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1. Asia Argento Asia Argento Actress, xXx Asia Argento was born in Rome, Italy, into a family of actors and filmmakers, both occupations which she has herself pursued. She made her debut when she was only nine years old in Sergio Citti's Sogni e bisogni. In 1988 she had the leading role in Cristina Comencini's first film, Zoo, and was part of the cast of The Church...
2. Dario Argento Dario Argento Writer, Once Upon a Time in the West Dario Argento was born on September 7, 1940, in Rome, Italy, the first-born son of famed Italian producer Salvatore Argento and Brazilian fashion model Elda Luxardo. Argento recalls getting his ideas for filmmaking from his close-knit family from Italian folk tales told by his parents and other family members...
3. Fiore Argento Fiore Argento Actress, Phenomena
4. Salvatore Argento Salvatore Argento Producer, Suspiria
5. Asia D'Argento Asia D'Argento Actress, Tutti Dentro!
6. Claudio Argento Claudio Argento Producer, Dawn of the Dead Claudio Argento, the second born son of famed Italian producer Salvatore Argento, was born in 1943 and, after finishing grade school and college studies in the late 1960s, started his film career as an employee with a few Italian film distribution companies. Within a short time, he was made chief of the Press and Publicity department of the CIC (Cinema International Corporation)...
7. Mariano Argento Mariano Argento Actor, The Secret in Their Eyes
8. Angela Argento Angela Argento Producer, The Sweetest Hippopotamus
9. Simay Argento Simay Argento Actress, Ali's Wedding
10. Peter Argento Peter Argento Actor, Scorned: Love Kills
11. Anthony Argento Anthony Argento Producer, Indiana
12. Jayson Argento Jayson Argento Actor, Finding Providence Jayson started his Show business career in 1994 at the age of 22 making his theatrical debut in a play called "The Cherry Orchard" at Champlain College. Jayson was in several plays over the following years but then turned to Music. In 1997 he started a Band called "C'est La Vie", and toured the Burlington bar scene as lead singer...
13. Aisa Argento Aisa Argento Actress, Teen Test 4
14. Gabriella Argento Gabriella Argento Actress, Cirque du Soleil: KÀ
15. Julia Argento Julia Argento Producer, Panzas
16. Tonia Argento Tonia Argento Actress, Outis Suite
17. Benny Argento Benny Argento Actor, Schoolboy Crush
18. Kathy Argento Kathy Argento Actress, I Can't Believe This Is Happening to Me!
19. Anthony Argento Jr. Anthony Argento Jr. Sound Department, One More Cup of Coffee
20. Victoria Argento Victoria Argento Actress, Incómodos
21. Dana Argento Dana Argento Actor, Jesus Henry Christ
22. Adrian Argento Adrian Argento Actor, The Sweetest Hippopotamus
23. Deirdra Argento Maloney Deirdra Argento Maloney Actress, The Basement Bunnies
24. Nilo Argento Nilo Argento Production Manager, Mother of Tears
25. Mario Argento Mario Argento Music Department, Profondo Delle Tenebre: Memento Mori
26. Tony Argento Tony Argento Actor, Un distretto di polizia... molto particolare
27. Frida Argento Frida Argento Actress, Astrid
28. Florencia Argento Florencia Argento Miscellaneous Crew, Los fusiladitos
29. Argento Migliore Argento Migliore Actor, Bambulè
30. Ana Argento Nasser Ana Argento Nasser Actress, Ring-Tone
31. Gina Argento Gina Argento Producer, The God Cells
32. Krissy Furci-Argento Krissy Furci-Argento Cinematographer, Music with Meaning
33. Sue Argento Sue Argento Actress, Cult Girls
34. Emilio Vicente Argento Emilio Vicente Argento Self, The Legacy
35. Robin Argento Robin Argento Miscellaneous Crew, Bikini Drive-In
36. Rocky Argento Rocky Argento Actor, Cindy Queen of Hell
37. Anthony Argento Anthony Argento Producer, Judah Gavra: Stay
38. Anthony Argento Anthony Argento Producer, Empty Window
39. Michael Argento Michael Argento Actor, Kids
40. Giuseppe Argento Giuseppe Argento Self, Digging for the Truth
41. George Argento George Argento Miscellaneous Crew, The Sonnet Project
42. Vanessa Argento Vanessa Argento Actress, Jesus Henry Christ
43. Brandon Argento Brandon Argento Camera and Electrical Department, Darcy
44. Anthony Argento Anthony Argento Miscellaneous Crew, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
45. Tom Argento Tom Argento Camera and Electrical Department, Rammstein: Industrial Angels
46. Anthony Argento Anthony Argento
47. Anthony Argento Anthony Argento
48. Gian Argento Gian Argento Actor, Millennials
49. Pietro Argento Pietro Argento Music Department, Addio sogni di gloria
50. Chris Argento Chris Argento
1-50 of 74 names.