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1. Clyde Bruckman Clyde Bruckman Writer, The General Had been out of work and was pretty much broke when he killed himself. He borrowed Buster Keaton's gun and after eating a meal that he could not pay for, shot himself. There are two stories; One says it was in the restroom of the cafe on Santa Monica Blvd, and the other story states he did it in the phone booth...
2. Nicholas Bruckman Nicholas Bruckman Producer, La americana
3. Vivian Bruckman Vivian Bruckman Miscellaneous Crew, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
4. Amy Bruckman Amy Bruckman Self, Avatars Offline
5. Rocío García Bruckman Rocío García Bruckman Miscellaneous Crew, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
6. Del Bruckman Del Bruckman Writer, MASK
7. Alicia Bruckman Alicia Bruckman Actress, Luvinia Online
8. Ryan Bruckman Ryan Bruckman Actor, Excursus
9. Danielle Bruckman Danielle Bruckman Actress, Over & Out
10. Rocío Gracía Bruckman Rocío Gracía Bruckman Production Manager, La Granja
11. Justin Bruckman Justin Bruckman Visual Effects, Idle-Hands
12. Paul Bruckman Paul Bruckman
13. Nick Bruckman Nick Bruckman Miscellaneous Crew, The Runner
14. Nick Bruckman Nick Bruckman Actor, 13 in de oorlog
15. Steven Bruckman Steven Bruckman Actor, Newton's Cradle
16. William J. Bruckman William J. Bruckman Actor, The Things We've Seen
17. Art Bruckman Art Bruckman Production Manager, You Bet Your Life
18. Marie Bruckman Marie Bruckman Actress, À la longue
18 names.