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101. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5522 (2008)
Dan and Luke bicker and fight over Libby and their past. Dan ends up in hospital with an arm in a sling. Rebecca presses the brothers and even shy Ty into a bachelor auction for the Dingos. Principal Helen Carr switches support for her succession from Dan to snake Libby. Justin Hunter's bunch teases Rachel. When Susan complains to Paul about the Angus story, he offers her a front page reply. Rachel refuses a keyboard, whether it's sent by Angus or Ty.
102. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6686 (2013)
Paul and Mason toast on the knave's career move to hotel concierge, which his parents consider an ill-considered rash risk. More bad news for the Turners: Lucas is buying an apartment and selling the house they rent from him. Vanessa dislikes throwing them out, even more when she learns the couple considers a fourth baby, but Lucas already bought it, unable to reach her before the last one's auction, and paid more then she considers reasonable. Karl is delighted with his London ex's daughter Holly Hoyland's unilaterally imposed surprise visit, but she meanly turns on Susan when alone with her.
103. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.5523 (2008)
Declan is among the boys most in demand and most eager to be auctioned as 'slave'. Carmella notices Ringo slipped out, so he confides in her he's still not be comfortable with his body, however healthy and hunky, and she buys him as muscle for the General Store. Steph 'buys' Ty, Rebecca Declan. Nicola nearly outbids Miranda for Steve, Donna Josh and Declan for Bridget. Rachel feels stalked, home alone babysitting Ben and Charlie. In the dark during a power-break, she knocks down 'intruder' Ty.
104. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6221 (2011)
Rhys sort of accepts Karl's half-cocked apologies for his and really Susan's inappropriate meddling in Jim's therapy. Mike is warned by the bank just in time to cancel the credit card thieving Tasha tried to pay for plastic surgery with. Toadie is now too busy to attend the auction, but Sonya leans on Lucas and gets the garden for her nursery dream and Toadie brings an appropriate gift.
105. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6463 (2012)
Ajay host a housewarming party, where Lucas assures the Kapoors to hold no grudge after the auction. Besotted with Rani, Callum volunteers for all chores, to even Chris's amusement, but Ajay needs no help cleaning up. Paul is fed up with Zoe's meddling in his family affairs, notably undermining his authoritative approach to Sophie, and dumps her, but pretends to Sophie it's the other way around.
106. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6407 (2012)
After starring in the bachelor auction, Rhys enjoys the free massage with Vanessa. However, after hearing him scold Susan for discussing his mother's life with her, Vanessa coldly suspends all further dates. Kyle cheerfully prepares for his picnic with Kate.
107. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6451 (2012)
Rhys gives Kyle a free checkup for his flu and prescribes a reconciliation with Jade. It fails, but Sonya makes her think about throwing away the perfect lover. Paul found the embarrassing footage about Ajay calling the mayor lamer then bank practice and posts it, which costs Ajay's party his seat. Lucas bids on the Salvation Army-auctioned house for himself and Vanessa, but Ajay outbids him despite Priya's sudden hesitation.
108. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6406 (2012)
Cocky after his band earned more then Red Cotton, Karl dares Rhys at the bachelor auction, only to prove an embarrassed bargain, while Rhys needlessly arranged to pay himself for Vanessa to win his date. Kyle naturally is in high demand, but to Jade's horror Kate outbids everyone. Paul fears the winning anonymous bid on him came from granny Canning, but it was another PR trick at his own expense.
109. Neighbours (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6405 (2012)
Paul reluctantly takes PR advise to organize a charitable bachelor auction and enter it in a seemingly desperate attempt to mend his abysmal popularity. Suitable candidates are rare, and Rhys initially declines, but changes his mind due to arrogant Kate. Kyle enters, enthusiastically groomed by granny Sheila, who clearly hopes to find him a better catch then Jade. Cocky Callum plans to impress first date Rani, waves Toadie's advise and bitterly blames him for betraying his confidence after Sonya tries to 'help'.
110. Raising Hope (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Sex, Clown and Videotape (2013)
When Burt (Garret Dillahunt) and Virginia (Martha Plimpton) discover that their storage locker is up for auction, they also realize they have misplaced a personal and incriminating home video that has fallen into the hands of another couple (guest stars Mike O?Malley and Liza Snyder). Meanwhile, Sabrina tries to get to the bottom of Jimmy?s epic sleepwalking habit.
111. Will & Grace (1998 TV Series)
Episode: Hocus Focus (2002)
Jack has news: his new show is about to open and this year his show features magic. He decides to ask Karen to be his assistant - a disaster in the making... Will has just won a photo session with the famous Fannie Lieber in a silent auction. The picture is going to appear in her next coffee table book. And Will asks Grace, who's a huge fan of Fannie's, to come with him to the session. What could possibly go wrong?
112. Will & Grace (1998 TV Series)
Episode: The Hole Truth (2005)
Although she is back together with Stan, Karen hasn't broken up with Malcolm yet. It is Grace who tells him about the fact that Karen is back with her husband. Since Malcolm doesn't want to go alone to the autumn carnival, he takes Grace, who happens to tell him that she is also going alone, as his date. Will tries to organize a carnival auction for Project Angel and tries to get Baby Glenn, who once fell into a hole as a child and became famous for this, as an item to auction. Besides Baby Glenn, also Jack is up as an item at the auction.
113. Flashpoint (2008 TV Series)
Episode: The Other Lane (2010)
Ruthless illegal trader Nick Watson is auctioning a load of crack fire-arms. High henchman John is executed on the spot for accidentally firing a noisy full automatic, which attracts enough attention for the SWAT to be sent. During the site's beleaguering, the team realizes that the client is none other then Ed's brother Roy, who was suspended from another police corps a month earlier for carelessness contributing to his partner's death in a shooting. But has he gone criminal or undercover on his own? Ever-absent Ed's pregnant wife is moving to her mother's and taking his son.
114. Only Fools and Horses.... (1981 TV Series)
Episode: A Touch of Glass (1982)
Returning from an auction, the Trotters stop to help a woman whose car appears to have broken down. It turns out she is a posh sort. No less than Lady Ridgemere, wife of Lord Ridgemere who own the Ridgemere Hall Estate. Having towed the Lady to her stately home, Del overhears that the Lord of the Manor is having trouble with the firm he's hired to clean their chandeliers. He wastes no time in offering the Trotter's services as chandelier cleaners for a mere £350. With Rodney and Del up ladders, and an old sheet the only thing between the cut-glass chandelier and the floor, it is only natural that Grandad detaches the chandelier from the room behind them. Del's fast talking excuses are the Trotters' only chance they have of escape!
115. Only Fools and Horses.... (1981 TV Series)
Episode: Healthy Competition (1983)
Rodney is taking stock of his life, and at the age of 24 he is disappointed to find he has only risen to become Del's look-out while they're on the make with dodgy goods. After a bit of soul-searching - during which Del narrowly escapes the Old Bill while Rodders was lost in thought - Rodney breaks some big news to Del that he's set up a rival business with Mickey Pearce. Shocked and hurt by this, Del warns him that if he wants to stand on his own two feet, then the price is total independence from the TITCO cash flow; including beer money. Later at an auction, Del warns his Little Bruv not to buy Lot 37, but Rodney doubts his brother's generosity - thinking that he wants the lot for himself - and he buys Lot 37 unseen. It turns out that Lot 37 is a bunch of broken lawnmower engines that Del had sold in the first place, and after Mickey Pearce uses their meagre profits for a trip to Benidorm, Rodders is soon back as a partner in Trotters Independent Traders.
116. Only Fools and Horses.... (1981 TV Series)
Episode: Yesterday Never Comes (1983)
Del Boy enters the world of fine art when he attempts to pull the wool over 'posh tart' antique dealer Miranda Davenport. He unsuccessfully tries to tell her a rickety old cabinet is in fact a 'Queen Anne' original, but wise to the ruse, she coolly declines. Her attitude towards Del does warm when she responds to an advertisement placed by the Trotters in the local paper. When a painting Del has in stock catches her eye, Miranda soon worms her way into Del's affections and in no time at all, he has given her the painting as a gift. Keen to see her again, Del pays a visit to her shop, and is informed that she's at the local auction house. Arriving at the auction, Miranda seems quite surprised to see him there, but not as half as surprised as Del Boy when Lot 24 is announced. The Lot turns out to be Del's painting - a valuable work by 19th century painter Joshua Blythe that Miranda is hoping to make a huge profit on. It seems like Miranda has stung Del good and proper, but as usual, he has the last laugh when he informs her that she's actually selling stolen property.
117. Hot in Cleveland (2010 TV Series)
Episode: Storage Wars (2012)
The girls go to a storage locker auction. While there someone recognizes Victoria from her commercial which thought would not be shown in the country and she feels humiliated. They buy the contents of a locker. And what they find is a letter which they think was written by Lincoln wherein he admits to an indiscretion. Victoria hopes by bringing it out it could offset what the commercial is doing to her. But Melanie warns her that this could offset everything Lincoln did. And Elka tinkers with a CB radio that's in the locker. Eventually Joy chats it up with someone and she makes him think she's more endowed than she really is. And when he comes to town and they agree to meet, she buys a bra that makes her more endowed.
118. Bewitched (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Art for Sam's Sake (1967)
Samantha has embarked on painting as a hobby, and plans on entering her still life painting into a charity art exhibit and competition. Endora will not allow Samantha to sully the family name by publicly displaying anything that is less than a masterpiece. Seeing that Samantha's own creation doesn't live up to that standard, Endora decides to exchange Samantha's painting temporarily until midnight for that of renowned French artist Henri Monchet. Samantha learns what her mother has done when her painting is revealed as the winning entry in the competition, the painting which will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. A further problem arises when perfumer Mr. Cunningham, a client of Darrin's, wants the painting, especially as he sees himself as an art connoisseur. Darrin and Samantha have to try and get him not to bid on the painting while they purchase it themselves. If they can't do so, they have to find a way to get the painting from him before the painting magically disappears at midnight.
119. Covert Affairs (2010 TV Series)
Episode: What Is and What Should Never Be (2010)
After Annie witnesses a suspicious purchase at an art auction, her follow-up brings a surprise visitor - Ben Mercer - back into her life.
120. Farscape (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Liars, Guns and Money: Part 2: With Friends Like These... (2001)
When Moya's crew arrives for the auction, they find out that the lot with D'Argo's son and Banik Slaves has been just sold to Scorpius. And he demands Crichton in exchange for Jothee. D'Argo is on the verge of satisfying this demand. Crichton comes up with a plan to free Jothee. They are to buy the help of the beings they encountered before: vampire trackers, Sheyang burning metal with fire, Tavlek with their powerful gauntlets, and Zenetan Pirates with their Flax net. However when they get everyone aboard, not without difficulties, it turns out that their money were alive and eating their ship, so Zhaan had to burn Moya gravely to get rid of them. This is when Crichton makes the ultimate deal to save D'Argo's son.
121. Family Ties (1982 TV Series)
Episode: Art Lover (1986)
Steven accepts works of art for WKS's 1986 auction, reluctantly even Alex's 'fiscal-surrealist' bank yard eviction drawing (at age 5) and an abstract welded sculpture by Nick, which only gets a bid from filthy rich, glamorous art lover Victoria Hurstenberg, who calls him an irresistible hidden talent. Nick brings more of his works for a private show at the Keaton house, and becomes her protégé. Only Mallory and naive Nick need weeks to realize the airhead didn't get to see Nick since miss (!) Victoria offered her patronage not for his 'art' but for his company. Just when Nick sweetly told off Victoria's private attentions with a gentlemanly hug at a gallery, idiotic Mallory is there and dumps her true love...
122. The Facts of Life (1979 TV Series)
Episode: Kids Can Be Cruel (1982)
During the preparations for a box lunch charity auction, the girls are gazing over an Eastland/Bates "Slam Book", in which those writing the comments are identified by numbers instead of names. Mrs. Garrett is horrified by the cruel comments in there. When Blair reveals to one of the Bates boys that Natalie is number 10, Natalie gets her revenge by telling a Bates boy named Carl Price, whom the other boys tease because of his severe acne, which of the box lunches belongs to Blair.
123. Monk (2002 TV Series)
Episode: Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan (2007)
Marci Maven is accused of negligent homicide because her neighbor claims that her dog killed his wife. But she claims her dog died a few days ago. So she turns to Monk whom she's obsessed with for help. When he refuses to see her, she buys him at a bachelor auction. When Monk tells her what happened and when he looks a things he discovers a few anomalies.
124. Warehouse 13 (2009 TV Series)
Episode: MacPherson (2009)
Mrs. Frederics explains the reason for MacPeherson's break with the Warehouse program. Depite some extreme precautions he managed to get his hands on some artifacts that he plans to auction. But to Artie and the team it all sounds like a smoke screen for a more nefarious plan.
125. Warehouse 13 (2009 TV Series)
Episode: Trials (2011)
Artie sends Claudia and Steve to retrieve the butcher knife of Typhoid Mary up for auction, with the power to transfer ailments. Their bid is successful, but the knife disappears. Meanwhile, Pete and the newly returned Myka investigate a series of strange regressions for any possible connection to an artifact, where people's memories reverse all the way back to where they forget to breath, which exposes one agent's childhood neurosis.
126. The Addams Family (1964 TV Series)
Episode: Morticia's Favorite Charity (1965)
It's time for their community's annual charity bazaar and Morticia has the family turn over their most precious (and, of course, bizarre) items for auction, but the giving goes too far when Gomez hands over Pugsley's beloved wolf's-head clock without first asking. The boy sulks up the chimney, threatening never to come down, so Gomez and Morticia independently head back to the bazaar to get his clock back.
127. Coronation Street (1960 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6378 (2006)
Claire takes Thomas back to hospital and claims she has been given someone else's baby. Steve encourages Liz to look into buying the Rovers from Fred. Les is disappointed when Cilla reveals how she is spending the profits from her online auctions.
128. Coronation Street (1960 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.6372 (2006)
Adam's decision to close down the factory due to lack of materials prompts Liam to strike a deal with him. Claire leaves Thomas with Hayley and spends the day on her own. Chesney's profit from his online auction gives Cilla an idea for a money-making scheme.
129. MacGyver (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Dalton, Jack of Spies (1987)
When Mac -alone- attends eternal prankster Jack Dalton's church funeral, he finds the scoundrel staged it to escape enemy spies whose packages his new messenger service Jack-be-Quick was to deliver but betrayed to the CIA. They escape by sidecar, but are blamed by CIA and police for the murder on Jack's CIA contact Light and betrayed by absent Pete's substitute's CIA friend, so they turn to Light's female partner Shadow, still chased by double agents, she's focused on the CIA rotten apples and a top-secret encryption device. Mac sneaks the others in at the auction the enemy uses as contraband cover, but...
130. MacGyver (1985 TV Series)
Episode: Squeeze Play (1990)
When baseball legend Novis Riley pledges to auction collector memorabilia for a charity TV gala, he's threatened and later blackmailed by a counterfeiter gang to steal the team champion's priceless collection after his impetuous teenage daughter, who ventured about to investigate, is kidnapped. MacGyver uses the Colton network and poses as a wacky rich baseball cards collector to work out the perpetrator's whereabouts. Noris however can't resist ignoring his warning against paying ransom, 'escapes' and needs to be rescued himself.
131. MacGyver (1985 TV Series)
Episode: The Ten Percent Solution (1989)
"Third Park Attack - Streets Declared Unsafe", reads The Observer headline. A Mr Brand, who is running for Congress, is giving a speech on TV, claiming that his goal is to make the streets safe for the people. Meanwhile, at Carlyle Auction House, Pete is makes the winning bid on a valuable Rubens painting The Phoenix Foundation is planning to donate to a museum, to prevent it from being hidden from the public in some private vault. Just at that very moment, a distraught man rushes in, claiming the painting belongs to his family. The man claims the ERR (Einsatzstab Rosenberg Reichminister, WWII Nazi art looters) stole the painting. There is a villainous-looking man observing and reporting to someone over a mobile phone. Something is going on... *****SPOILER WARNING***** Yep, those damn Neo-Nazis are at it again, planning to overtake five states, which equals 10% of The USA (hence the title), funding their election campaigns with paintings stolen from the Jewish people during WWII.
132. Melrose Place (1992 TV Series)
Episode: Crazy Love (1996)
Amanda persuades Peter to start seeing a therapist when he starts acting insanely jealous and manic-mannered, especially when he creates an ugly scene at a business dinner with Craig. Meanwhile, Jane persuades Sherri to spend the Christmas holiday with her, where she tells Jane more about her past. Samantha goes to an art gallery auction to try to recover one of her paintings that Sydney sold to Kyle and pocketed the money, and Billy tries to get another painting away from Craig that he keeps in his office. Sydney meets a reclusive millionaire, named Carter Galivan, whom she hopes he will buy the painting she is trying to sell. Kimberly tells Megan of a plan to kill herself to end all of Michael's fiscal problems. Jake sweeps away Alison's holiday blues with a vacation to Park City, Utah, which turns less than cheerful. Also, Matt starts seeing Dan's possessive side when he showers him with assorted gifts.
133. Hustle (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Getting Even (2007)
Eddie the barman tells the con artists about his Dad's care home and it's owner Veronica Powell. It would seem that she is robbing her residents blind by locking them into long-term contracts and also arranging to sell their homes through an auction house that she own. She is then buying the houses at cut-rate prices and re-selling them at a profit. Danny decides that the way to get her is to sell her a fake bottle of very valuable wine and they are well down the road with the scheme when they are told that the exact same trick was tried on her not long ago and that she worked with police to capture the scammers. When Danny subsequently buys a bottle of wine at auction for £47,000 the others think he has gone mad but he has a new scheme involving a house for sale and its wine cellar.
134. Hustle (2004 TV Series)
Episode: Missions (2005)
The con artists have to deal with a bent copper when she arrests Mickey and Danny in Eddie's bar in the middle of scamming someone. The police Officer, DI Sam Phillips, makes it quite clear that she expects 50% of the proceeds but also half of their next scam, involving original artwork for a 1930's comic book. The idea is to put the original up for auction and then swap it for a forgery once the sale is complete. The real question however is how will the con artists get away with their scheme and get rid of the pesky police officer at the same time?
135. Key and Peele (2012 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.3 (2012)
New Key & Peele airs Wednesdays on Comedy Central. Jordan and Keegan attempt to hide in plain sight from a Negro-hunting Nazi. Other sketches include two slaves struggling to get off the auction block and a pair of thugs encountering a slight complication before a big hit.
136. Diagnosis Murder (1993 TV Series)
Episode: The Seven Deadly Sins (1999)
The Sloane sleuths are joined by female Scotland Yard inspector Churchill when a murder is committed by Grant Connors, an expert art thief and seducer she follows everywhere. Yet she has a deal with him to reunite a set of diamonds last owned by the last Romanov czar. When Mark confronts her being a phony, she tells to be one of his victims, Vanessa Sellars, whose husband died from heart-failure when surprising them. Meanwhile Jesse decides to donate to the same auction, for the benefit of the hospital, a possibly priceless violin his father gave him. The auction proves eventful...
137. The Cosby Show (1984 TV Series)
Episode: The Auction (1986)
Clair discovers that a painting by her late great-uncle, which her grandmother sold years ago due to debts, is going to be auctioned off. To restore its rightful ownership to the family, she decides to go to Sotheby's with the family and bid on it but discovers on the way that other people have an interest in owning it as well. Will Clair save this precious piece of her family history?
138. Something's Gotta Give (2003)
Harry Sanborn is a sixty-three year old hip-hop record company executive, who is attracted only to women half his age or younger, and who don't want anything serious beyond sex. Erica Barry is a mid-fiftysomething successful playwright, who has not seriously dated since divorcing her husband of twenty years, Dave Klein, the director of her plays. Her non-dating status is due to the fact that the men she meets of her age are either intimidated by her and/or, like Harry, want a younger plaything. Harry and Erica meet when Erica's daughter, Christie's auctioneer Marin Klein, who has just started dating Harry and who herself has never been in a serious relationship, brings him to her mother's lavish Hamptons beach house for what is going to be their first sexual encounter together, they surprised to see Erica there. Harry believes Erica is uptight and he doesn't understand her at all. Erica believes Harry is misogynistic and chauvinistic, only out for his own carnal wants, which nonetheless needs to be fueled by Viagara. Harry and Erica end up spending time alone together at her Hamptons house out of circumstance after Harry suffers a mild heart attack. The two end up bringing something out of the other each didn't even know existed. At the same time, Erica attracts the attention of Harry's emergency room cardiologist, Dr. Julian Mercer, a man twenty years her junior. Erica is initially oblivious to his advances, she believing that he is attracted to Marin - a woman closer to his own age - but he is eventually able to show his devotion and admiration of her as an attractive, strong, successful woman. Erica has to figure out what to do with both relationships. While Julian is more obvious in terms of wanting something serious with her, which is what she wants with the right man, Harry is a little less certain about what he is feeling for Erica, as romantic love has been a concept foreign in his life, even less so with a woman like Erica.
139. Brothers & Sisters (2006 TV Series)
Episode: Going Once... Going Twice (2008)
Scotty is promoted to head chef, and Sarah throws him a celebration dinner. Kevin accompanies Nora to an auction of houses suitable for her charity and, affected by his own recent pay cut, goes all out in trying to impress Scotty. Kitty is feeling depressed after losing out on the adoption, and Robert and her family come up with an idea to distract her. Justin, concerned about Saul's apparent loneliness, invites another gay man to the family dinner.
140. The Best Offer (2013)
In the world of high-end art auctions and antiques, Virgil Oldman is an elderly and esteemed but eccentric genius art-expert, known and appreciated by the world. Oldman is hired by a solitary young heiress, Claire Ibbetson, to auction off the large collection of art and antiques left to her by her parents. For some reason, Claire always refuses to be seen in person. Robert aids Oldman in restoring and reassembling some odd mechanical parts he finds amongst Claire's belongings, while also giving him advice on how to befriend her and deal with his feelings towards her. Also a friend of Oldman, Billy Whistler helps him to acquire a secret private collection of master paintings.
141. Las Vegas (2003 TV Series)
Episode: Wines and Misdemeanors (2007)
Danny worries a sex-toy might become a rival for Delinda. He also drops an obscenely expensive bottle of wine for a prestigious auction Ed and his new sommelier Phillip Corbin, but a security complication proves a far worse nightmare. The swimming pool is infested with topless crones.
While they are doing some renovations, a hidden wine cellar is discovered which belonged to Monica. And when Danny accidentally breaks one of the bottles, he's in the doghouse with Ed because it was a rare and expensive wine which he wanted to try. When a case of the wine is found, the Montecitto is having a wine auction and they decide to put it on block. And after it's sold the one who bought it doubts it's authenticity but Ed assures him it's authentic but Mike learns it's not the genuine wine. So they have to find the real wine. But there's a problem there were security men watching over it all the time so how was it taken. When there's a senior citizens' convention at the hotel some of the women hang out at the topless pool which doesn't make the guests happy so they have to do something without insulting them.
142. Pretty Baby (1978)
In 1917, in the red light district Storyville, New Orleans, the prostitute Hattie lives with her twelve year-old daughter Violet in the fancy brothel of Madame Nell, where she works. Photographer Ernest J. Bellocq has an attraction to Hallie and Violet and he is an habitué of the whorehouse. One day, Madame Nell auctions Violet's virginity and the winner pays the fortune of US$ 400 to spend the night with the girl. Then Hattie marries a wealthy client and moves to Saint Louis, leaving Violet in the brothel alone. Violet decides to marry Bellocq and she moves to his house. Until the day that Hattie, who has overcome her past, comes to Bellocq's house with the intention to take Violet with her.
1917, the last months of legal prostitution in Storyville - New Orleans' red-light district. Hattie, a prostitute at the elegant home of Madame Nell, and her 12-year-old daughter Violet are the only ones awake with photographer Ernest J. Bellocq comes by with his camera. He takes pictures of Hattie and he fascinates Violet. Over the next few months, Nell arranges for the auction of Violet's virginity, Hattie marries and goes to St. Louis leaving Violet behind, and Violet determines to marry Bellocq. Is this idyllic or is she just a girl wearing rouge, soon to return to childhood?
143. Roots (1977 Mini-Series)
Episode: Part II (1977)
Despite a violent rebellion, the slave ship Lord Ligonier completes its voyage and Kunta Kinte endures the indiginity of an Annapolis slave auction. Fiddler, the slave in charge of Kunta's training, becomes his only friend ? a friendship that's tested when Kunta plans an escape so he can be with Fanta
144. Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (1998 TV Series)
Episode: A Rookie Script (2000)
Ashley has a new boyfriend, Nomar Garciaparra, the baseball player and Berg is becoming jealous. Sharon is organising a charity bachelor auction for the children's wing and gets Berg and Pete to participate. Berg, in particular, is taking it very seriously. Pete has problems when Irene is the winning bidder and Berg gets disgraces himself by getting drunk. Sharon and Johnny have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items, which is causing problems as wanted and defective items were sold.
145. Zoey 101 (2005 TV Series)
Episode: People Auction (2006)
Sushi Rox, one of the most popular restaurants in PCA, catches fire and hits the ground. Zoey doesn't want to go on knowing Kazu, the owner of the restaurant, is heartbroken and really loved working there. So, she puts on a People Auction, having her and her friends do various chores to help raise money for Sushi Rox.
146. Family Matters (1989 TV Series)
Episode: Hot Wheels (1993)
The two types of bonding take center stage. In the literal sense, Laura is trying to get back together with class hunk Ted Curran, but when Urkel tries out his new super glue (to repair Laura's broken earring), he accidentally gets his hand stuck on Laura's shoulder ... just as Ted shows up! In the relationship sense, Carl buys a used police car at auction, hoping a restoration project will be the key to bonding with Eddie. But Eddie wants his project partner to be Waldo instead, causing Harriette to set her son straight.
147. Hawaii Five-O (1968 TV Series)
Episode: The $100,000 Nickel (1973)
A rare 1913 Liberty Head nickel, one of only five ever made, is to be auctioned at a coin show held at the Ilikai Hotel. European master criminal Eric Damien gets con artist and sleight-of-hand expert, Arnie Price, freed from jail so that he can switch a cleverly-made fake with the original before the auction. But things do not go as planned, as Price, fearing capture, tries to dispose of the nickel in a news rack, and the chase is on to recover the nickel before anyone else finds it.
148. Knight Rider (1982 TV Series)
Episode: The Ice Bandits (1984)
A collection of diamonds is stolen from a Foundation sponsored charity auction. Michael and Kitt follow one of the thieves to the Monestary of the Grape in Napa. Here a plastic surgeon is providing criminals with new faces for a percentage of their takings.
149. Beck (1997 TV Series)
Episode: Den japanska shungamålningen (2007)
Martin Beck gets a phone call from his German colleague, Hans Sperling, who is in Stockholm to buy a painting at auction. Sperling has found a dead woman in his hotel, and needs Martin's help. The murder investigation leads them into a dark world of art fraud.
150. Dracula (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Servant to Two Masters (2013)
Van Helsing warns Grayson the serum needs finishing, but he can't resist attending dangerously long a ward dance Mina organizes for long-term hospital patients. Harker realizes the general he exposed was set up, but Grayson coldly reminds him all evidence points solely to himself. Both the lord's agent and higher-bidding Renfield return from a Budapest auction with what their masters believe to be the Dresden triptych, portraying Dracula's true love Ilona, exactly alike Mina. The order abducts Harker to recruit him as their spy. Grayson organizes a grand presentation of his alternative energy but order agents arrange trough poisoned milk to have it broken up by he police as neighborhood health hazard.
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