack rights for different PolyGram record labels (A&M, Def Jam, Island, London, Mercury, Motown, Polydor, Verve, Decca, Philips, London and DGG). Soundtracks included "Grosse Pointe Blank", "Elizabeth", "Tomorrow Never Dies", "Mission Impossible", "Shine", "Get Shorty", "Braveheart", "Mr. Hollands Opus", "Mr. Bean", "Portrait of a Lady", "Sleepers", "The Truth About Cats & Dogs", "French Kiss", "Next Stop Wonderland", "Richard III", "Kolya", "Mandela", "SlingBlade". Commissioned, produced or placed songs by the labels' artists to help further their careers: e.g. 98 Degrees recording the end title song with Stevie Wonder for Disney's "Mulan"; Sheryl Crow writing and recording the theme to the Bond film, "Tomorrow Never Dies", Renee Fleming recording an aria for A "Midsummer Night's Dream".

1999 - Worked as Soundtrack head for Island Def-Jam, after Universal/Polygram merger: Soundtracks included: Sundance `99 favourite, "Three Seasons" (Octber Films), the Julia Roberts-Hugh Grant romantic comedy, "Notting Hill" (Universal), the Claire Danes vehicle, "Brokedown Palace", and the Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer-starrer, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Fox).

2000-present - VP Creative, Fox TV Music: Works, from a creative, music aspect, on all Fox-produced shows, including "Tru Calling", "Family Guy", "The Simple Life", "The Simpsons", "The Shield", "Judging Amy", "Bernie Mac". Gets songs written for TV themes, finds composers, helps choose songwriters to demo theme songs, books on-camera performances, cameo music roles, and produces soundtrack albums to Fox shows. Fox TV Soundtracks include: "Malcolm in the Middle" (Restless Records), A Very Ally Xmas and Ally McBeal: "For Once In My Lifetime" (Epic/Sony), "Dark Angel" (Artemis), "Simple Life 2 - Road Trip" (Virgin), "Bernie Mac Show - Non-Stop Funk Party" (EMI/Capitol), "Roswell" (Nettwerk) and "Buffy - Once More With Feeling"; The Musical Episode (Rounder), and "Radio Sunnydale; The Best of Buffy" (EMI), "Angel - Live Fast, Die Never" (EMI/Rounder), and "24" (EMI/Varese).

Carin Silkaitis

Carin Silkaitis is an actress from Chicago working in film, television, commercial, industrial, voiceover, and theatre. Notable film and television credits include: Older Woman in Episode 418 of Chicago Fire "On The Warpath", Nurse in the SAG Feature "Unexpected" (starring Cobie Smulders and Anders Holm), Maggie in "Blood and Water". Notable theatre credits include: Laura in "The Realm" (The Other Theatre Company), Chloe in "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" (Eclipse Theatre), 2 Weeks as Dean Wreen in "Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England" (Theater Wit), Doctor Manor/Ensemble in "Sons of the Prophet" (American Theatre Company), Mama/Sherry/Vera in "Distracted" (u/s American Theatre Company), Queen Margaret in "Richard III" (Oak Park Festival Theatre) and Izzy in "Rabbit Hole" (u/s Goodman Theatre). Her favorite regional credits include: "Love Letters", "Dangerous Liaisons", and "A Comedy of Errors". Education: School at Steppenwolf (Chicago), MFA in acting from the Theatre Conservatory at Roosevelt University, BA from Indiana University. Carin is the department chair of theatre at North Central College. She is proud to be represented by Paonessa Talent in Chicago, and she would like to thank Chrissy, Jake and Max for their love and support.

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