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1. Maria Doyle Kennedy Maria Doyle Kennedy Actress, The Conjuring 2
2. Brian Doyle-Murray Brian Doyle-Murray Actor, Groundhog Day
3. Mike Doyle Mike Doyle Actor, The Invitation
4. Kevin Doyle Kevin Doyle Actor, Downton Abbey Kevin Doyle is an English actor. He was born in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England in 1961. He is better known as the perpetually unlucky butler-turned-footman Molesley in Downton Abbey. He has appeared in shows such as Happy Valley, Scott & Bailey, and the 2016 ITV TV Mini-Series Paranoid. He lives in West Yorkshire with his partner Olwen May.
5. Shawn Doyle Shawn Doyle Actor, Frequency Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, Shawn Doyle has become a familiar face to audiences worldwide, turning out critically acclaimed performances on both the big and small screen. With his move to Los Angeles in 2005, Shawn quickly amassed an impressive list of credits with recurring roles on Desperate Housewives and 24...
6. Christopher Doyle Christopher Doyle Cinematographer, Ying xiong
7. David Doyle David Doyle Actor, Charlie's Angels David Fitzgerald Doyle was born in Lincoln, Nebraska December 1, 1929. He was the son of Mary Ruth Fitzgerald and Lewis Raymond (Lum) Doyle, a prominent Lincoln attorney. His maternal grandfather was John Fitzgerald, a prominent banker and railroad builder in Nebraska. His paternal grandfather was T...
8. Jerry Doyle Jerry Doyle Actor, Babylon 5
9. Arthur Conan Doyle Arthur Conan Doyle Writer, Sherlock Holmes
10. Patrick Doyle Patrick Doyle Actor, Brave Patrick Doyle is a classically trained composer. His first film score, the acclaimed adaptation of "Henry V" with Kenneth Branagh for Renaissance films was scored in 1989. He has subsequently worked with Kenneth Branagh, a long time collaborator on numerous pictures including "Dead Again", "Much Ado About Nothing", "Frankenstein" and "Hamlet"...
11. Susannah Doyle Susannah Doyle Actress, Drop the Dead Donkey
12. Alan Doyle Alan Doyle Actor, Robin Hood
13. Joe Doyle Joe Doyle Actor, Salem
14. Rightor Doyle Rightor Doyle Actor, Ruby Sparks
15. Kathleen Doyle Kathleen Doyle Actress, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
16. Tony Doyle Tony Doyle Actor, Ballykissangel
17. Matt Doyle Matt Doyle Actor, Private Romeo
18. Richard Doyle Richard Doyle Actor, Air Force One
19. Doyle Devereux Doyle Devereux Actor, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
20. Christopher Doyle Christopher Doyle Stunts, Pulp Fiction
21. Roddy Doyle Roddy Doyle Writer, The Commitments Won the Booker Prize in 1993 for the novel Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha
22. Amy Doyle Amy Doyle Actor, The Crown
23. Sabrina Doyle Sabrina Doyle Director, 113 Degrees
24. Martin Doyle Martin Doyle Actor, The Clan of the Cave Bear Martin Doyle, who hails from Toronto, is an accomplished actor, acting coach/teacher, public speaker, and businessman with over thirty-five years experience in the advertising, entertainment and communication fields. A 1974 graduate of York University, he has an Honours degree in Fine Arts. Martin has worked and taught acting in Toronto...
25. Stella Doyle Stella Doyle Actress, The Red Road She believes that ones passion is for a life time and it's better late than never that keeps her going. She grew up being instilled with strong work ethics working the agricultural fields of California. Surprising to learn she picked cotton, grapes, etc., and so much more for a living. Continuing her adventurous style she married a Seal Team One member...
26. Bec Doyle Bec Doyle Actress, The Stranger
27. Doyle Bramhall II Doyle Bramhall II Soundtrack, Star Trek Born in Texas, Doyle Bramhall grew up in a musical family. Musical acclaim seemed destined for him at an early age given he was surrounded by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan among others. Doyle Sr., was a drummer and an excellent songwriter from which Doyle II learned a great deal. He learned how to play guitar on his own from watching musicians and listening to records...
28. Patrick Doyle Patrick Doyle Actor, Ghost Mine
29. Sean Patrick Doyle Sean Patrick Doyle Actor, The Sitter
30. Yunoka Doyle Yunoka Doyle Actress, Where I Live
31. Dennis Doyle Jr. Dennis Doyle Jr. Actor, A Girl Like Her Dennis Doyle Jr. is a film, television and commercial actor. He has trained with the, Michigan Actors Studio, Steve Blackwood and Helen McCready. His recent work includes "Another Brick in the Wall" with Carel Struychen, "Count Time" with Swifty McVay of the Hip Hop group D-12, "Beyond the Mask" with John Rhys-Davies...
32. Tim Doyle Tim Doyle Producer, The Big Bang Theory
33. Christo Doyle Christo Doyle Producer, Gold Rush: The Dirt
34. Peter Doyle Peter Doyle Visual Effects, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
35. Louis Doyle Louis Doyle Actor, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
36. Aaryn Doyle Aaryn Doyle Actress, Camp Rock Aaryn Doyle is a Canadian actress, singer, songwriter, and model. Doyle has done commercial, film, and television, acting; as well as lending her voice to many animation or voice-over projects including Gemini Award nominated animation series and pilots. She's also acted and starred in CBC radio dramas...
37. Katie Doyle Katie Doyle Self, The Challenge
38. Rhonda Doyle Rhonda Doyle Actress, Nim's Island
39. Robert Doyle Robert Doyle Actor, Alligator
40. Doyle Brunson Doyle Brunson Self, Poker After Dark
41. Carter Doyle Carter Doyle Actor, Neighbours Carter Doyle began his acting career at an early age. By 16, he had appeared in the Australian drama serials "Blue Heelers" and "Good Guys Bad Guys" and feature films The Feds: Deadfall and Rainbow's End. After finishing high school, he studied film making at Footscray Film and Television Academy in Melbourne...
42. Sean Doyle Sean Doyle Producer, Ready or Not
43. Joe Doyle Joe Doyle Actor, Motherf*ckers Joe's first real taste of acting came when he was headhunted from his high school choir to play the leading role of The Baker in his school's production of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods. From that moment on he had his heart set on performing. After high school he traveled to Eugene, Oregon where he achieved a degree in theater...
44. Maxine Doyle Maxine Doyle Actress, SOS Coast Guard
45. Amanda Lenker Doyle Amanda Lenker Doyle Casting Department, Black-ish
46. Erin Doyle Erin Doyle Producer, Saturday Night Live
47. Grafton Doyle Grafton Doyle Actor, Wally's Will
48. Zoe Doyle Zoe Doyle Actress, Repo Men
49. Sandra Doyle Carmola Sandra Doyle Carmola Art Department, American Horror Story
50. Larry Doyle Larry Doyle Producer, I Love You, Beth Cooper
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