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Asa Shoul

Asa Shoul joined Framestore in 1994 as a telecine colourist.

He won the first of three International Monitor Awards in 1998 for Hallmark's mini series Merlin, and subsequently two more for Hallmark's Alice in Wonderland, and Arabian Nights. Television drama work includes Shakleton, for which he received an Emmy Honors for cinematography, and Dreamkeeper for director Steve Barron.

Having moved into feature grading full time he has graded some 20 features including such films as The Constant Gardener, Layercake, Nanny McPhee, United 93, Stardust, Becoming Jane, and Inkheart.

Current projects include Creation, Centurion, Kick Ass, The Debt, and Clash of the Titans.

1 names.