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1. Kresimir Golik Kresimir Golik Director, One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away After working few years as reporter and editor in Radio Zagreb, Kresimir Golik joined Jadran Film, newly formed production company, in 1947. After directing few documentaries he finally got chance to direct a feature film. Plavi 9, being one of the first comedies in rigid postwar years, brought attention of the public...
2. Zvonko Lepetic Zvonko Lepetic Actor, Balkan Spy
3. Fabijan Sovagovic Fabijan Sovagovic Actor, Handcuffs
4. Ivica Vidovic Ivica Vidovic Actor, WR: Mysteries of the Organism
5. Zvonimir Ferencic Zvonimir Ferencic Actor, Vatrogasci
6. Bozidar Oreskovic Bozidar Oreskovic Actor, How the War Started on My Island
7. Vanja Drach Vanja Drach Actor, H-8... Vanja Drach was born to the family of a respectable doctor in Vinkovci, Croatia. Having lost his father at the age of 11, he decided to continue with family tradition and came to Zagreb to study medicine. However, in the big city he fell in love with theater and cinema and, and after only one year in the medical school...
8. Zvonimir Torjanac Zvonimir Torjanac Actor, Oficir s ruzom
9. Mirko Vojkovic Mirko Vojkovic Actor, The Suspected One
10. Ivo Serdar Ivo Serdar Actor, Mokra koza
11. Predrag 'Predjo' Vusovic Predrag 'Predjo' Vusovic Actor, Will Not End Here
12. Krsto Papic Krsto Papic Director, Kad mrtvi zapjevaju
13. Mate Ergovic Mate Ergovic Actor, Marsal
14. Slobodan Dimitrijevic Slobodan Dimitrijevic Actor, The Peacemaker
15. Srecko Weygand Srecko Weygand Director, Belisce
16. Fadil Hadzic Fadil Hadzic Writer, Sluzbeni polozaj
17. Zlatko Madunic Zlatko Madunic Actor, Atomic War Bride
18. Mladen Serment Mladen Serment Actor, Falinga Imbre Presvetlog
19. Dino Dvornik Dino Dvornik Actor, A Wonderful Night in Split
20. Semka Sokolovic-Bertok Semka Sokolovic-Bertok Actress, Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams
21. Djokica Milakovic Djokica Milakovic Actor, Na tajnom kanalu
22. Marina Nemet Marina Nemet Actress, Ujed andjela
23. Kresimir Zidaric Kresimir Zidaric Actor, Predstava 'Hamleta' u Mrdusi Donjoj
24. Drago Bahun Drago Bahun Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away
25. Djuro Utjesanovic Djuro Utjesanovic Actor, No Man's Land
26. Vasek Simek Vasek Simek Actor, Searching for Bobby Fischer
27. Edo Perocevic Edo Perocevic Actor, Train in the Snow
28. Joakim Marusic Joakim Marusic Director, Paviljon broj VI
29. Marija Aleksic Marija Aleksic Actress, Falinga Imbre Presvetlog
30. Zoran Tadic Zoran Tadic Director, Treca zena
31. Branko Bauer Branko Bauer Director, Salas u Malom Ritu
32. Slavko Brankov Slavko Brankov Actor, Vruce zagrebacko ljeto
33. Joza Seb Joza Seb Actor, Coprija
34. Nela Erzisnik Nela Erzisnik Actress, The Birch Tree
35. Ljubo Kapor Ljubo Kapor Actor, Marsal
36. Josip Marotti Josip Marotti Actor, The Elm-Chanted Forest
37. Emil Glad Emil Glad Actor, The Elm-Chanted Forest
38. Dragan Milivojevic Dragan Milivojevic Actor, The Magician's Hat
39. Etta Bortolazzi Etta Bortolazzi Actress, How the War Started on My Island
40. Mladen Budiscak Mladen Budiscak Actor, Bravo maestro
41. Tomislav Gotovac Tomislav Gotovac Actor, Mondo Bobo
42. Mario Fanelli Mario Fanelli Director, U mrezi
43. Antun Nalis Antun Nalis Actor, Looking Into the Eyes of the Sun
44. Jagoda Antunac Jagoda Antunac Actress, Sokol nas je volio
45. Vjera Zagar-Nardelli Vjera Zagar-Nardelli Actress, Bozic u Becu
46. Slavica Maras Slavica Maras Actress, Predstava 'Hamleta' u Mrdusi Donjoj
47. Drago Mestrovic Drago Mestrovic Actor, Uzbuna
48. Vida Jerman Vida Jerman Actress, Sophie's Choice
49. Petar Dobric Petar Dobric Actor, Izbavitelj
50. Vladimir Krstulovic Vladimir Krstulovic Actor, Winnetou
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