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Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi, was born John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. On March 2, 1962, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey to parents John Francis Bongiovi, Sr. and Carol Sharkey.

Family Sharkey was a former model and one of the first Playboy Bunnies. She met Bon Jovi's father after she enlisted in the United States Marines. John was already in the Marines when they met.

Bon Jovi's is also a blood relative to the late great singer Frank Sinatra, who was Bon Jovi's great uncle on his father's side, according to a May 1988 issue of Spin Magazine (page 22).

Bon Jovi has two brothers, Anthony and Matthew. Bon Jovi has four children, and is married to Dorothea Hurley (1989-present).

Known best as a singer-songwriter, in 1983 he was the founder and frontman of band that bears his name. Bon Jovi is also known as a record producer, actor and philanthropist.

Music Career Bon Jovi's music career started in June of 1982 after he was turned down by several record labels, including Atlantic Records and Mercury (Polygram) for the song "Runaway" which he recorded with a studio band named "The Allstars."

After being turned down he visited New York City's major market rock station WAPP, also known as "The Apple" at 103.5FM. WAPP included the song on a compilation of local talent and it became in instant hit.

In 1983 he signed with Mercury Records to promote "Runaway" and had to form a new band. Jon Bon Jovi became David Bryan, Alec John Such, bassist, Tico Torres, drummer, and his neighbor, Dave Sabo at lead guitar. Sabo played only a few local shows before he left to form the group Skid Row with Rachel Bolan. Sabo was soon replaced with Richie Sambora.

After "Runaway" became a worldwide hit, Bon Jovi wanted a name for the band. He wanted to call themselves Johnny Electric. But Richard Fischer, employed then by Doc McGhee, suggested that Bon Jovi follow the norm where many bands were naming their groups by the lead or frontman' name, such as, Van Halen, Dokken, Bryan Adams, Alice Cooper (70's), so Bon Jovi became the name of the band.

The band's breakout album, "Slippery When Wet," was their third studio album released in 1986. It became the band's best-selling album, selling more than 28 million worldwide, according to a Jan. 29, 2008 issue of the Daily Telegraph.

Bon Jovi's next album, "New Jersey," not only shared the same success as "Slippery When Wet," the album had five top-10 hits on Billboard's Hot-100. No other album or artist ever produced as many top-10 hits, and as of this writing (September 4, 2016) this record still stands. And two of the top-10 hits, "Bad Medicine" and "I'll Be There For You" topped the charts at number one, according to Bon Jovi's Biography on the Billboard website.

The band then went on an 18-month international tour, and when they finished, the band went on a hiatus.

Hiatus and Young Guns II During the hiatus, Bon Jovi was hired to write the soundtrack for the movie "Young Guns II." During this time actor Emilio Estevez approached Bon Jovi and asked if he could use "Wanted, Dead or Alive" as the title song for the movie.

Bon Jovi balked at the idea, saying he didn't think that song was the proper song, so he quickly wrote "Blaze of Glory."

As the story goes, Kiefer Sutherland in an interview for UNCUT magazine said; "When Jon (Bon Jovi) joined the team for Young Guns 2, we were all eating hamburgers in a diner and Jon was scribbling on this napkin for, say, six minutes. He declared he'd written 'Blaze of Glory', which of course then went through the roof in the States. He later gave Emilio Estevez the napkin. We were munching burgers while he wrote a No. 1 song... Made us feel stupid."

Afterwards, Bon Jovi played the song in a New Mexico desert for Estevez and John Fusco. This was the first time Bon Jovi played the song and heard by anyone. When the co-producers heard the song in a trailer, it was a no brainer. It became the theme song for "Young Guns II."

"Young Guns II," which was released in 1990 named which Bon Jovi made into his next album "Blaze of Glory." This was Bon Jovi's first solo album as the other band members were off doing other things during the hiatus.

The movie's budget was $20 million and went on to earn $44 million. Two hits came from this album, "Blaze of Glory" and Miracle." Bon Jovi earned several Grammy and Oscar nominations.

While he wrote a song or two for a couple of shows before this, this was his first and only project where he wrote every song for a movie's soundtrack. He did go on to write songs for other movies, and many of the group's songs were used in a variety of TV series.

Back Together (Kind Of) During the years from their first hit "Runaway" in 1982, the group has released 12 studio albums and Bon Jovi recorded two solo albums and a number of singles. Worldwide, his band has sold more than 130 albums, ranking them among the top of the best sellers.

But the band isn't sitting around and resting. In 2015 there were rumors of a planned a new album to be released sometime in 2016.

Rumors used to spread like wildfires, but today, the Internet allows them to travel at the speed of light. Talks about a new album for 2016 was confirmed by a consultant, and another world tour would follow.

On September 30, 2015, Bon Jovi said during a press conference confirming the new album, saying its title will be "This House Is Not For Sale." He further said that the album is about the group's integrity.

"Integrity matters and we're at a place in our career where we don't have anything left to prove," Bon Jovi said.

However, the new album is the first one without creative input from Richie Sambora, who left the group in 2013.

On Bon Jovi's Facebook page, a post announced that the new album, "This House Is Not For Sale" was released on August 27, 2016

Acting Career He started acting in the 1990's starring in minor roles in movies such as "U-571," and "Moonlight and Valentino," and as Helen Hunt's husband in the movie "Pay It Forward" starring Kevin Spacey. He also appeared on several TV shows such as "Sex and the City" and "Ally McBeal."

Accolades In 2009, Bon Jovi was inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Bon Jovi has also made appearances on some prestigious lists: - In 1996, he was named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People In The World" By People Magazine. - In 2000, the same magazine named him the "Sexiest Rock Star." - Also in 2000 VH1 placed him on its "100 Sexiest Artists." - In 2012 was ranked 50th in Billboard's magazine's "Power 100," a ranking of "The Most Powerful and Influential People In The Music Business." -In 2012, Hit Parader ranked Bon Jovi 31st in the "Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists."

Philanthropy In addition, Bon Jovi was the one of the founders and majority owners of the Arena Football League team Philadelphia Soul. He is the founder of The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation which was founded in 2006 and exists to combat issues that force families and individuals into economic despair. He also campaigned for Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential election, John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election, and Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. In 2010, President Barack Obama named Bon Jovi to the White House Council for Community Solutions. He was also awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Monmouth University in 2001.

Dree Hemingway

Dree Louise Hemingway Crisman was born in Sun Valley, Idaho. She is the daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway and Stephen Crisman, as well as the niece of the late model and actress Margaux Hemingway. American author Ernest Hemingway is her maternal great-grandfather. She has a younger sister named Langley Fox Hemingway Crisman (known as Langley Fox).

She grew up in Ketchum, Idaho and attended Ernest Hemingway Elementary School. She later moved to California and lived in the Westlake Village. She attended Oaks Christian High School for two and a half years and then dropped out to pursue her modelling career. She was presented as a debutante at the Bal des débutantes in Paris, France in 2003.

Hemingway has represented major companies in print advertising as well as in fashion shows. In March 2009, she debuted at the fall/winter 09-10 catwalk show for Givenchy in Paris. In June 2009, she walked in the Calvin Klein resort show in New York. In September 2009, she opened the Topshop spring/summer 2010 show in London. In January 2010, she became the new face of the Gianfranco Ferré advertising campaign. Later that year, she fronted a new advertising campaign for the Salvatore Ferragamo perfume Attimo. She was photographed by Bryan Adams for the spring 2011 issue of Zoo Magazine.

Hemingway has also walked for Shiatzy Chen, House of Holland, Karl Lagerfeld, Giles, Chanel, and Rue du Mail shows. She has also done campaigns for Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, H&M, Chanel, Paco Rabanne, and A.Y. Not Dead. She has also done editorials for Harper's Bazaar, i-D, V, W, Numéro, and multiple national editions of Vogue.

Hemingway starred in the U.S. independent film Starlet, directed by Sean Baker. She, along with the rest of the cast, was awarded the Robert Altman Award for the film at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards. She has since had supporting roles in films such as Listen Up Philip and While We're Young. She appeared in the music video for "I Always Knew", a single from The Vaccines' album Come of Age.

Bryan Adams

Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams rose to fame with the release of his third album, "Cuts Like a Knife" (1983). The album made him popular throughout the United States. However, it was his fourth album "Reckless" (1984), which is referred to as one of the best albums of the decade that made him an international superstar and gave him his first Grammy nomination. The album also sold four million copies at the time. In 1987, he released his fifth album "Into the Fire", a more social conscious album. The album yielded a top ten single "Heat of the Night", another Grammy nomination and another platinum album to his name.

However, he released the album "Waking Up the Neighbours" (1991) which included the single "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You". The song sold more than three million copies in the United States, becoming the second best selling single, second only to "We Are the World". The song was also Adams' first Academy Award nomination and Golden Globe nomination as the song was written for the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. "Waking Up the Neighbours" sold four million albums in the United States and garnered him six Grammy nominations (a record for a Canadian). He won one for best song written specifically for a motion picture or television ("(Everything I Do) I Do It for You").

In 1993, Adams released a greatest hits album, titled "So Far So Good", which spawned a #1 single, "Please Forgive Me". That same year, he sang the single "All for Love" with Rod Stewart and Sting from the movie The Three Musketeers, which became a #1 single reaching across Europe and North America. He released the single "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" from the movie Don Juan DeMarco, which became his fourth #1 single and his second Academy Award nomination. He became one of two non-American singers to have four number one hits and the most successful Canadian singer ever.

In 1996, Adams released the album "18 Til I Die", which has garnered him another two Grammy nominations. Later that year, he wrote and sang the single "I Finally Found Someone", a duet with Barbra Streisand for her movie, The Mirror Has Two Faces. "I Finally Found Someone" became a top ten single and won Adams his third Academy Award nomination. He released three more albums since then, "MTV Unplugged" (1997), "On a Day Like Today" (1998) and most recently the songs for the DreamWorks animated movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron in which Adams earned his second Golden Globe nomination for "Best Song".

Bryan Adams was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia for his contributions to popular music and philanthropic work through his own foundation, which helps improve education for people around the world.

Chesney Hawkes

Chesney Hawkes born September 22, 1971 in Windsor, Berkshire, England Is the son of Len (Chip) Hawkes, the singer of The Tremeloes (known for their hit "Silence Is Golden") and Carol Hawkes, who was a TV hostess and actress in the UK.

It was in early 1991 when Chesney, then 19, won the lead role in the film Buddy's Song (also starring Roger Daltrey of The Who), and signed to sing the sound track but suddenly found himself one of the first teenagers in pop history ever to bag the Number One spot with a debut release. "The One And Only" stayed at the top for five weeks, going on to become one of the undisputed global teen anthems of 1991 as it crashed Top 10s world-wide, including the notoriously difficult markets of Japan and America. The song was also featured over the titles of the Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood.

Chesney and his band (featuring his brother Jodie on drums) rounded off 1991 with a sell-out tour, playing everything from small clubs to 10,000 seaters the length and breadth of Europe. Both fans and critics alike voted Chesney's live show a spectacular success, with special honours going to the much remembered last night show at London's Hammersmith Odeon. This triumphant concert was to signify the symbolic end of that particular stage of Chesney's career. Chesney had out-grown the confines of teen idol-dom and was eagerly looking forward to the challenge of establishing himself as a song writer in his own right.

So after gaining more valuable live experience supporting Huey Lewis and Bryan Adams in Europe, Chesney removed himself from the glare of the public eye and spent time in his studio writing and rehearsing for his next album. The hard work paid off and the album "Get The Picture" was as spirited, diverse and uncompromising as anything delivered by self-styled street credible types in recent years.

For the next few years and no longer signed to his original record label, Chesney decided that, rather than respond to numerous offerings of pantomime, store openings and West End roles which, although lucrative, would have taken him away from the music, it was time for him to pay his musical dues, albeit in reverse given that he had a No. 1 record behind him. He formed a new band, "ebb", and spent 1997 living and working in New York from which base he played a series of East and West coast gigs to great critical acclaim, always continuing to write and demo new material.

Since this time Chesney has worked with numerous talented writers and producers, amongst them Mark Goldenberg who co-wrote The Eel's "Novocain For The Soul", Adam Schlesinger of Fountains Of Wayne, Jesse Vellenswealla of The Gin Blossoms, and Counting Crows producer Marvin Etzioni. Other collaborators include Howard Jones, the Police's Stuart Copland, Nik Kershaw & Bijou Phillips.

English band "Hepburn", covered "Next Life", which Chesney co-wrote with Phil Thornally. (Phil co-wrote "Torn", a hit for Natalie Imbruglia). Caprice charted in March 2001 with "Once Around The Sun" which Chesney co-wrote with Eric Pressley and he has also collaborated with Tricky on his "Mission Accomplished" EP. Another of Chesney's songs, "Almost You", was in the film Jawbreaker starring Rose McGowen and Marilyn Mansun and "Missing You Already" was in the film The Night We Never Met, starring Matthew Broderick.

During the latter half of 2000, and the beginning of 2001, Chesney has been recording a batch of new songs in London and in Los Angeles with producer Charlton Pettus. A number of tracks have been mixed by Neil Dorfsman who has worked with Sting, Dire Straits and Paul McCartney. A single, "Stay Away Baby Jane", from these sessions was scheduled for release in summer 2001. The video has been filmed in LA with director Rory Rooney.

During April, Chesney has been performing at student venues (Nottingham, Leeds, Lincoln, Hull, Middlesbrough). Such has been the overwhelming response that the, initially mini, tour has now been extended to take in dates throughout May and early June. The teen audience that discovered him in 1991 has now grown up and are, now in their early twenties, thrilled to see Chesney back and performing at the height of his ability.

Chesney has combined touring with appearing on 'Top Ten Teen Idols' (Channel 4), Banzai (Channel 4) and 'Question of Pop' (BBC1). Interviews in The Sunday Express and The Telegraph have centred on his writing and the tour, and his current media profile (the above plus Heat, Loaded, ILR interviews and sharing a Sunday Express {not the above} centre spread with The Beatles and The Spice Girls) is being watched by the media itself with Ally Ross recently (July) congratulating Chesney on his ubiquity in his News of The World column.

At present, Chesney is working on his new album. He now lives in West London with wife Kristina and his son, Casey George Hawkes who was born on August 29, 2001.

Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond is an American actor known for "Reawakened" and "The Jam Session". Rich is also one of the most sought after drummers on the planet, having recorded 22 #1 hits and working with artists such as: Jason Aldean, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, Chris Cornell, Joe Perry, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, Lit, Travis Tritt, Thompson Square, Kelsea Ballerini, Pam Tillis, Vince Gill, Susan Ashton, Deana Carter, Marty Stuart, 1,000 Horses, Chris Stapleton, Trace Adkins, Jennifer Nettles, Sara Evans, Montgomery Gentry, Alabama, John Anderson, Darius Rucker, Kenny Rogers, Rascal Flatts, Emily West, The Pointer Sisters, Lauren Alaina, Tyler Farr, Flaco Jiminez. Brantley Gilbert, Hank Williams III, Doc Walker, Gene Watson, and many others. As a high energy showman, Rich plays sold out shows nightly in amphitheaters, arenas and stadiums across the world, reaching over 2 million fans per year. Rich has appeared on the trail of television shows such as The Voice, American Idol, The Grammy Awards, The Tonight Show (with Leno, O'Brien and Fallon), The Today Show, Conan O' Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, Good Morning America, Ellen, The CMA Awards, ACM Awards, CMT Awards, ACA Awards, etc. Rich has celebrated 2 #1 songs as a songwriter and 3 #1 songs as a producer. As a popular inspirational speaker, Rich brings his "Crash Course For Success" (tm) motivation and music event to corporate clients including Cisco, Johnson and Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Presidio, and many others. Rich is an adjunct faculty member at Musician's Institute in Hollywood and The Drummer's Collective in New York City. Rich began playing drums at age 8 and eventually played in the prestigious 1:00 Lab Band at The University of North Texas where he also received his Master's Degree in Music Education. Rich was voted "Country Drummer of The Year" by Modern Drummer magazine in 2016. Rich's first book, "FUNdamentals of Drumming For Kids ages 5-10" is an Amazon best seller.

Shera Bechard

Shera grew up in the small French town of Kapuskasing, Ontario, the same hometown as director James Cameron. She moved to Toronto at the age of 18 to pursue a modeling career. In her years as a model she worked with many notable photographers such as Marcus Klinko, George Whiteside, Ian Cuttler, and rock-star turned photog Bryan Adams. She also worked with director and part-time photographer Andrew Thomas Hunt, who was immediately taken by her on-camera presence.

While conceiving the character of Karma, Andrew realized that Shera was a natural choice for the role, despite her having no previous acting experience. Her audition then solidified Andrew's hunch. Although at first reluctant to take on such a demanding role, Shera quickly rose to the challenge. She took acting lessons, studied martial arts, learned how to handle a variety of weapons, and took a weekend workshop in the fine art of pole dancing. The end result speaks for itself, Shera is as captivating in motion pictures as she is in stills. But don't expect to see Shera rush into her next film project, because unlike many women her age she has no desire to be a star. As such, Karma may not just be Shera's first-ever acting role, it may possibly be her only one.

Peter Shaw

Steve Jobs hired Scott to direct Apple's famous 1984-flavored Super Bowl ad that same year promoting the new MacIntosh. Seventeen years later, Peter was on location in Richmond, Virginia, with Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore, and Gary Oldman, filming the Ridley Scott-directed Hannibal, a picture which grossed over $165 Million in the USA alone and was the sequel to the 1991 Hopkins starrer The Silence Of The Lambs.

It happened with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, with whom Peter sang for four seasons. TSO is a Multiplatinum Grammy Nominated Christmas Rock Opera. To date it's one of the most successful holiday touring acts in the world, and has sold more than 7 Million albums. Rolling Stone has TSO at the top of the charts from Nov.

When TSO informed Shaw that the band's tour that year was moving to huge arenas like Boston Garden and Madison Square Garden from the concert halls they had been working, he knew that one of his early dreams was fast coming true.

He would play sold-out shows with TSO for four years, often sharing the stage with lifetime musical heroes/legends such as Joan Jett {her every first appearance at Madison Square Garden}, Roger Daltrey, and Mott the Hoople frontman Ian Hunter.

TSO is not an orchestra in a conventional sense, but a rock band conceived by New York native Paul O'Neill in the late 1990s along the lines of high-concept British artists O'Neill had grown up on, such as Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and rock operas such as the Who's Tommy and the Andrew Lloyd Weber-Tim Rice smash Jesus Christ Superstar.

O'Neill, teaming with musical collaborators Robert Kinkel, Jon Oliva, and Al Pitrelli and with major label support from Atlantic Records, further conceived of a pyrotechnic stage show.

Peter Shaw was hugely influenced by his TSO experience and the opportunity to work with these industry pioneers night after night, and fans all over the world thrilled to Shaw's performances.

It had all begun for Peter in Houghton/Hancock, Michigan, a city of a few hundred, except during college months, Michigan Tech. where Shaw's father studied engineering for 4 years and graduated located in one of the northernmost parts of the United States, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The family moved when Peter was very young to several tiny cities in Michigan. before landing in Cheboygan, on a 17,536 acre lake. Mullet Lake. Shaw spent his summers swimming and working for his father driving bulldozers and dump trucks for his construction company. His father wanted Peter to become an engineer like he was. But that wasn't to be. There was a much bigger calling for this small town boy.

He was geographically closer to Canada than he was to the big cities of the USA, and Canadian singers and songwriters including Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, and more recently Bryan Adams became some of Peter's countless musical influences, which also include artists as diverse as Marilyn Manson, Al Jarreau, the Eagles, and Seal. Thats as diverse as an Artist like Shaw could throw into one sentence, as he laughs, 'I'd have to see Marilyn Manson on stage with Al Jarreau' he laughs.

In high school, Shaw played the challenging part of Judas in the school production of Jesus Christ Superstar, and knew then and there that rock music and theater would be huge parts of his life. A game changer, that came out of the blue, when a teacher pulled Peter aside and said "you have a thing with music, you ever thought about following that, instead of agriculture like most of Cheboygan's students. Shaw took Dale Reiger's advice.

He applied to the music departments of the University of Michigan, Indiana University, and Syracuse University, and chose Syracuse.

After Syracuse, Shaw moved to New York and a quick stop back out in Los Angeles. It doesn't hurt that Peter somewhat resembles both Kevin Costner and Brad Pitt, so he was able to land modeling gigs between auditions for acting and singing roles. While in Los Angeles, He was up for 'River Runs Thru It" auditioned with Robert Redford.

For more than a year, Shaw has also connected with an investor from New Jersey who works in the engineering business and has been extremely supportive of Peter's various projects.

The Michigan native sees his musical direction as starting in Pop and Rock, but like crossover artists such as Peter Gabriel, Darius Rucker, and Kid Rock, it will appeal to fans of countless radio genres.

Jeffrey A. Okun

Jeffrey A. Okun has contributed visual effects and 2nd unit direction to a wide-range of films such as the award winning sci-fi hit _Stargate (1994)-, and Deep Blue Sea, The Last Starfighter, Lolita, Cutthroat Island, Sphere and Wes Craven's Shocker.

His credits also include music videos from such varied artists as Sting, The Beatles (for A Hard Days Night re-release), Jimi Hendrix, Janet Jackson, Wayne Newton, Bryan Adams, Amy Grant, Dolly Parton, Prince, Michael Jackson, the Neville Brothers and Rod Stewart, in which he created many amazing camera and optical effects.

Okun is known for creating 'organic' and invisible effects, as well as spectacular effects which seamlessly expand both the look and scope of a film, but also enhances the storytelling aspect of the movie. Additionally, Jeff is the creator of the revolutionary visual effects techniques dubbed the "PeriWinkle Effect" & the "Pencil Effect", which have been used in many projects to help achieve more a sense of the fantastic, wonder and more accurate budgets. Okun is the author of breakdown, budgeting and tracking software currently being used by professionals throughout the industry.

Dave Finlay

Dave "Fit" Finlay is one of the toughest, most respected wrestlers to ever set inside the wrestling ring. It is a shame that most of his wrestling years were spent overseas before he made his way to the States.

Born in Ireland in 1958, Finlay became a professional wrestler in 1978. He made a name for himself in Europe under the nickname "The Belfast Bruiser". He did not make his way over to the US until 1996 when he joined the ranks of WCW. The first two years were hard on Finlay as he saw no plans of any longterm storyline on the books for him. He took some time off and then returned to WCW in 1998 with the promise of a TV title run. He won that title from Booker T on May 4 in a huge upset. Finlay successfully defended his title against Chris Benoit at WCW's May pay per view Slamboree after Booker T Distracted Benoit. This set up the infamous best of seven series between Booker T and Chris Benoit that set WCW rings afire. The winner of the series would be the number 1 contender to Finlay's title. Finlay finally lost his title to Booker T at the Great American Bash. After that, Finlay spent the rest of the year lost in WCW's vast mid-card. He did appear at WCW's last 3 pay-per-views of the year, losing to Alex Wright at Halloween Havoc, being involved in the 60 man World War 3 battle royal, and teaming with Jerry Flynn in a losing match against Bryan Adams and Scott Norton at Starrcade. 1999 was no better than the end of 1998. Finlay still saw the light of the occasional Nitro and Thunder, but was never involved in any storylines or pay per views. The only pay per view he was involved in was Bash at the Beach '99. He won an open invitational hardcore junkyard battle royal(one of the dumbest matches ever) to win a giant hardcore trophy and be named the hardcore champion. Later that month, however, Finlay was severely hurt in a hardcore match at a WCW house show when he was thrown through a table. The jagged edge of the table severely lacerated his leg near his knee, leaving doctors to speculate that he may never be able to walk again. Finlay proved he was just as tough in real life as he was in the wrestling ring, returning to WCW in 2000 to compete. Little was done with the returning Finlay, however, and WCW was bought by the WWE in 2001.

Finlay found a new career as a road agent for the WWE when WCW was bought. He fared well for several years before the wrestling bug seemed to bite him again. Vignettes for the returning Finlay began to air in early 2006. Finlay, at 47 years old, made his triumphant return to the wrestling ring on an edition of Smackdown!, defeating Matt Hardy in a brutal bout. He competed in the second annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 22. He made a huge impression, but came up short. He did, however, win the US championship later in the Summer, proving that he could hang with the much younger roster of wrestlers.

Scott Starrett

Scott Starrett has composed original music for award-winning feature films and television. According to The Boston Globe, his music possesses "an attractively dappled quality as contrasting gestures interrupt and overlap each other."

Recent TV credits include writing the original music for the new conspiracy thriller series for NBC, The Event, as well as writing the original score for the first two seasons of the dramatic comedy series for Lifetime, Drop Dead Diva. Scott's recent Film credits include scoring the HBO feature, Dim Sum Funeral, and the Apollo astronaut feature documentary, The Wonder of It All. He has also collaborated as a composer-orchestrator with Michael Kamen on HBO's From the Earth to the Moon and MTV's Bryan Adams Unplugged as well as creating musical arrangements for Lisa Loeb.

As a concert composer, Starrett's works have been performed by the Boston-based Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and the Juilliard Symphony. After graduating from Stanford University, Starrett earned a Master of Music degree from The Juilliard School, where he studied under John Corigliano, Academy Award winning composer of The Red Violin. He was then awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study music composition in Rome, Italy, under the sponsorship of Hans Werner Henze. A native of Cincinnati, Starrett now resides in Los Angeles.

Paul Boyd

Born in Scotland, Paul's journey as a filmmaker began as a teenager. His Super 8 films earned him a place at prestigious St Martins School of Art in London where he graduated with BA Hons in Fine Art Film.

After directing 30 (or so) low budget Music Videos in the UK, Paul moved to Los Angeles to pursue a full time career in film-making. He signed to a directing contract through Ridley Scott & Assoc where he helped develop Black Dog films, being the 1st director on contract. At RSA he created music videos for Lenny Kravitz, Inxs, Seal and Jamiroquai to name a few.

From there Paul went on to a directing contract at Propaganda Films under the leadership of Steve Golin and Co. At Propaganda films Paul directed award winning, world-class, music videos for superstars, Shania Twain, Sting, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, The Backstreet Boys. Paul has over 150 music videos directing credits to date.

Paul's career expanded into commercials where he created/directed campaigns for Jaguar, Toyota, VW, L'oreal, Target, P&G, Clairol, etc. Paul was instrumental in setting up cross-promotion product placement in music videos with his worldwide smash for Sting, Desert Rose featuring the new line of Jaguars in 2001.

Paul wrote and directed his debut feature film 'Vicious Circle' which was released theatrically in '09 and won numerous festival awards including Best Picture at the NY Latino Film Festival. Paul continues to direct and now works as Head Of Production for Dave Stewart's Weapons Of Mass Entertainment, a full service production company based in Hollywood CA. Paul is also in pre-production for his sophomore feature film Girl Wanted.

Glen Warner

Glen is the oldest of six brothers. He attended high school on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, afterwards he returned to Toronto to study technical theater at Georgian College in Barrie.

In addition to working as a stage actor, for most of the '80s he worked as a concert stage tech for such acts as Bryan Adams, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. In 1994, Glen packed up his bags and moved his family, wife Ena, son Tyler and daughter Brieanne to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He returned to acting in 2010, and is now a busy character actor & concert tech still living and working in Baton Rouge. Traveling and photography keep him active when not working on stage.

Randy Sosin

Randy Sosin is a film producer who has been in the industry for over 20 years. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Sosin spent his formative years as a musician in the vibrant Detroit music scene. Jamming with future Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith amongst others - Sosin quickly became a force behind the scene. He became a manager and procured a record deal for Rhythm Corps with CBS Records in 1986. As the manager, one of his many responsibilities was to oversee the making of the groups' videos, which led Sosin to his true calling - Filmmaking! He left management to become Executive Producer at the cutting-edge production company, The End, in 1992. Working with such directors as Zack Snyder (300, Dawn Of The Dead), The Brothers Quay (Institute Benjamenta) and Marcus Raboy (Friday After Next) he quickly rose through the music video world as a visionary and a grounded creative. He continuously guided his directors in achieving their vision while being invariably aware of the budgetary realities of production. In 1995 after 3 years and over 100 videos including videos from: Pink Floyd, Counting Crows, Ice Cube, Mariah Carey, Salt N' Pepa, US 3 and others - Sosin was recognized for his creative vision by the record industry and lured to A&M Records as their Video Commissioner. There he guided and often created the visual images of such artists as: Sting, Sheryl Crow, Soundgarden, Bryan Adams, Blues Traveler, The Bee Gees, Monster Magnet and Jonny Lang amongst many others. Sosin left A&M in 2000 and took his Music Video career to another level by joining the venerable Interscope Records. There he worked along side renowned creative visionaries Jimmy Iovine and Steve Berman. Sosin wasted no time. His first video for Interscope was the award-winning "Stan" video from Eminem directed by Dr Dre and Philip G Atwell. Never one to sit on his laurels, Sosin quickly elevated the video world winning back to back MTV Video Of The Year awards for "Lady Marmalade" (2002) feat Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim,Mya and Missy Elliot and "Without Me" (2003) by Eminem. He is responsible for the branding visuals of artists such as: Eminem, Dr Dre, 50 Cent, Marilyn Manson, Audioslave, Keane, Feist, Queens Of The Stone Age, Enrique Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, The Game and Busta Rhymes to name just a few. Always one to push the limits, Sosin created and Executive Produced the Showtime TV Series: Interscope Presents The Next Episode. The 6 episode mini-series was a powerful portrayal documenting the lives of 10 young MC's and their search for prominence in the rap world. The show was a critical hit with powerful revues in the New York Times and a Top 5 Show of the Year rating in Entertainment Weekly. From there Sosin started his foray into narrative filmmaking by Producing the Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic film. The movie garnered rave reviews and accolades at such film festivals as SXSW, Toronto and the HBO Comedy Arts Festival before being picked up for distribution by Roadside Attractions. He has Executive Produced 2 additional TV shows: Eminems "Making The Ass" (the #3 rated show on MTV2 circa 2005) and Platinum Weird: Rock Legends for VH-1- a mockumentary featuring rock legends such as: Mick Jagger, Elton John, Dave Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Clarkson and Stevie Nicks. He was Executive Producer of LIVE! a film being produced by Chuck Rovens' Mosaic Media Group, starring Eva Mendes and directed by multi Oscar winner Bill Guttentag. Sosin also produced the movie "I Tried" with classic hip hop artists Bone Thugs N Harmony. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Visual Content - Lead Visual Alchemist for Insomniac Holdings in Los Angeles where he is in charge of conceptualizing and creating all their Trailers and Content. He also oversees the annual Live Stream from EDC Vegas.

Thomas Barnes

Writer- Director Thomas Barnes' career has spanned several continents: US, Asia, Europe- and diverse filmic worlds: narrative, tv commercials, music videos, and music television. As writer-director, his short films (such as 'Whales' 'Pork Chop', 'Miss Chinatown') have screened internationally at dozens of film festivals such as Clermont Ferrand, Tampere, San Francisco, LA Shortfest etc.. His latest film is Porgies & Bass (in post, 2016). As Senior Producer at MTV Asia, he was one of the core production team to set up the music TV network where he made shows with artists such as Radiohead, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. After six years at MTV, he launched Big Fish Productions & directed clips for top Asian stars like Andy Lau and Faye Wong, & international artists like Rod Stewart and Keke Palmer. His TV commercials for US and Asian market include Coke, Chase, M&M and Chrysler. He won international gold and silver awards for his Public Service announcements. Now based in NYC, he continues to explore life on film and teaches directing craft at the New York Film Academy in Manhattan. Thomas is originally from Hong Kong, of mixed Anglo-Chinese heritage. His higher education is a BA in English Literature Goldsmiths College, London University.

Shehzad Roy

Shehzad Roy is musician, TV host, filmmaker and humanitarian from Karachi, Pakistan. One of South Asia's most popular rock star's, he has recorded five internationally successful albums, including the 2008 Qismat Apney Haath Mein (Fate Lies in One's Own Hands). Roy is also the president and founder of Zindagi Trust, a non-profit organization that seeks to educate the underprivileged children of Pakistan. Recently, Shehzad's reality TV show, Chal Parha, (2012-2013) about education issues advocating nationwide reform ran in the prime-time international GEO TV slot. He has performed with Slash, Matt Sorum, Jane Lynch, Bryan Adams and Macy Gray.

Rushka Bergman

Rushka Bergman is a Contributing Fashion Editor for Italian L'Uomo Vogue and Vogue Italia. In addition, she was the Personal Stylist of Michael Jackson and acted as Creative Consultant/Costume Designer for his This Is It concerts in London.

Bergman was born in Serbia, and received her degree from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics. Shortly thereafter she moved to Ghana and continued her education in Fine Art. She is now based in New York.

In 2000, she participated in the creation of the Giorgio Armani exhibit and the accompanying book in collaboration with The Guggenheim Museum and The Royal Academy of Art in London. With photographer Tom Munro, Bergman created the cover in addition to many images inside. In 2004, Bergman collaborated with Bryan Adams on Calvin Klein's book American Women, in which she styled Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in addition to other iconic American women. As Fashion Editor for Italian L'Uomo Vogue, Bergman has styled many covers, including Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Michael Jackson, Robert Deniro, Jay-Z, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Snoop Dogg, Rem Koolhaas, Casey Affleck, Tim Roth and Brady Corbet, John Malkovich, Quentin Tarantino, Mickey Rourke, Hugh Jackman, Emile Hirsch, Ed Ruscha, Morgan Freeman, Kobe Bryant, Chloe Sevigny, Shepard Fairey, Peter Marino, Marina Abramovic, Jeff Koons, Ole Scheeren, Alec Baldwin, Lea Michele, Hugh Dancy, Olivia Wilde, Tyra Banks, Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne, Michael Stuhlbarg and Christoph Waltz.

Bergman has acted as personal stylist for Michael Jackson and collaborated on Jackson's costumes for his This Is It concerts with Haute Couture designers Christophe Decarnin for Balmain, Kris Van Assche for Christian Dior, John Galliano, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy and Giuseppe Zanotti. Rushka Bergman often collaborates with filmmaker/photographer Francesco Carrozzini. Bergman was costume designer for his short film "1937" which was selected at the 2008 Venice Film Festival.

Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson is an award-winning Music Composer/Producer and was the founding member and one of the primary songwriters for EMI's "Glass Tiger". He toured and worked alongside Journey, Tina Turner, The Moody Blues, Cheap Trick, Tom Cochrane. He co-wrote with John Bettis (Madonna, The Carpenters), Sue Shiffron-Cassidy (Chicago, Cher), Brad Buxxer ( Michael Jackson), Scott Humphries (Rob Zombie ) , Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams, Aerosmith).

Tamara Taggart

Tamara was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. A broadcast journalism graduate of the B.C. Institute of Technology, Tamara is a reporter and co-host of CTV British Columbia's "CTV Breakfast" morning news show and gives weather reports on the evening news. Prior to working in front of the camera, Tamara worked for Paul Mercs Concerts, responsible for marketing, advertising and publicity for such shows as Bryan Adams, Black Crowes, Tom Jones, Pearl Jam, and Martina McBride.

Sandra Faire

Sandra Faire is a philanthropist, television producer and CEO of SFA Productions Inc.

One of Canada's leading variety writer/producers, she was the show runner and executive producer of the hit TV reality dance series, So You Think You Can Dance Canada. During its 4 year run, the series garnered over 1.1 million viewers per season and won 2 Gemini awards, best variety show and best host.

Ms. Faire is the creator and executive producer of one of The Comedy Network's highest rated Canadian shows, Comedy Now! which airs on CTV and TCN. (Episodes also aired in the U.S. on Comedy Central.) The 15 season standup series that she created has provided a platform for over 200 Canadian comedians, including Russell Peters, Seán Cullen, Nikki Payne, Gerry Dee, Shaun Majumder and Harland Williams.

She created and served as executive producer and show runner, as well as story editor and contributing writer, of the award winning sketch series, Comedy Inc., for TCN and CTV, (which also aired in the U.S. on Spike TV for 2 seasons). During its 5 years on air, the series won the prestigious New York Festival Gold Medal three years in a row.

She was the executive producer, producer and wrote additional material for the feature film comedy, My Own Private Oshawa, which won an award at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival.

Ms. Faire has numerous other awards, including a San Francisco Film Festival Award, a record 17 Worldfest Houston Awards, several Canadian Gemini Awards, and honorary platinum and gold albums.

She has produced specials for, among others, k.d. Lang, Rita MacNeil and Buffy Sainte-Marie, as well as specials for Bryan Adams and Anne Murray which aired worldwide.

Her CBC-TV variety special, "Anne Murray's Family Christmas", still holds the record as Canada's highest rated variety special, with a 43 share.

Ms. Faire has also worked with internationally renowned artists, including Shania Twain (Rita & Friends), Barenaked Ladies (Anne Murray's Classic Christmas/Rita & Friends), David Foster and Neil Young (Tears Are Not Enough), Jann Arden (Rita & Friends), Paul Shaffer (CASBY awards), Joni Mitchell (Rita & Friends/ Tears Are Not Enough), Julio Iglesias (Anne Murray in Disney World), Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood (George Fox Country on Campus), Patti LaBelle (Anne Murray's Family Christmas/Rita MacNeil's Christmas), and Olympic gold pair figure skaters Jamie Salé and David Pelletier (Anne Murray's Classic Christmas).

Additional series, which she created and executive produced, include Rita & Friends, Comics and Ear to the Ground.

She is also a producer/investor of the musical stage production, Flashdance.

She is a member of the board for the National Ballet of Canada, Chair of the Producers Circle and has served as a board member for several organizations, including Canada's National Ballet School's Grand Jeté campaign and past Chair of the Board for Sheena's Place.

Ms. Faire has been a featured speaker at Deloitte & Touche's "Women of Distinction" series and received the Women in Film and Television [WIFT-T] Award for Outstanding Achievement.

In 2013, she and her husband, Ivan Fecan, received the Upper Canada Medal for their generous contribution to health care from Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation.

In 2012, she was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to her community and Canada.

In 2008, she received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from York University.

In addition, both have been honoured for their philanthropy by the St. George's Society, Canada's National Ballet School and the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews.

They donate personally to many worthwhile organizations, especially in the area of arts, education and medicine, including The National Ballet of Canada, Canada's National Ballet School, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Four Seasons Centre, Soulpepper Theatre Company, York University, Toronto General Hospital, and the University of Guelph, OVC.

Separately and together,they have chaired and co-chaired a multitude of events,raising millions of dollars for many worthy organizations,including The National Ballet of Canada,the OVC's Pet Trust and the UHN's Transplant unit.


Percival is an American Rock singer and composer living Presently in Berlin, Germany. He is renowned for his performances on the critically acclaimed First Season of The Voice of Germany (2011-12) reaching the quarter finals.

Percival (a.k.a. Percy Duke) was born in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Dallas Arts Magnet High School with school-mates like Erykah Badu, Norah Jones, Roy Hargove, Elizabeth Mitchell and Edie Brickell. After graduation he went to New York and auditioned and got parts in several shows including the showcase version of The Life where Composing legend, Cy Coleman (Sweet Charity, City of Angels) wrote a song specifically for Percival's voice. It is rumored that when the show later went to Broadway, the song was cut as Percival had other engagements in Europe, and the Broadway producers could find no one who was able to sing the song. Percival's European credits include the role of 'Benny' in the Pulitzer Prize awarded Rent (German Cast), and many television appearances on Stefan Raab's TV Total and The Harald Schmidt Show as backing vocalist for the visiting international stars such as Robbie Williams, Chaka Khan, Robert Palmer, Michael Jackson, Curtis Steigers, Jule Neigel, and Cher among many others. Percival did support for Alanis Morissette, Lauryn Hill, Bryan Adams and Skunk Anansie. He has been a member of several bands and has had many live performances throughout Europe including London, Stockholm, Paris, Vienna, Rome and all over the German Republic. He was hailed by TIME OUT magazine (London) as the Singer/Songwriter of the year in 2007; By Prinz Magazine (Cologne) as the Best Singer in the land; Sonic Magazine (Sweden) has already dubbed him the Next Big Thing; and the Hamburger Morgenpost hailed him as 'one of the best performers Hamburg has ever seen!' because of his weekly performances in the renowned Angie's Live Music Club in 2009 and 2010! Also a songwriter, Percival, has worked with Michelle Leonard, Iain Dench, Ian Archer, Per Aldeheim, Xavier Naidoo, Rui Veloso, Lucie Silvas, Stefano Maggio and many Swedish and English producers on rock and pop songs for himself and various artists. He began working professionally as a child at the tender age of six after having heard a children's choir singing on a McDonald's commercial and promptly told his parents that he could do better, which he proved over and over again several TV commercials and stage performances later. Percival's style is unlike that of any other rock/pop singer today because he has been influenced and successfully worked in different genres of music: Musical Theatre, Jazz and Blues and Funk and Soul. But he returned to what first influenced him: the Rock world. Percival, when not singing, spends his time writing film scripts, short stories and poetry. Coming from a family background of American Indian (Cherokee) and Black, he writes about society today in America and throughout the world he has, until now, been exposed to. He is presently writing and co-writing material for his new album titled, Never Shut Up! Release, Spring 2013.

Andreas Vollenweider

Andreas Vollenweider was born on October 4th, 1953 in Zurich. His father Hans Vollenweider is one of Europe's leading organists. Andreas grew up in a creatively diverse and inspiring environment. Composing was always a key element of his musical development. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, he searched for 'his' instrument.

In 1975, he discovered the harp and developed his own style - tailoring the instrument according to his needs. Thus, he created a new instrument for himself: the electro-acoustic harp. Vollenweider composed for film, theater, ballet and TV productions.

1979 marked his debut album "Eine Art Suite in XIII Teilen", which was considered as the cradle of the Vollenweider sound.

Two years later, in 1981, Andreas Vollenweider & Friends performed their first concert, at the world-renowned Montreux Jazz Festival. The following autumn saw the release of the album "Behind The Gardens, Behind The Wall, Under The Tree...". This proved to be a success with both critics and the audience, putting Vollenweider's distinct sound on the map.

In 1983, he emphasized his commitment to the environmental and peace movements with the single "Pace Verde" and its much talked about video. In the same year, he received an Edison Award in Amsterdam for his innovative sound.

A year later, his 1983 album "White Winds" broke through in no less than three US-charts in the pop, classical and jazz categories. His first US tour was hugely successful.

He played for sold-out venues on his 1985 US-tour: conquering New York's Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, the Greek Theatre and the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

In 1987, AV's 1984 album "Down To The Moon" received a Grammy Award - followed by tours in Canada, the US, thirteen European countries, Japan and Australia.

The dynamic album "Dancing With The Lions" was created in 1988 and 1989. For the first time, Vollenweider opened his project to numerous guests from a wide range of musical genres (Patty Austin, Mark O'Connor). He directed and produced two award-winning videos (New York International Film Festival Award), for which he also created the storyline, the choreography and the set and costume designs.

The double album "Trilogy" was released in 1990 - a selection of the first three albums "Behind The Gardens", "Caverna Magica", "White Winds" and previously unreleased material.

1991 followed with the cinematic album "Book of Roses", on which Vollenweider included symphonic orchestral elements for the first time.

In 1992, he participated in a benefit concert for Chernobyl's children on Moscow's Red Square. He received the World Music Award in Monaco.

1993 -1994, for the first time, Vollenweider produced an album with vocals: "Eolian Minstrels" with contributions from US singers Carly Simon and Eliza Gilkyson. The release was followed by worldwide tours.

In 1994, he performed at the Pavarotti and Friends event in Modena (Italy), where he played duets with Luciano Pavarotti and rock balladeer Bryan Adams, conducted by Michael Kamen.

1995, after doing tours and open air shows in Europe and the US, he played for the first time in Latin America.

Until 1997, besides focusing on the symphonic writing, he played a series of shows in remarkable locations: tours of European castles, shows as special guest of legendary Italian singer/songwriter Zucchero at the 2500 m high location (at -8 Celcius) of Brunico in the Southern Alps. AV's first solo concert inside a giant volcanic cave at Lanzarote's Festival Musica Visual.

In 1998, he started to record "Kryptos", a work for symphonic orchestras and guest virtuosos from all over the world. Parts of "Kryptos" were performed with the RAI orchestra at Italy's San Remo festival.

Vollenweider initiated a symphonic live project called "Wolkenstein" in 1998. The release of these recordings is currently being prepared.

In 1999, AV returned to free improvisation and intimate musical dialogues with his album Cosmopoly. He invited friends from all over the globe to create world music in the true sense of the word: the American vocal acrobat Bobby McFerrin, the Brazilian cult poet and singer Milton Nascimento, the South-African ethno-jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim, the 74-year old Armenian duduk legend Djivan Gasparyan and the Galician bag-pipe and whistle virtuoso Carlos Nunez, the American songwriter-legend Carly Simon, the American blues-trombone-master Ray Anderson...

2000, travelling with the Cosmopoly project through Europe and the US. With the almost daily changing configuration of musicians, Vollenweider followed the open concept of the album. In New York they played two concerts for the release of Cosmopoly in the US. This time, Andreas' friend Carly Simon joined the group, as well as Mind Jostyn, Carlos Nunez, Djivan Gasparian, XiaoJing Wang and Walter Keiser. Concerts in Brazil with Milton Nascimento and composer/pianist Wagner Tiso.

2000, in the 20-year span of his career, Andreas Vollenweider has sold over ten million albums with his trademark sound that exudes not only tranquility, but also movement. "The Essential Andreas Vollenweider" was compiled from the key songs of his creative development. Vollenweider remixed and remastered the older recordings.

2001, Nomination for the first "Latin Grammy Award" with the song "Cor do amor", lyrics and vocals by Brasilian Milton Nascimento. Concert tour with South African piano legend Abdullah Ibrahim. AV performed in Bali (Indonesia) at the international conference "song of convergence" with Balinese musicians. He started writing the symphonic novel "Tales of Kira Kutan", which premiered at the Warsaw Film Music Festival 2001, with the orchestra Sinfonia Varsovia (Yehudi Menuhin), conducted by Andre Bellmont. September, Athens (Greece), at the old Olympic stadium; theater piece "Socrates - dawn of civilization", with the American actor Rod Steiger as Socrates. Vollenweider's large-scale soundtrack, a dramatic blend of sound design, choirs and percussion. "Carte Blanche" at the AVO Festival in Basel, Switzerland, his guests (besides mini orchestra): Abdullah Ibrahim and David Lindley.

2002, performed at the Budapest Spring Festival, Hungary. Performance of the symphonies "Tales of Kira Kutan" and "Wolkenstein" at the Festival "Live at Sunset" in Zurich with Sinfonia Varsovia European summer tour with newly formed AVAF-mini orchestra, included performance at the "Big Chill Festival" in England, tour continues in the fall 2002. Guest performance at the birthday concert of Jazz composer George Gruntz in Zug, Switzerland. Collaboration with German filmcomposer Hans Zimmer in Los Angeles for the movie "Tears of the Sun", starring Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci.

2003, continued work with Hans Zimmer. Performing with mini orchestra in South Africa's Johannesburg and at the "North Sea Festival" in Capetown, guest performer South African multi-instrumentalist Pops Mohamed. Rest of 2003 for writing and recording the official "new Vollenweider album 2004", to be released in 2004.

2004, release of then new album Vox on Universal Music, followed by touring activities in Europe. Performances in South Africa at the MACUFE Festival; 40,000 people chanting the Vollenweider-music, popular in SA since the early eighties.

2005, toured with the music of Vox. Remastering of the entire catalogue (15 albums), to be released in the US and Canada by the Savoy Label Group, in the rest of the world on Edel Music over the span of a year. Vox release in the USA and Canada on September 2005. Writing music for new album, to be released late fall 2006.

David Kershenbaum

David Malcolm Kershenbaum. Record producer and A&R man. Born in Springfield, Missouri. Started as an Artist and has been signed to Capitol. Later has been an executive in three major record companies. Kershenbaum's supervision yielded many superstar artists during one of the most successful times of A&M's history. Kershenbaum's first album at A&M: major platinum success for Joan Baez, "Diamonds and Rust". Kershenbaum's talent generated hundreds of millions of dollars of record sales around the globe and his guidance has helped establish some of the biggest names in the business: Tracy Chapman, Duran Duran, Joe Jackson, Bryan Adams, Janet Jackson, Tori Amos, Cat Stevens, Josh Kadison, and Blessid Union of Souls. As a record producer he has been awarded 75 international gold and platinum albums. As a partner and co-president of Morgan Creek Music Group, he worked on various movies, such as "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" acting as Executive Producer of "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams, supervised and executive produced all of the music for the large slate of pictures, including "The Last of the Mohicans". Other films include "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", "Navy Seals", "Road House","200 Cigarettes", "White Sands". Kershenbaum's work brought multiple Grammys, Oscar nomination. Recently awarded a "Star" - Hollywood Fame Award/Lifetime Achievement for Music Production.

Frank Dato

Francesco (Frank) Dato was born in Salerno, Italy in 1952. He has been a professional musician in the Vancouver, British Columbia Canadian music scene since he was 16 years old. Getting his start playing drums in weddings and restaurants.

In 1972 he was the drummer of an original Vancouver rock band called "Zingo" where Frank Dato worked alongside musicians such as Keith Scott (Bryan Adams Guitarist), James Grant, and his childhood friends Vince Nardulli and Dave Skinner.

In 1989 Frank Dato played the drums in one of the scenes of the movie "Cousins" featuring Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini.

In 1998 Frank was in "Small Mercies", a Blues Rock Recording Act that was the CFOX 99.3 Radio Station 1998 Vancouver Seeds Winner. While working the local club circuit he formed the YVR Band in the year 2000 with his friend Dave Skinner. YVR Band currently (as of March 2014) plays in several Casino's and club's in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area. YVR Band's current lineup consists of Frank Dato , Dave Skinner, Paul Minshall (toured with Darby Mills from "Headpins") and lead vocalist Jillian Mandy Hart (2012 Canadian National Karaoke Champion who has won several vocalist competitions).

All "YVR Band" members have vast experience playing the Canadian nightclub circuit and concert halls. Frank Dato and Dave Skinner worked alongside "Keith Scott" (Bryan Adams Guitarist) in Vancouver Based Band "Zingo" for six years performing across Canada and the US. They eventually signed a Record Deal with "Harbor Records" of England and Producer "John Schroeder" a former A&R Exec for EMI, Tamla, and Pye Records in the UK. John produced many British Bands including "Status Quo" "Pictures of Matchstick Men". In that time they opened for and toured extensively with multiple International Recording Artists including the Canned Heat Blues Band, The Beach Boys, Brownsville Station, and John Lee Hooker. Over the years they have also worked and toured with many other great Producers, Musicians and Bands.

Frank Dato has worked with Canadian Classic Rock Band "Red Rider" with Lead Vocalist "Tom Cochrane" and also worked with "Holly Woods & Toronto", "Gaye Delorme" "Amanda Hughes" , and many other top Vancouver Jazz Musicians backing Famous Rock & Motown Legends such as "Bo Diddley" , "The Supremes", and "The Mamas & the Papas".

Frank Dato is also a percussion instructor and teaches people who desire to be professional musicians.

Bill Rubenstein

Rubenstein attended Harvard College, where he studied photography with Marie Cosindas, play writing with William Alfred, and film with Alan Pakula. Upon graduating, Rubenstein went to work in the mail room at ICM, where, a few months later he was running the motion picture story department.

After a brief stint as an agent (he represented "Tin Cup" co-writer John Norville, got actor James Russo his first part-- in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"), Rubenstein went to work for producer George Litto ("Dressed to Kill," "Blow Out,") at 20th Century-Fox, where he worked closely with writers Waldo Salt, and Alvin Sargent. He wrote his first script, got signed by Evarts Ziegler's agency, then ICM, got a deal, then traveled for six months, mostly in South Asia.

Returning to America, he wrote the first version of "Beyond Rangoon." During the many years it took to launch the project, he made a living as a photographer-- a career move jump started when Bono hired him to document the U2's "Joshua Tree" tour during the filming of "U2 Rattle and Hum." Rubenstein worked as a photographer on over 100 productions during this time, including films, commercials and videos with Aerosmith, Dolly Parton, Massive Attack, ATT, 7UP, Bryan Adams, and Madonna, who fired him from the "Express Yourself" video set at Culver Studios after finding out that David Fincher's producers had engaged him without asking her first. He was paid anyway.

In 1992, U2 engaged Rubenstein to photograph key segments of the "Zoo TV" tour.

In 1994, after spending four months in Malaysia shooting stills (and co-producing) "Beyond Rangoon," Rubenstein moved to a country south of Switzerland and north of Tunisia. There, he did his best to avoid Italian film and television producers, without success. He worked on a number of high profile miniseries for Italian television. With director Doug Nichol, he went to Spain and England to shoot a still-unfinished documentary about David Lean's right hand man Eddie Fowlie, featuring interviews with Richard Lester, Sir John Box, Sir Freddie Young, Peter O'Toole, Kevin Brownwell, Ken Annakin, and others. From 2001 through 2006 he was under contract to New Line Cinema.

As of 2011, Rubenstein lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches at Columbia College Hollywood, gives advice to a rapper, and is writing a spec script about Robert Kennedy, for which he has interviewed many of Kennedy's closest friends and advisers.

Randy Lennox

Randy Lennox was appointed President and CEO of Universal Music Canada, the country's leading Music Company following the merger of Universal Music Canada and PolyGram Canada Inc. in 1998. In that position, he successfully guided the company through the largest merger in the history of the music business. Under Randy's stewardship, Universal Music Canada has been voted Music Company of the Year for fifteen consecutive years.

Lennox began his career with Universal Music in 1980 in the company's mail-room. He was promoted to Executive VP/General Manager of the organization at the age of 36 and in December 2001, The Toronto Star included Randy in their "Ones to Watch" feature article. In February 2002, MacLean's Magazine also featured Randy as one of the country's "50 Most Influential Canadians".

Mr. Lennox's support and development of Canadian talent is evidenced by success with Platinum artists Hedley, The Weeknd, Sam Roberts, The Tragically Hip, Paul Anka, Nikki Yanofsky and The Tenors. His commitment to breaking acts in Canada has resulted in #1 world territory status for Canadian artists such as Drake, Sarah McLaughlin, Shawn Mendes, Diana Krall, Nelly Furtado, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams and Justin Bieber.

As Chairman of the 25th Annual Juno Awards Committee, Mr. Lennox spearheaded the creation of Oh, What a Feeling, a compilation of songs from past Juno Award winners, which sold Diamond (1 million units) and raised $5.3 million dollars for several Canadian charities. He created a joint venture project (along with EMI Music and Warner Music) to produce the #1 selling pop hit compilations Big Shiny Tunes and NOW, which reached sales of more than 8 million albums sold.

Mr. Lennox is the Talent Chair of Canada's Walk of Fame and its Executive Producer, the Chair of Massey & Roy Thompson Halls' Talent Committees while sitting on the board of Maple Music.

Randy Lennox sits on numerous Boards, including CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), Music Canada - the music industry's governing body and The Smilezone Foundation, an organization that creates, builds and transforms areas in hospitals in order to improve the lives of children and their families facing illness.

In February 2010, Randy, along with legendary music producer Bob Ezrin, spearheaded the Juno Award winning Young Artists for Haiti campaign that has raised more than two million dollars in relief for the people of Haiti. More than 50 Canadian artists gathered at Bryan Adams' Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, to record a rendition of K'NAAN's hit single, Wavin' Flag that brought the country together during the Vancouver winter Olympics. Earlier that year, Randy executive produced 'I Believe', the theme song for the games, which song by Universal artist Nikki Yanofsky and Stephan Moccio and used extensively throughout CTV's broadcast of the winter games.

He actively contributes to the organization of the annual Canadian Music Week Conference, and offers ongoing support to a variety of charitable organizations including the Starlight Children's Foundation of Canada while Co-Chairing the Princess Margaret Breast Cancer Foundation's 'Walk to End Cancer' which raised in excess of 8 million dollars.

Mr. Lennox also sits on the Board for CARAS' MusiCounts, an ongoing charity which has provided 4 million dollars' worth of musical instruments to underfunded schools across Canada.

In March of 2010, Randy Lennox was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry's Hall of Fame.

In 2013, Randy once again integrated a legendary music company into Universal when EMI and Virgin Music were acquired and the largest market share in the industry's history was created.

Maureen McFadden

Maureen 'Mo' McFadden is owner of McFadden & McFadden P.R. based in Santa Barbara. The public relations firm, which opened its doors in 1992, specializes in working closely with arts, non-profits, food & beverage, health & human services, environmental and entertainment companies to create an overall image and/or design a PR campaign for a specific event. Loving the work she does is a big part of her success. Starting with a focus in entertainment, and events the firm shifted to flex with the economy and has a good track record with non-profits for long-term PR planning, capital campaigns and community outreach.

McFadden has worked on both sides of the P.R. fence - as a writer and press agent - giving her a highly qualified approach in presenting stories to the media. Maureen won an Independent Theatre Award for her groundbreaking work in publicizing the Santa Barbara Performing Arts League in its first five years. Jim Sirianni of Rincon Broadcasting awarded her "Best PR Person" and editor/publisher of LifeBitesNews.com Bonnie Carroll also recognized her for her PR work.

Prior to moving up to Santa Barbara in 1989 from L.A., she wrote for The Hollywood Reporter, served as Senior Account Executive in the TV department at Rogers & Cowan and as the trade paper liaison at Hanson & Schwam. At the latter firm, she handled PR duties for Julie Andrews, Blake Edwards, composer Jerry Goldsmith, writer/director/producer Jimmy Komack, and author Harold Robbins. At Rogers & Cowan she handled TV accounts: "Gimme A Break," "Hour Magazine," and "Mr. Belvedere" along with countless pilots that never made it on the air.

Mo toured the U.S. & Canada with her first husband a professional truck driver, in a 44-foot semi for two years on rock 'n roll tours (1981-1982) with Stevie Wonder, The Moody Blues, Loverboy & Bryan Adams, The Tubes, and Kenny Rogers. Her CB handle was "The Shutterbug." 10-4 good buddy. Together, they crisscrossed the U.S. 17 times, and one tour across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver, with the Canadian bands. It was a great experience to be on touring shows like these with so many moving parts and to be able to see the U.S. and Canada from the passenger seat of a big truck, she has a trunk loaded with photos from the tours.

While living in New York City, pursuing a career in the theatre, she worked for the U.S. manager of Monty Pythons Flying Circus for the troupe's Broadway debut "Live at City Center" in 1975 and continued to work for that manager until landing a job at one of NYC's great cabaret's "The Bottom Line" where she worked for the club owners and left after a few years when she got an offer to work at High Times Magazine where she was executive assistant to the rebel founder/publisher/EIC Thomas King Forçade. Met some amazing people on this job and was given a lot of responsibility. Those were high times!

McFadden grew up outside Philadelphia, where she studied theatre and became a member of the acting company at Hedgerow Theatre in Rose Valley (1970-73) and worked at Manning Street Theatre in Philadelphia where she portrayed Iphegenia in playwright David Rabe's "The Orphan" with actor Thomas Hulce as Orestes (Mozart in 'Amadeus' on Bdwy & film). She studied numerous dance forms - classical, jazz, tap & acrobatics - for more than 20 years. Mo was named "Best Dancer" in her H.S. graduating class. Dance is what gave her the discipline to be the business owner she is today.

Steve Sexton

Canadian composer with experience in television and film. Composes & conducts live tracks with orchestra, synthesized tracks, or a combination of both. Music has been heard in various films & TV shows such as The Legend of Prince Valiant, The Phantom 2040, Never Talk To Strangers, Cut Throat and Copper Mountain. Has received awards from Socan, an Ampex Golden Reel Award, has been nominated for four Juno Awards and Gemini Award. Originally from Richmond Hill, now resides in Markham Ontario. Steve's extensive career has had him work along side such artists as Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Michael Buble, Anne Murray, and top orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops Philharmonic with John Williams.

Angel Smith

A natural when it comes to acting. Angel knew at the age of 7 after watching Cinderella in the movie theatre that she wanted to be an actor up on the big screen. Throughout most of her school life Angel was involved in some aspect of theatre. Joining a group called The Patchwork Players she spent most of her junior year in high school traveling around to neighboring elementary schools performing. Angel graduated with honors from Bryan Adams High School as well as Phi Theta Kappa from Eastfield Community College. Education is one of the most important things for her and she continues to complete her Bachelors degree in Literature, with an emphasis on Genocide Studies, through The University of North Texas. She hopes to obtain her PhD so that she can teach at the collegiate level about the Holocaust. Angel has met many survivors of the Holocaust and hopes to meet as many as she can to help spread the message regarding Genocide. Back in 1999 Angel heard about an audition for a production the Garland Civic Theatre second stage was to showcase. She landed a leading role on the first audition. Playing a deaf, lesbian in the production For Whom the Southern Bell Toll opened the door to an even bigger role. GCT held auditions for Graceland, a play which they were taking to the Texas AACT/Festival. Angel was chosen to play the part of Rootie Mallert in this two woman one-act play. It would be a six month whirlwind of rehearsals, showcases, Quad, State, Semi-finals and many awards. Angel portrayed a scene from the acclaimed play, My Own Wife, at an actor's showcase where she was able to meet Linda McAlister, who now represents her. Linda is one of the hardest working agents in the state of Texas.

Jason W. Spradling

Jason was born in Dallas, Texas on January 30, 1982. He grew up in Dallas and in Garland, and took an interest in technical theatre when he attended Bryan Adams High School, in Dallas. After high school, Jason continued to be involved in theatre and began working for Theatre 3 in Dallas. After a career as a theatre technician Jason, an active member of his explorer post, and boy scout troop, became an assistant head ranger at Camp Wisdom. After working as a ranger he decided to return to his technician status, and work for a set building company. After a while Jason got the chance to go work for the Fox show Prison Break, filmed in North Texas. Also around this time Jason was able to be a part of There Will Be Blood, starring Daniel-Day Lewis. Jason lives with his Wife in Arlington, Texas.

James G. Warde

Born in Dallas, Texas, James attended Bryan Adams High School.

He worked as a truck driver for a while, during that time he would write and think of movie ideas. He later bought his first camera and during his days off he would work on short films.

James later went to Richland College where he began to work with the college's broadcasting department as a videographer for the news and as a part-time writer. During his time at Richland James had his own Radio program called "Fourth Wall Radio" which won an award in the department. He also hosted his own TV show and interviewed several celebrities including filmmaker Nash Edgerton and Darth Vader David Prowse.

His short film "Where Loves Blooms" (which he directed/co-wrote/ and acted in) played at the 24hr Dallas Video Race and made it to the final round. His second short film "Something in the Red" premiered at the Show Your Short: Oak Cliff Film Festival and won 3rd place.

Suzzane Skinner

Suzzane Skinner is a professional image groomer and advisor with over 35 years of experience. Based in Nashville, she works extensively in the entertainment and racing industry. She consults with professionals and amateurs in music, television, sports, corporations, reality TV, fashion, schools, churches, retail, medicine, and theater. She served as personal assistant to veteran TV producer Jim Owens and TV personalities, Lorianne Crook & Charlie Chase (Crook & Chase) for The Nashville Network's "Music City Tonight". She works in many aspects of television production and launched the casting division, ImageCast, in 1994.

So Good! Entertainment - Suzzane's recent joint venture focuses on Production, Marketing, Music and Events. Founded in 2009, So Good! Entertainment is an integrated entertainment marketing company specializing in the innovation and activation of marketing strategy for musical artists, athletes, and corporate clients across the nation. With years of experience with clients like Folgers, Lays, Kleenex, The Wake Up Narcolepsy Foundation and ZLOOP E-Waste Recycling and Data Destruction company, Zaxby's Restaurants and Bitcoin's BitPay in NASCAR, So Good! Entertainment realizes that while the ways their clients relate to their consumer may change, the need to do so does not. In providing opportunities for branding and exposure, their goal remains to truly connect their clients with their audience/consumer. They approach each project with the belief that the right idea and/or message can leave an indelible impression as well as build the foundation of a relationship between client and consumer that can "move" them to action. They have the passion, experience and relationships to connect people with opportunity to make BIG things happen.

Suzzane Skinner, Producer - Suzzane recently served as Talent Producer, Director, Writer and Stage Manager for the George Jones Concert Tribute, the largest music event of its type in history, with 112 members of talent and 42 performances, in under 4 hours at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. She served as the Talent Producer for Johnny Cash's Memorial Funeral Service at the Famous Ryman Auditorium.

Suzzane is a contracted Image and Career Coach, Talent Executive, Casting Director, Talent Booker, Segment Producer, Audience Coordinator, Stage Manager, and Artist Liaison Coordinator. She owns and coordinates Audience Company Nashville, specializing in quality crowds & audiences. Her individual Image instruction is available for professional skill development in many areas such as career coaching, image grooming, media training, interviewing, auditioning, cold reading, handwriting, autograph, table manners, mannerisms & etiquette, self-promotion, establishing industry presence and creating celebrity.

Suzzane is a circuit speaker to various groups and schools, and member of Source- a Distinquished Women in Music Association and American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT). She is a specialized instructor for the Curb School of Music at Belmont University, mentor and featured speaker for the Honors Program at Tennessee State University in Nashville. She is the exclusive Image Consultant for the Grammy Showcase (NARAS) in Nashville. She was a Stage Manager for the 44th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Annual Musicians Hall of Fame Awards, Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Specials and the 18th Annual Bluegrass Awards in Nashville.

Her client list is deep and includes Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sony Recording artist Danny Gokey, Revlon featuring Sheryl Crow, Michael Jordan, Megan Alexander of Inside Edition, NASCAR race car drivers Justin Boston, John Wes Townley, and Brennan Poole, The Voice/Team Blake's Adley Stump, Justin Gaston of Nashville Star 08 and Taylor Swift's Prince Charming, Nashville TV host Holly Thompson, Keenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live, Billy Bob Thornton and Mark Collie.

ImageCast - Suzzane is a talent executive, casting director and consultant for national and international telecasts, including the annual ABC's CMA Awards & CMA Country Christmas, CMT Music Awards, annual "CMT Artist of the Year", The Nashville "Footloose" AXS-tv's "Discovering Lucy Angel" and "Revenge of the Electric Car" Film Premieres, the CMT/TNN/Country Weekly Music Awards, the CMT Flameworthy Video Music Awards, the Music City News Awards, the Dove Awards, the CMA 40th Anniversary Special, the Grand Ole Opry 75th Anniversary Special, Country Freedom Concert, and CMA Fan Fair/Music Fest Riverfront Stage, CMT's "Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza", among many, many others. She served as Talent Executive and Image Consultant for the "1999 CMA: Backstage Pass" pay-per-view event preceding the CMA Awards international telecast, where she landed the first interview in 9 years with George Strait. She was Audience Coordinator for the 2008 & 2012 Trumpet Awards in Atlanta and Nashville. She was contracted as Talent Executive for Election Night 2000 for Vice President Al Gore and the National Democratic Party at the War Memorial in Nashville. Talent included Cher, Morgan Fairchild, Star Jones, Rob Reiner, Kathy Mattea, BeBe Winans, Fisk Jubilee Singers and others. She casts for many, many artists' videos such as "Easy" with Rascal Flatts & Natasha Bedingfield, "House that Love Built" for Brooks & Dunn, LeeAnn Womack's Grammy-nominated video, "I Hope You Dance", "Red High Heels" with Kellie Pickler, George Strait, Joe Nichols' "Tequila", "Control" for the Grammy-nominated rock band MuteMath, James Otto, Keith Urban, Sara Evans, Eric Church, Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband, RockieLynne, Anthony Smith, Patty Loveless, Anita Cochran, John Michael Montgomery, Collin Raye, Phil Vassar, and Jo Dee Messina's "Delicious Surprise".

Audience Company Nashville - One of Suzzane's companies, she supplies quality audiences and extras for many television specials and programs such as "CMT Crossroads" with Keith Urban & John Mayer as well as Jason Aldean & Bryan Adams, "Legends & Lyrics" for PBS, HGTV's hit show finale "Design Star", CMT "Comedy Stage", Nashville Star (3 years), "Clint Black~Live By Request" for A&E, "Willie Nelson & Friends" for USA Network, TNN's Ralph Emery's "On The Record" with guests Naomi Judd, Olivia Newton-John, Johnny Cash, and "Nunsense" featuring Vicki Lawrence in the Grand Ole Opry House, CMT Music Awards, CMA Awards, and many others. She casts national and local commercials and programs for clients such as "Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza", Mercedes Benz, ESPN, Revlon with Sheryl Crow, Farm Bureau Insurance, Gold Bond, Partnership for a Healthier MS, Lucent Technologies /NY, Rexall, BellSouth/1997 Winter Olympics for Flying Tiger Productions/LA, "Heck On Wheels" for the Nashville Network, Bellevue Center Mall in Nashville, YWCA, LifeWay, and UTV Records for Marvin Gaye Recordings.

Michael Shaun Williamson

Michael Shaun Williamson has enjoyed a fantastic and diverse career in the entertainment industry for over 30 years with no sign of ever slowing down.

From the beginning of his professional singing career at age 14, his powerful, soulful voice has been featured on countless recordings from some of the greatest artists in history such as James Brown and The Moody Blues, to National jingles for The Atlanta Falcons, The Atlanta Braves, as well as commercials for Miller beer, Mercedes Benz and many more.

In his early 20's he signed on as the lead singer for legendary Southern Rock hit -makers "The Atlanta Rhythm Section". Their hits "So Into You", "Spooky", and "Imaginary Lover", made ARS a staple of late 70's radio.

He has spent years developing his skills as a vocalist both live and in the studio and has used this knowledge and experience to become one of the most sought after and highly regarded voice coaches and session singers in the country. His clients as a vocal coach have included such legendary vocalists as Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple fame, and Motown great Billy Griffin of the Miracles.

From 2010-2012 he worked as Director of A&R and is a founding shareholder for the Eardish Corporation, a dynamic global emerging artist and music development and distribution platform. He worked alongside Grammy award winning Producer and legendary A&R Executive David Kershenbaum who signed Janet Jackson, Bryan Adams and many other stars to their first recording contracts.

Most recently he has worked as SVP of Artist Development and A&R for BuTown Entertainment, a production company and record label with Universal Music Group in Los Angeles, California.

He now resides in Las Vegas where he is launching a musical that he has written based on the history, and music of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

He holds a Black Belt in Judo and loves appearing in movies from time to time.

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