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Weronika Rosati

Weronika Rosati is an international actress. Born in 1984 in Warsaw, her Polish-American-Hungarian mother is a famous fashion designer and her Italian father is a respected politician/economist now a deputy at the European Parliament. She has been working in films since she was a teenager. She became a Polish sensation after appearing in numerous popular TV series and achieved both stardom and recognition at the age of 19 with her first screen appearance in the lead female role of Gemma in Pitbul" - a cop thriller classic. She attended the prestigious Lodz film school and then moved to New York where for two years she studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute. In the meantime she followed her career in Polish film working with such hot filmmakers as Krzysztof Zanussi in Foreign Body (which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival), Agnieszka Holland in In Darkness (nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film), and in many other feature films and TV shows. In 2013 Weronika played the role of Pestka in the World War II drama Manhunt, which got international critical acclaim. She got her first Polish Film Academy nomination for best actress for her role and won numerous awards including the Pola Negri prize for her portrayal of a young Jewish woman trying to save her sister from death. Rosati works often in France, where she lived as a child, and also speaks fluent French. She played a lead in a TV film for France 2 television in La Dame de Pique and in Jerome Salle's Burma Conspiracy opposite Tomer Sisley and Sharon Stone. Her first big break-through in the US was in 2011 when she was cast by Michael Mann in Luck, the HBO original TV series starring Dustin Hoffman. She played a poker dealer Naomi , the love interest of Jason Gedrick and appeared in four episodes. From then she worked constantly on other TV shows and films including True Detective season 2, "NCIS, The Iceman with Michael Shannon, Bullet to the Head opposite Sylvester Stallone, directed by Walter Hill, Last Vegas with Michael Douglas and Rosemary's Baby for NBC. In 2015 Weronika completed USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, a highly anticipated World War IIdrama directed by Mario Van Peebles, where she played Nicolas Cage's wife. She also will appear as a guest star on a new TBS comedy show The Detour, as well as a French agent in a lead guest star on the popular show Supernatural directed by John Badham. She just wrapped a historical epic international co-production produced by Fred Roos, Music, War and Love directed by Martha Coolidge where she stars opposite Stellan Skarsgaard. Rosati is a household name in Europe where she was also a spokesperson for Avon Cosmetics and Pantene among others. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Alan Baxter

Before there was an Alan Ladd, there was another furtive-eyed, baby-faced, cigarette-dangling villain named Alan, impacting the movie scene with his various colorless and cold-hearted thugs, mobsters and killers. Dark-haired, bullet-headed actor Alan Baxter earned a noticeable degree of popularity back in the late 30s and 40s with his various despicables, before his film career lost steam and he sought more and more TV and stage work.

The son of a Cleveland Trust Company vice president, the Ohio native was born on November 19, 1908, in East Cleveland. Following high school, he studied drama at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where he forged a strong friendship with fellow collegiate and future directing icon, Elia Kazan. Once they graduated in 1930, the pair went on to attend the Yale School of Drama.

Alan hooked up with the then-fledgling Group Theatre in the early 1930s and appeared in such stage productions as "Lone Valley", "The Pure in Heart" and "Waiting for Lefty". His performance in "Black Pit" in 1935, however, was witnessed by a Hollywood talent scout and it was enough to change the course of his career. Immediately heading west to Hollywood, Alan made an auspicious debut with his strong performance as "Babe Wilson", the heartless killer loved by Sylvia Sidney's character in Mary Burns, Fugitive. Three years later, Alan went on to recreate the role on radio.

With his foot strongly in the Paramount door, he continued playing dangerous, unsavory types in 13 Hours by Air, Big Brown Eyes and The Case Against Mrs. Ames, until his contract ran out. Continuing to freelance throughout the remainder of the 1930s, he remained on the wrong side of the law in Parole!, Breezing Home, Night Key, Wide Open Faces, Off the Record, My Son Is a Criminal, and Each Dawn I Die.

A solid "B" lead player who appeared in support when it came to "A" pictures, Baxter occasionally broke out of the "bad guy" mold -- but not often. By this time, Alan Ladd was starting to cut in on Alan B.'s action with his moody and sexy versions of trench-coat-trendy villains. Baxter, nevertheless, continued to roll on, playing outlaw "Jesse James" in Bad Men of Missouri opposite Dennis Morgan, Wayne Morris and Arthur Kennedy as the Younger brothers, while adding slick malevolence to such films as Escape to Glory with Constance Bennett, Under Age with Nan Grey and Mary Anderson, The Pittsburgh Kid with Jean Parker and Rags to Riches with Mary Carlisle.

This period of filming was topped by an excellent support role in the classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller, Saboteur, in which he, as the meek-voiced, mustachioed, bespectacled, peroxide blond Nazi spy "Freeman", shares a memorable scene with lead Robert Cummings. Following standard work in China Girl and Behind Prison Walls, Alan, at age 35, signed up for the Army Air Force in 1943, and made an appearance in the Broadway production of Moss Hart's "Winged Victory", which later was turned into the 1944 movie version of the same name, Winged Victory (also featuring Alan).

Post-war filming grew more dismal with a high majority of "Poverty Row" pictures coming his way. His last appearance in a strong film was the Robert Ryan boxing pic, The Set-Up, as a mobster involved in fixing matches. Alan decided to return to the challenge of the stage, appearing in such plays as "Home of the Brave" (1945), "The Voice of the Turtle" (1947), "The Hallams" (1948), "Jenny Kissed Me" (1948), "Tea and Sympathy" (1955) and "South Pacific" (1957) (in a non-singing role). TV also became a positive medium, with adventure guest roles on The Rifleman, Wagon Train, Colt .45 and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, among the offerings.

By the 1960s, he was seen primarily in incidental film roles, his last being the cult rodent thriller, Willard. Diagnosed with cancer, the twice-married actor died a few years later at the Motion Picture Country Home on May 8, 1976.

Geoff Lee

American-Asian musician and actor, native New Yorker. Geoff's first musical experience, the local church choir at age 10. Studied contemporary Afro-American music at SUNY Old Westbury under jazz professor Makanda McIntryre. Early experience working as musical director for Bullet-Headed Birds, directed by Tisha Chang (Pan Asian Repertory/La Mama). After college Geoff taught music to teenagers at Project Reach in Chinatown, NY, but he left teaching music to answer the call of the vibrant New York rock music scene and joined The Heat. Geoff played bass with and composed songs for this multiracial rock band that ultimately got signed to a major label - Polygram Records, The Heat regularly played Friday and Saturday gigs at clubs such as CBGBs and Max's Kansas City, and also toured England and Wales. After The Heat, Geoff co-founded another rock band, Fierce Jones, which also played at CBGBs - this time Geoff was playing guitar. The acting bug bit hard when Geoff studied drama with Mako (East/West Players, Pacific Overtures) and he took independent classes taught by a member of Actors Studio. In 2013 he composed/recorded the music score for the short film Tu-Na House, directed by Bea Soong. As an actor-musician he has worked in TV, most recently on The Daily Show (4/2013) as Zhi Peng, Jon Stewart's Chinese bandleader, and in feature films, including Year of The Dragon, Gideon Oliver, and Magic Sticks (German). Geoff has also worked as a stunt double in Black Rain (dir Ridley Scott) and The Other Guys (dir Andy McKay) as well doing his own stunts in Taking Manhattan (dir Kirk Wong). In the award winning feature film The Exquisite Corpse Project (dir Ben Popik), a documentary-comedy, Geoff plays the three combo-characters of Mr. Kim.

Recent theater work includes co-leading in the role of George in the staged reading of Aftermath. Geoff played a Vietnam vet whose son returns from Iraq with severe PTSD. In January 2013, Geoff played the title role of Grandpa in "Kikki and Grandpa and Baby", Okada Productions, an Off-Broadway musical comedy at American Theater of Actors, NYC. Other stage readings include "10,000 Happiness" (2015) by Johnny Ma (Columbia Univ.), and "The Guides" (2016) by Lionelle Hamanaka (CUNY).

September 2013, Geoff co-led in the role of Mr. Lu in "A Shanghai Hand, a play written/directed by Dominick Rossetti. This was filmed and screened at Tribeca Film Center Screening room in March 2014.

"Revenge of the Green Dragons" was released in 2014 and Geoff is featured in the role of Charlie Lo, a gambling house owner. He was honored to work with well-known Hong Kong director Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs) and co-director Andrew Loo, Exec Producer Martin Scorsese.

20017, Geoff will be featured in two indie films, "Eugenia and John" (director Hossein Keshavar) and "Auraboroughs" (director Al Chan), and also seen in two web series, "The Streets" and "Stills". Additionally, in Spring 2016 he shot two featured roles in a couple of SAG web pilots in New York City, "Mahjongg" (dir Troy Antonio) and "Boroughs" (dir Coffey Hause). He also plays two additional roles in music videos by renown Asian rapper China Mac. In 2017, Geoff appears in "The Garden Left Behind", director Flavio Alves, starring Michael Madsen and Ed Asner.

2017, Geoff plays a co-star role in Season 2, Ep. 2 of the comedy series Nightcap (POP channel) with featured guest star Bob Saget.

2017 Geoff leads in three SAG shorts, Fish Stew by Ran Jing and, Shield by Yijie Mei and Graduation by Robbin Feng.

Geoff is a long time member of SAG-AFTRA and ASCAP.

Steve Mazzaro

Steve Mazzaro began writing music at age thirteen, and by age twenty-one had already begun scoring AAA Video Games.

Steve spent the next three years scoring various video games and films, while also collaborating with London-based Silva Screen Productions in their film music division.

It was these works for the U.K. production company that gained Steve the attention of Oscar Award Winning composer Hans Zimmer. As soon as Hans Zimmer heard Steve Mazzaro's work, he called Steve and offered him a job writing music at Hans' Santa Monica based Remote Control Productions.

It has been nearly two years since Steve began working with Hans Zimmer, and in that time Steve has worked on Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger, The Dark Knight Rises, and the Assassin's Creed series, among other projects. Within three months of getting his Studio at Remote Control Productions, Steve scored Director Walter Hill's upcoming Sylvester Stallone film Bullet to the Head.

Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds is a grandson of the tobacco company founder, RJ Reynolds, makers of Camel and Winston cigarettes, but after his father died from smoking, Mr. Reynolds spoke out publicly against Big Tobacco in Congress.

His 1986 testimony was reported by news media around the globe. Patrick went on to become a respected champion of a tobacco free society, campaigning for a smoke-free America.

In 2015 President Obama and the White House presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He's a frequent speaker at universities, middle schools, high schools, and health conferences.

Since 1975, Reynolds has also acted in TV and films, including the lead role in the feature Eliminators in 1986. He performed supporting parts in films like Nashville and Buffalo Bill and the Indians for director Robert Altman; he played a Hare Krishna in Airplane; Hair for Milos Forman; he played the war correspondent Ross in The Greatest Battle, which starred Henry Fonda and John Houston; and he acted a role in Xanadu, which starred Olivia Newton John.

"The live anti-tobacco talks I give amount to giving a 45 minute actor's monologue," Reynolds says. "It's the same talk, and every word has to sound spontaneous and be emotionally on point, in front of large audiences. So I am fully tuned up and ready to act at any time. I would be especially pleased to play character roles. I'm a chameleon, capable of flawless European and Asian accents, animation voiceover and more. It might help that I speak fluent French, as well as Spanish and German, and not least, I have a playful son, age seven in 2017."

Patrick's TV appearances include two critically acclaimed short stories for PBS: F. Scott Fitzgerald's Bernice Bobs Her Hair and William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily, which starred Angelica Huston. Reynolds also created Bullet Head, an odd-voiced bald character, for the Tony Randall Show. He also acted parts in other TV series, including Operation Petticoat, Civil Wars, Santa Barbara and more.

After many callbacks for the role of Captain Pickard on Star Trek: Next Generation, the role would go either to Patrick or to another Patrick, Patrick Stewart, who was chosen.

Mr. Reynolds' stage appearances include lead roles in two Gilbert and Sullivan operettas: Ko Ko in The Mikado and Sir Joseph in Pinnafore. He performed in YMCA, an ensemble, off-Broadway show by Rado and Ragny, creators of Hair; and also acted the role of Earnest in The Importance of Being Earnest.

Reynolds began acting after attending film school at UCLA and USC, and directing a documentary of Berkeley, which won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1970.

When he decided to start acting in 1974, he studied with Lee Strasberg personally in his Master Class at The Strasberg Institute. Patrick then studied at the Justin Smith Studio, and for two years, took voice and singing lessons from the Eagles coach, Arthur Joseph. Later he recorded three singles written by Harry Nilsson, and produced by Beach Boys producer Van Dyke Parks.

After studying in a private class led by acting coach Igor Dimont of the Moscow Art School, Patrick studied for two years at the Charles Conrad Studio. This was followed by a year of training with Peggy Feury, where Jeff Goldblum was a classmate. Reynolds next studied for two years in Bill Sorrells' class at Milton Katselas, where classmates included Michelle Pfeiffer and Patrick Swayze.

Mr. Reynolds also co-authored a colorful family biography about his RJ Reynolds family, which he hopes to sell to TV. After the William Morris Agency packaged Patrick together with author Tom Shachtman, they co-authored The Gilded Leaf: Three Generations of the RJ Reynolds Family and Fortune. The book was published to critical acclaim by Little Brown in 1989. Info on The Gilded Leaf may be found at Tobaccofree.org/book/.

In 2007, Patrick married Alexandra Olympios, his second wife. They live in Los Angeles and have a son, born in 2009.

Martin Tillman

Swiss composer and world renowned cellist has established himself in the motion picture and recording world as one of the most sought after talents of experimental acoustic and electric cello. He has created a revolutionary sound of his own by extending the traditional boundaries of the cello. Since his arrival in the USA in 1988, Martin Tillman has composed and/or performed on over 100 feature films, television series, commercials as well as performances live on TV and on international tours. Tillman began his studies in Europe and continued with the internationally celebrated cellist, Lynn Harrell. He received his Masters Degree in Performance from the University of Southern California in 1989.

Most recently, Tillman has been focusing his creative energy on his own compositions and recording projects. Currently, Tillman is writing on his next solo Project "superhuman". His previous solo Cd was a very well received solo cello/piano album "A Year in Zurich" in where he both performs cello and piano. Previous albums by Martin Tillman: Eastern Twin (Rounders) and Cinematic Volunteer composed and produced by Martin Tillman and Tom Vedvik. The Poet, composed by Michael Hoppe, cello solos performed by Martin Tillman and Afterglow composed and performed by Michael Hoppe, Tim Wheater, Martin Tillman. Tillman's highly distinctive style has inspired many musical artists. For Michael Mann's movie "ALI" Tillman created a wonderful chamber-cello score which also features some original instrumental Songs from his album Eastern Twin. One of the most fruitful collaborations started when he recorded with Hans Zimmer on the Tony Scott movie The Fan. Since then Tillman has been given the chance to compose and perform for scores such as the last three Batman movies ,Total recall, Bullet to the head, The Oscars 2012, Life in a day, Cowboys and Aliens, Angels and demons, Prince of persia," Pirates of the caribbean" 1-4 ,Black Hawk Down, Davinci code, The Pledge, Everlasting Piece, Mission Impossible 2,Hannibal, Ring one and two...... and many more.

Tillman has been invited to perform with many renowned recording artists including Sting, Elton John, T Bone Burnett, Alison Krauss, Elvis Costello, Beck, BB King, Air Supply and Tracy Chapman among many others.

Kevin King Templeton

For over two decades, Kevin (Producer) has been associated with Rogue Marble Productions, the production company of writer, director and actor Sylvester Stallone. During his tenure he has found his forte in the action genre, producing projects with a global reach, from the remote jungles of Brazil and Thailand to the most cosmopolitan of cities. In addition to Stallone, King-Templeton has worked with acclaimed acting icons Robert De Niro, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, James Franco, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Harvey Keitel, Mickey Rourke, Michael Caine and Anthony Quinn among others. The films that the British-born King-Templeton have been involved with have showcased some of the most ambitious action sequences in motion picture history, including those for "The Expendables 3," currently in production, and the Number One box office hits "The Expendables 2" and "The Expendables." He also produced "Inferno: The Making Of The Expendables," an independent documentary which gives audiences an unvarnished look deep inside the filmmaking process of "The Expendables." In addition to "Homefront," King-Templeton also recently produced "Escape Plan" starring Stallone and Schwarzenegger for Summit Entertainment and "Bullet To The Head," director Walter Hill's first theatrical feature in a decade. Previously he produced the latest installment of "Rambo" shot in the remote inner jungles of Burma, which continued the saga of the heroic Vietnam Vet John Rambo and "Rocky Balboa" a critical and audience success, which definitively confirmed both Sylvester Stallone and "Rocky" as iconic cultural symbols. Additionally King-Templeton produced "Avenging Angelo" and "Driven" and he also served as associate producer on "Get Carter" and the critically acclaimed "Cop Land" for director James Mangold. For television he developed and produced a pilot for Paramount Pictures Television and The CBS Network entitled "Father Lefty." For the stage, King Templeton is executive producing the highly anticipated musical production "Rocky the Musical," based on the original 1976 Academy Award© winning motion picture, for Stage Entertainment in Hamburg, Germany. In March 2014 "Rocky the Musical" will open at The Winter Garden on Broadway featuring music by Stephen Flaherty and Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens. Upcoming projects have King Templeton producing "Creed" with the "Fruitvale Station" team of writer-director Ryan Coogler and leading man Michael B. Jordan. The new film will follow the grandson of Apollo Creed with Stallone planning to reprise his Rocky Balboa role, acting as the younger Creed's reluctant trainer.

Allyson Leigh Jordan

Allyson Leigh Jordan, a small town girl from Alabama moved to New Orleans, fell in love with this city, made friends fast through the Movie Industry, and is proud to call New Orleans her home. Allyson, a Sag Eligible Actor, is known to many of her friends as "Ally", and has always dreamed of becoming an Actor ever since she was a little girl. Since landing in New Orleans, Allyson, has taken on the movie scene by storm working in over 40 Feature Films, TV, and Short Film Productions just since March of 2011, as an Actress, Producer, Casting Director, Set Photographer, and PA. Allyson attended UCLA School of Theater and Film in Los Angeles, California and studied acting under acclaimed instructor Mr. Michael Hackett, and many others. Allyson has had additional acting training which includes, Tony Sheppard's Actors Workshop in association with Aaron Spelling Productions, and The Hollywood Awards Actor, Screenwriter and Filmmaker Workshop. Allyson worked in Comedy Improv with her most noted appearance on stage at The Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles on The Saturday Night Live 25 Year Reunion Show. Her character was as the "Southern Girl in LA". A few highlights from her Film and TV credits include, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)Human Colonist. Black and White (2014) Mom, Star-Crossed (TV series 2014) Reporter, 12 Years a Slave (2013) Dancer, The Butler (2013) Reagan Diner, The Campaign (2012) Reporter, Common Law (TV series 2012) LAPD Police Officer for an entire season on the show. Bullet to the Head (2012) Dancer. She has worked as Stand-In, and Photo Double. One highlight is when Allyson was Stand-In for Nicolas Cage's hands in the movie Stolen (2012), whereas she put her hands in water and electrical wires while pyrotechnics could set up an explosion. In her recent work, she had the Principal role as Jennifer in the Movie LT (2012) a Zombie Killer. This Movie is part of the Project Z: History of the Zombie Apocalypse Series. Another Movie No Such Thing (2013),whereas she plays herself in the Project Z series. Allyson has been a Movie Producer on the Movie, Snack Time (2012). As Producer she acquired, the famous Hubig's Pies as a Sponsor for the Film. She has been the Videographer doing "Behind the Scenes" Footage for 8 Episodes of the Project Z series. She has also worked as the Set Photographer for many Movies as well. Allyson is a working Actor who is also writing movie scripts and working on producing Films. Allyson is well on her way to making all of her dreams come true.

Thomas F. Mazziotti

Thomas Mazziotti (Writer/Director) Mr. Mazziotti started in television production at WPIX in New York before graduating both from college and into filmmaking at the same time. His first effort, "The Beep", a 20-minute short film about a killer answering machine received theatrical distribution in N.Y. and L.A. due to a Fast Track article in New York magazine. This attention enabled him to option a play by Neil Bell performed at Playwrights Horizons in N.Y. and bring Sidney Lumet's producer on board to oversee the project. "Undertow" opened theatrically in N.Y. and garnished much attention due to its controversial subject matter of a young policeman entrapping a gay congressman on videotape. It stars Peter Dobson from "Last Exit to Brooklyn". Mr. Mazziotti then turned his attention to comedy and purchased a Canadian short story by Peter Sellers. "Charlie Hoboken" opened theatrically in N.Y. and stars Jennifer Esposito, Amanda Peet, Austin Pendleton and Tovah Feldshuh It tells the story of a fast-talking insurance salesman that makes ends meet by being a part-time hit man. He then turned his attention to restoring a famous Germanic stone manor house on the Hudson River, 10 miles from Manhattan. After receiving the Governor's Award for Restoration in 2000, he moved to Prague where filmmaking was booming. He now lives in the famous historic area known as Snedens Landing in Palisades, N.Y. Mr. Mazziotti attended the International Film and Television Workshops in Maine, as well as, Laguna Beach, CA. After seeing John Woo's "Bullet in the Head" at the Film Forum in N.Y., he released the picture via his distribution company into the Angelica Film Center. He has also spearheaded various film marketing campaigns.

The Passengers is a unique documentary that allows viewers to look at an extremely emotional piece of a stranger's life. After answering an ad in The Village Voice, people lined up for a chance to share their unique story with writer/producer Tom Mazziotti. You will not only hear these personal stories but actually feel their raw emotions of love and loss.

The Beep, a twenty-minute horror film, was the writing and directing debut for Tom Mazziotti. At 28 years old, with a $40,000 budget, theater owners and others in the film industry hailed Mazziotti's film debut. The Beep tells the horrifying tale of an evil phone-answering machine that ruins a young New Yorker's life by scrambling the brains of friends who leave messages. "The Beep" was originally made to persuade independent backers to produce Mazziotti's future screenplays. New York Magazine raved how the short film did just that! The film industry lined up to back his feature-length films.

The revival of the "Splatter Rock Musical" ran six months Off-Off Broadway. "Slasher", is the story of the very disturbed Ziggy Cringe, who escapes from an asylum, changes his identity to that of punk rocker Slash Normal, and returns to his hometown (West Craven, Conn., a genuflection to Wes Craven, director of "Nightmare on Elm Street") to settle some scores. The producers bill it as an "irreverent musical comedy . . . loaded with all of the elements of a Grade Z horror flick - the prom, first love, death, and dismemberment."

Jay Weigel

Jay Weigel is a distinguished composer, producer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, and contractor for film, television, recordings, and concerts. Based in New Orleans, he has worked in the film and television industry for over 30 years. His recent scores and soundtrack recordings can be heard in over 50 films including, Warner Brother's films such as, Grudge Match, The Campaign, Green Lantern, The Lucky One, Get Hard, numerous Tyler Perry's films and his TLC series To Close Too Home; HBO's Little Britain; I Love You Phillip Morris, The Other Woman, The Best of Me; and numerous documentaries and independent films including Heart, Baby!, Hate Crime, Cobu, Bullet to the Head, Joe Sanford's Omega Point, and Gregory Kallenberg's Haynesville and Rational Middle Series and numerous documentaries and independent films. From 1998 to 2001, he worked orchestrating, assistant conducting, and head as music preparatory for composer Terence Blanchard. Most recently orchestrating and conducting scores for composer David Wingo He has arranged and orchestrated for REM, Chris Thomas King, Judith Owen, and on several projects with Hal Willner.

His original work has been commissioned by numerous symphonies & artists around the world, including the Kennedy Center, Louisiana Philharmonic, St. Louis Cathedral, University of Southern Mississippi Symphony, the Acadiana Symphony and Lin Emery. From 1985 to 1991 he was Lecturer of Composition and Orchestration at Xavier University in New Orleans. Weigel helped organize the Louisiana Composers Guild, and served as the co-chairman of the Louisiana Music Commission from 1998-2004. Most recently, Weigel served on the Bring New Orleans Back Subcommittee on Culture, Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu's Louisiana Rebirth Advisory Board and sits on the board of directors of the Louisiana Cultural Foundation. In 2007 he started a class in film scoring for Loyola University, New Orleans. Weigel served as Executive Director of the Contemporary Arts Center, CAC, in New Orleans from 1996-2013. Prior to this appointment, Weigel was Music Director of the CAC for eleven years. Under his leadership the CAC has emerged on the national arts scene as a significant force in the production and presenting of contemporary work. His responsibilities as Executive Director include serving as artistic and performing arts director for this multidisciplinary arts center. He produces over 45 concerts annually. In 1998 Weigel premiered his contemporary opera, Ash Wednesday, to New Orleans audiences at the opening event of the Faulkner Festival with critical acclaim. Weigel's post-modern opera, Dawn in the Floating City, was presented at the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts in 2002. The opera examines the dialogue between the communities that make up the culture of New Orleans. For his third opera, 7 Days in Paradise, Weigel collaborated with Harold Sylvester. This work was premiered in 2007. 7 Days in Paradise was based on the Hurricane Katrina experiences of artist Jeffery Cook. Cook appeared in the opera as "Debris Man."

The Ogden Museum of Southern Arts commissioned his fourth opera, The River May Cry, featuring a successful integration of European classical music with blues, gospel, jazz and African music, and utilizing a diverse array of musicians to perform this original work. An oratorio derived from the opera was recorded and released in 2004. In 2004, the St. Louis Cathedral commissioned Weigel's Mass of Pope John Paul II. This work, scored for orchestra and choir, was the first to be commissioned honoring the then pope, John Paul II. Sadly, two weeks before the premiere of the work in 2005 Pope John Paul II passed away. Following its premiere the work was recorded and released on the MCG Jazz Label. In 2008, the University of Southern Mississippi commissioned and performed his work Renaissance for orchestra and choir.

Tom D. May

Tom D. May was President Owner/Head of Sales TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals Inc. for 25 years. In 1974, Tom started at the age of seventeen at CBS Studio Center working as a Studio Grip. He then worked for several years throughout the Major Studios and Independent Studios as a Studio Grip and he became a union member of Local 80 Studio Grips in 1977, after putting in his time working Studio Grip Construction.

Tom, third generation, comes from a family with a long history of working in the Motion Picture Industry. Tom worked his way up through the Major Studios in Hollywood: 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount, Samuel Goldwyn, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Walt Disney Studios, Raleigh Hollywood Studios, and The Culver Studios. During his tenure working at the Major Studios, Tom learned the inner workings of Studio Operations, Set Construction, and The Set Lighting & Grip departments.

In 1978, Tom started working on Film Productions at Major Studios, Television Movies, Television Series, and Independent Television Movies for several years. Eventually in the years ahead Tom started working on Major Feature Films, such as "The Jazz Singer", "Pursuit of DB Cooper", "The Karate Kid", "Rocky IV", "Three Amigos", "Short Circuit", and "The Witches of Eastwick", just to name a few.

Tom was particularly interested with how Independent Grip and Lighting Equipment Rental Companies operated away from the Major Studios, leading into the Independent Production World. He then became very interested in the Grip and Lighting Rental business. Tom started purchasing Grip Equipment to rent on Independent Feature Films, Television Productions, and Television Commercials that he worked on. He eventually opened up a small shop, purchasing more equipment and started supplying Grip Equipment on Television Projects, Commercials, and Feature Films building relationships and a customer base. Learning to negotiate Deals with Producers and Production Managers, he learned how Production worked as well as the inner workings of Grip and Lighting Equipment Rentals, along with all the various crafts and job duties that were performed on a set. Furthermore, he learned how budgets were put together for making Feature Films and Television Projects.

In 1985, Tom D. May founded TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals. Tom emphasized on building commercial accounts and building his business. After two years of building commercial accounts his business expanded with more Grip Trucks and purchased more Grip Equipment, becoming one of the major suppliers into the commercial market. His business expansion has led to re-locating his company to a larger location in North Hollywood.

By 1995 TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals its expanded customer base further building up Commercial accounts and becoming well known to Commercial Producers, Production Managers, Production Coordinators, Director/Cameramen, and Directors of Photography.

In the years following, Tom D. May started purchasing Lighting Equipment and grew his business from a Grip Company into a Grip and Lighting Company, expanding his employee count, and started supplying Grip and Lighting Equipment on Television Commercials, eventually supplying equipment on Feature Films and Television Projects. This led to further growth and customer relationships.

In 1999 TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals opened up another division called the TM Expendable Division Supply Store. He successfully managed and operated both divisions taking TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals, to another level with an Annual Gross Revenue of Three Million Dollars in 1999.

In the year 2000, Tom D. May increased the company's Annual Gross Revenue to Seven Million Dollars, booking many Feature Films and supplying Grip, Lighting, and Electrical Equipment on projects such as "Ghost of Mars," "Windtalkers," "Bandits," "Collateral Damage," "About Schmidt," "Say Uncle," "The One," "Sorority Boys," "The Black Night," and "The Rundown", as well as many Commercials.

By the year 2005, TM Equipment Rentals doubled in size, still growing its Grip and Lighting Inventory and the Company, and moved to a 40,000 square foot facility in Burbank, California. The company opened another location in Hawaii, supplying Grip, Lighting, and Electrical Equipment for the Hit TV Series, "Lost".

Within a year, the company opened another location at Los Angeles Center Studios, becoming the Exclusive Supplier of Grip, Lighting, and Electrical Equipment, now operating Three Locations, and increased the company's Annual Gross Revenue to Twelve Million Dollars.

After operating at LA Center Studios for three years, TM Equipment Rentals moved on to open up a new location in Albuquerque, New Mexico and now had grown its Grip and Lighting inventory once again, also becoming the Exclusive Supplier at The Philips Stages in Albuquerque, New Mexico between 2007 through 2009. The Studio now operates as I 25 Studios.

In 2010, TM Equipment Rentals became the Exclusive Supplier of Grip and Lighting Equipment and Grip and Lighting Expendables at Second Line Stages in New Orleans, Louisiana. By the end of 2010 Tom D. May had built and successfully owned and operated TM Equipment Rentals for 25 years. He built many relationships in New Orleans, Louisiana, packaging Feature Films such as "Green Lantern," "Contraband," "Medallion," "Bullet to the Head," "Django Unchained," "The Butler", "Killer Joe" and Television Projects such as "Imagination Movers", "Star Crossed", and "American Horror Story", as well as many more from 2010 through 2013.

In January 2011, TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals was acquired by Manhattan Beach Studios owned by The Carlyle Group. Tom D. May remained aboard as President/Chief Operating Officer/Head of Sales, still running the company, for three years. He moved forward under the Manhattan Beach Studios umbrella and was instrumental in renewing a new agreement for another three year term with Second Line Stages in New Orleans, Louisiana, signing on to be Exclusive Supplier at Santa Fe Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Exclusive Supplier at the Culver Studios in Culver City.

In 2012 thru 2014, Tom D. May booked numerous Feature Films: "Jurassic World", "Aloha", "Black Hat", "Godzilla", "When the Game Stands Tall", "The Hunger Games 2 - Catching Fire", "The Butler", "Iron Man 3", "Django Unchained", "Motel", "This is the End", "Atlas Shrugged 2", "Untitled Diablo Cody Project", "Hot Flashes", "Pitch Perfect", "Gangster Squad", "Thunderstruck", "The Avengers", "Bullet to the Head", "Liberal Arts", "Medallion", "Freelancers", "Contraband", "Killer Joe", as well as many Television projects: "Manhattan", "Star Crossed", "American Horror Story: Coven", "Legit", "Anger Management", "The Last Resort", "Behind the Candelabra" the HBO television movie, "El Jefe", "Wild Card", "The River", "Justice for Natalee" and "Luck", an HBO Television Series.

From early on, Tom D. May has consistently showed an ability and persistence to follow through from beginning to end in all projects that the company supplied equipment and becoming part of the production teams. It was this determination and persistence that made TM Motion Picture Equipment Rentals a service oriented company with excellent customer service and becoming one of the leading suppliers of Grip, Lighting, and Electrical Equipment in the Industry over a period of 28 years.

Ilham Zakiyev

Ilham Azizaga oglu Zakiyev is an Azerbaijani blind judoka.

Began studying judo in 11 years. In 1998, when he was 18, he went to serve in the army in Ashagy Abdurrahmanly village of Fizuli Rayon. He served in the frontline of the conflict zone. On February 4 of 1999, during a combat mission, was wounded by a bullet to the head of the Armenian sniper. The bullet passed through the entire head, entering from the left and going to the right temple. As a result, Ilham has completely lost his eyesight. After a long rehabilitation he returned to the sport but as a Paralympic. He is the holder of a 6-dan black belt.

He won the gold medals during the 2004 Athens Paralympics and the 2008 Beijing Paralympics in the +100 kg division. Zakiyev five times was European champion and two times became World champion.

12 names.