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1. Mathilde Seigner

Actress | Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien

Mathilde Seigner was born on January 17, 1968 in Paris, France. She is an actress, known for With a Friend Like Harry... (2000), Alias Betty (2001) and The Girl from Paris (2001).

2. Mathilde Høgh Kølben

Actress | Min søsters børn i Afrika

Mathilde Høgh Kølben was born on October 22, 1995 in Hillerød, Denmark. She is an actress, known for Min søsters børn i Afrika (2013), Min søsters børn vælter Nordjylland (2010) and Min søsters børn alene hjemme (2012).

3. Mathilde Fock

Actress | Mille

Mathilde Fock is an actress, known for Mille (2009), De fortabte sjæles ø (2007) and Næste Stop (2018).

4. Mathilde Dehaye

Actress | Rhythm in Me

Mathilde Dehaye is an actress and writer, known for Rhythm in Me (2016), After the Outbreak (2016) and Castle Rock (2018).

5. Mathilde Norholt

Actress | Sorte kugler

Mathilde Norholt was born on March 23, 1983 in Frederiksberg, Denmark. She is an actress, known for Sorte kugler (2009), 2900 Happiness (2007) and Lykke (2011).

6. Mathilde Lebrequier

Actress | Falco

Mathilde Lebrequier is an actress, known for Falco (2013), Filles perdues, cheveux gras (2002) and Vaurien (2018).

7. Mathilde Warnier

Actress | Les garçons sauvages

Mathilde Warnier is an actress, known for Les garçons sauvages (2017), Au service de la France (2015) and Le grand voyage (2018).

8. Mathilde Ollivier

Actress | Overlord

Mathilde Ollivier is an actress, known for Overlord (2018), Valeria (2018) and The Misfortunes of Francois Jane (2016).

10. Mathilde Bundschuh

Actress | Das Ende der Geduld

Mathilde Bundschuh was born on July 30, 1994 in Plauen, Saxony, Germany. She is an actress, known for Das Ende der Geduld (2014), (2005) and Beutolomäus und der geheime Weihnachtswunsch (2006).

11. Mathilde Sofie Henriksen

Actress | Den 12. mann

Mathilde Sofie Henriksen is an actress, known for Den 12. mann (2017) and The Factory (2017).

12. Mathilde Snodgrass

Casting Department | Inglourious Basterds

Mathilde Snodgrass is known for her work on Inglourious Basterds (2009), Jackie (2016) and Switch (2011).

13. Mathilde Bonnefoy

Editor | Lola rennt

Mathilde Bonnefoy was born on March 11, 1972 in Paris, France. She is an editor and director, known for Run Lola Run (1998), Citizenfour (2014) and 3 (2010).

14. Mathilde Thomine Storm

Actress | Løvekvinnen

Mathilde Thomine Storm is an actress, known for Løvekvinnen (2016).

15. Mathilde Dratwa

Director | Almost Anonymous

Mathilde was born in Belgium. She is the daughter of a school teacher and a doctor. She attended the International School of Brussels, then spent a year in Spain studying Philosophy at the Universidad de Salamanca.

Mathilde went on to read English at Cambridge University. She holds a masters in ...

18. Mathilde Roehrich

Actress | Opium

Mathilde Roehrich is an actress, known for Opium (2013), M (2017) and Chaource (2013).

19. Mathilde Anglade

Actor | Life on Earth: Severance

Mathilde Anglade is an actor, known for Life on Earth: Severance (2018), Kick Ons (2018) and No Time (2018).

20. Mathilde Comont

Actress | La Bohème

Mathilde Comont was born on September 9, 1886 in Bordeaux, France. She was an actress, known for La Bohème (1926), Paris at Midnight (1926) and Poor Little Rich Girl (1936). She died on June 21, 1938 in Hollywood, California, USA.

22. Mathilde Kraemer

Casting Department | Lucy

Mathilde Kraemer is known for her work on Lucy (2014), Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) and Eden Log (2007).

23. Mathilde Goffart

Actress | Survivre avec les loups

Mathilde Goffart is an actress, known for Survivre avec les loups (2007), Oscar and the Lady in Pink (2009) and Une chanson pour ma mère (2013).

25. Mathilde Ripley

Actress | Jackie

Mathilde Ripley is an actress, known for Jackie (2016), Profilage (2009) and Les Tuche 3 (2018).

26. Mathilde Gersby Rasmussen

Actress | Da Lotte blev usynlig

Mathilde Gersby Rasmussen was born on December 13, 1978 in Gentofte, Denmark. She was an actress, known for Da Lotte blev usynlig (1988), Kopisten (1999) and Aftenshowet (2007). She died on September 16, 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

27. Mathilde Hantrais

Actress | Razzia

Mathilde Hantrais is an actress, known for Razzia (2017).

28. Mathilde Casadesus

Actress | Le plaisir

Mathilde Casadesus was born on May 5, 1921 in Paris, Ile-de-France, France as Mathilde Lucette Rose Jeanne Casadesus. She was an actress, known for Le Plaisir (1952), A Lady Without Camelias (1953) and L'idiot (1946). She died on August 27, 1965 in Es Canutells Mahon, Minorca, Balearic Islands, ...

29. Mathilde Muyard

Editor | Peur de rien

Professor at La Fémis (Paris)

30. Mathilde Bittner

Producer | Naked and Afraid

Mathilde Bittner is a producer and writer, known for Naked and Afraid (2013), Weed Wars (2011) and Toddlers and Tiaras (2008).

31. Signe Mathilde Sørensen

Actress | Encounters

Signe Mathilde Sørensen is an actress, known for Encounters (2014), Bron/Broen (2011) and Gidseltagningen (2017).

32. Mathilde Viseux

Actress | Les gardiennes

Mathilde Viseux is an actress, known for Les gardiennes (2017).

33. Mathilde Penin

Actress | De l'autre côté du lit

Mathilde Penin is an actress, known for De l'autre côté du lit (2008), Le maître du Zodiaque (2006) and La crim' (1999).

35. Mathilde Poymiro

Actress | Extrasystole

Mathilde Poymiro is an actress and production manager, known for Extrasystole (2013), Dans la cour des grands (2011) and Ma vision du monde (2011).

36. Mathilde Alfrida Jakobsen Skarpsno

Actress | Slipp

Mathilde Alfrida Jakobsen Skarpsno is an actress and director, known for Slipp (2016), Victoria (2013) and Valkyrien (2017).

37. Mathilde Vallet

Actress | Affaires étrangères

Mathilde Vallet is known for her work on Affaires étrangères (2010), Looking for Cheyenne (2005) and Les ambitieux (2006).

38. Mathilde Mennetrier

Actress | Les îles

Mathilde Mennetrier is an actress, known for Les îles (2017) and Nous ne serons plus jamais seuls (2012).

41. Mathilde Bonicel

Actress | Aurore

Mathilde Bonicel is known for her work on Aurore (2017), Vive la colo! (2012) and Meurtres à... (2013).

42. Mathilde Dory

Assistant Director | Sense8

44. Mathilde Plancq

Actress | Petits secrets entre voisins

Mathilde Plancq is an actress, known for Petits secrets entre voisins (2013).

45. Mathilde Bory

Camera Department | I am the End

46. Mathilde Dedye

Producer | Återträffen

Mathilde Dedye was born in France in 1977. After graduating from high school, she moved to Sweden and took a masters in art and Media management at the Stockholm school of Economics. After that she worked a couple of years at two of Sweden's major production companies. In 2011 she founded French ...

47. Mathilde Warnier

Actress | Keeper

Mathilde Warnier is an actress, known for Keeper (2015), A part of us (2017) and Vertiges (2014).

48. Mathilde Santing

Soundtrack | Vet hard

Mathilde Santing was born on October 24, 1958 in Nieuwer-Amstel, Noord-Holland, Netherlands as Mathilde Eleveld.

50. Mathilde Auneveux

Actress | Trepalium

Mathilde Auneveux is an actress, known for Trepalium (2016), Jusqu'à la garde (2017) and 16 ans ou presque (2013).

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