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1. Topsy Topsy Self, Electrocuting an Elephant Topsy was originally a wild elephant, born in Southeast Asia c. 1875. She was captured by elephant traders while still a baby and smuggled into the United States by 1877 . Her new owner Adam Forepaugh (1831-1890) claimed that she was born in captivity and advertised her as the first American-born baby elephant... 10'
2. Biddy Rowe Biddy Rowe Actress, How to Be 8' 11½"
3. Terry Dempsey Terry Dempsey Miscellaneous Crew, 28 Weeks Later 8' 2"
4. Modoc Modoc Actress, Good Times Modoc was former Circus elephant Ralph Helfer found for sale in the newspaper that he bought for only a thousand Dollars for a new Television series in 1961 called Frontier Circus from a private Zoo In the hills of the Ozark Mountains. When Ralph and his friend Frank Lamping drove across the Country... 7' 10"
5. Yao Defen Yao Defen Self, The World's... and Me 7' 7¾"
6. Sandra Elaine Allen Sandra Elaine Allen Actress, Being Different 7' 7¼"
7. Anna Swan Anna Swan 7' 5½"
8. Bonnie Matera Bonnie Matera Self, Hell or High Water: The Story of the Nashville Rollergirls 7' 4"
9. Margo Dydek Margo Dydek Self, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 7' 2"
10. Brenda Van Dorn Brenda Van Dorn Actress, Public Affairs Brenda was born in Norfolk, VA ,and is the youngest of 6 children. She has 1 brother and 4 sisters. She has 3 children, Alexandra (Ali), Victoria and Harrison. She got her first taste of performing in front of the family in the living room as a young child. Brenda was a cheerleader in high school and ran track... 7'
11. Uljana Semjonova Uljana Semjonova 7'
12. Erika Benites Erika Benites Actress, Cloud Air: The Movie 6' 11½"
13. Alana Renaud Alana Renaud Self, Superhuman: Giants 6' 11"
14. Jessica Pardoe Jessica Pardoe Self, Pointless Celebrities 6' 10"
15. Ellen Bayer Ellen Bayer Self, The World's... and Me 6' 10"
16. Olivia Jones Olivia Jones Self, Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus! 6' 9½"
17. Elisany Silva Elisany Silva Self, Inside Edition 6' 9"
18. Nancy Mulkey Nancy Mulkey Self, My Giant Life 6' 9"
19. Mackenzie Wilson Mackenzie Wilson Actress, Boo Boo Bandits 6' 9"
20. Caroline Welz Caroline Welz Self, Access Hollywood 6' 9"
21. Kathleen McIntyre Kathleen McIntyre Self, Lille lørdag 6' 8¾"
22. Lindsay Kay Hayward Lindsay Kay Hayward Actress, The Internship Games 6' 8¼"
23. Deniese Payne Deniese Payne Actress, One False Move 6' 8"
24. Brittney Griner Brittney Griner Self, Out to Win 6' 8"
25. Ricki Covette Ricki Covette Actress, Seed of Innocence 6' 8"
26. Merete Lutz Merete Lutz Self, Access Hollywood 6' 8"
27. Darryl Solly Darryl Solly Location Management, Brokeback Mountain 6' 8"
28. Tabitha Dudley Tabitha Dudley Actress, Loss 6' 8"
29. Svetlana Singh Svetlana Singh Self, The World's... and Me 6' 8"
30. Erika Ervin Erika Ervin Actress, American Horror Story Erika Ervin, known professionally as Amazon Eve, tours the world modeling and making public appearances. At 6'8" without heels, Amazon Eve has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest model in the world in 2011. She grew up in a small town in central California and was discovered in 2009 by the editor of Zoo Weekly while in Australia... 6' 7½"
31. Dolores Bootz-Mulkey Kramer Dolores Bootz-Mulkey Kramer Self, My Giant Life 6' 7"
32. Robin Johnson Robin Johnson Actress, Teachers Pet 6' 7"
33. Shiri Aljadeff Shiri Aljadeff Actress, Chicago Med 6' 6½"
34. Colleen 'Coco' Smith Colleen 'Coco' Smith Self, My Giant Life 6' 6½"
35. Monique van Bokkum Monique van Bokkum Actress, Goede tijden, slechte tijden 6' 6½"
36. Gemma Kinghorn Gemma Kinghorn Self, Big Brother Gemma lives in Perth Western Australia. Gemma was a house mate on Big Brother Australia 2014 she was the first person evicted. Gemma was evicted in an unusual way by her fellow house mates in what has been referred to as bullying and humiliation. Gemma plans to branch out into the radio or entertainment industry. 6' 6¼"
37. Skytriss Skytriss Actress, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo 6' 6"
38. Haleigh Hampton-Carvalho Haleigh Hampton-Carvalho Self, My Giant Life 6' 6"
39. Kim Blacklock Kim Blacklock Actress, The Congressman January 16th, 2006, saw Kim Blacklock's debut on the legendary stage of Carolines on Broadway, a far cry from her 1995 New Mexico start at The Legends BBQ out by Santa Fe's prison. Blacklock began her stand-up career using the stage name of Kim Atoa, her Samoan family's surname, as an on-air radio DJ for KBAC-FM in Santa Fe... 6' 5½"
40. Alexis Skye Alexis Skye Self, Secret Lives of Women 6' 5¼"
41. Malia Arrayah Malia Arrayah Actress, Prego 6' 5¼"
42. Lisa Leslie Lisa Leslie Self, 17th Annual Trumpet Awards 6' 5"
43. Jahmilla Jackson Jahmilla Jackson Miscellaneous Crew, Steve Jobs 6' 5"
44. Heather Quella Heather Quella Actress, Juwanna Mann 6' 5"
45. Emma Cahill Emma Cahill Self, This Morning 6' 5"
46. Holly Burt Holly Burt Music Department, Balto Model and Instagram star who has gained fame for her mile long legs, clocking in at 49.5 inches long. Her amazonian stature, at six foot five inches tall, has earned her appearances in publications like the Daily Mail and the New York Post. She attended Parsons School of Design to earn a degree in graphic design. 6' 5"
47. Flo Hyman Flo Hyman Actress, The Order of the Black Eagle 6' 5"
48. Daryl Strauss Daryl Strauss Actress, Bad Channels 6' 5"
49. Maria Ionescu Maria Ionescu Producer, Bicho de Sete Cabeças 6' 5"
50. Dana Boonen Dana Boonen Self, This Is a Game, Ladies 6' 5"
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