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1. Brian Hall Brian Hall Actor, The Long Good Friday Actor Brian Hall was best known for his role as Terry the cook in the BBC comedy series Fawlty Towers. He began acting while still in his teens in amateur shows where his burly frame made him ideal casting for villains and heavies. After leaving school he worked as a taxi driver before he was spotted by theatrical agent Richard Ireson who persuaded him that his talent lay in theatre...
2. Sydney Bromley Sydney Bromley Actor, The NeverEnding Story
3. Hugh Lloyd Hugh Lloyd Actor, Quadrophenia
4. Patrick Garland Patrick Garland Director, The Snow Goose
5. Peter Tuddenham Peter Tuddenham Actor, The Ark in Space: Part One
6. Helen Christie Helen Christie Actress, Lust for a Vampire
7. Arthur Rigby Arthur Rigby Actor, Little Red Monkey
8. M.E. Clifton James M.E. Clifton James Self, Hell, Heaven or Hoboken Served in WWI, and was badly gassed. After the war, took up acting, and was on the London stage in WWII, where he came to the attention of MI5 (British Military Intelligence) by accident. At the end of one nightly performance, he couldn't find the hat that he would normally wear, and so he donned a beret and walked onstage; the audience...
9. Talbot Rothwell Talbot Rothwell Writer, Carry On... Up the Khyber A former police officer and pilot, Talbot Rothwell had an unorthodox entry into show business: as a prisoner of war in a German POW camp during WW II, Rothwell, out of boredom (and also to cover the noise of prisoners digging escape tunnels), got involved in camp entertainment shows, writing comedy sketches with fellow prisoner Peter Butterworth (who later worked with him in the "Carry On" series)...
10. Arthur Crabtree Arthur Crabtree Director, Fiend Without a Face Arthur Crabtree began his film career as an assistant camera operator at British International Pictures, and it was at Gainsborough Pictures that he became a full-fledged Director of Photography in 1935. He photographed such films as The Remarkable Mr. Kipps, The Man in Grey and Waterloo Road. His ambition...
11. Franklin Dyall Franklin Dyall Actor, The Private Life of Henry VIII.
12. Constance Fraser Constance Fraser Actress, Tom and Timmy
13. Dennis Wyndham Dennis Wyndham Actor, Oh, Mr. Porter!
14. Charles Williams Charles Williams Soundtrack, The Rocketeer
15. Arnold Bell Arnold Bell Actor, The Square Peg
16. Nancy Price Nancy Price Actress, The Stars Look Down
17. John Oxenham John Oxenham Writer, Hearts in Exile English novelist and poet John Oxenham was born William Arthur Dunkerley in Manchester, England, in 1852. His entry into the literary world was not as a writer but as a publisher; with several partners he started the publication "The Idler", and later on the weekly "To-Day". He traveled extensively in Europe...
18. Peter Seabourne Peter Seabourne Director, Countdown to Danger
19. Kenneth Barker Kenneth Barker Actor, Pippin Up to His Pranks
20. Gladys Morgan Gladys Morgan Actress, The Wild Affair
21. Julian Vedey Julian Vedey Actor, Night Ride
22. Derek Jameson Derek Jameson Self, Episode dated 23 June 1986
23. Wilfred Noy Wilfred Noy Director, The Midnight Girl
24. Gwen Williams Gwen Williams Actress, Mr. Bug Goes to Town
25. Harold Purcell Harold Purcell Writer, Little Blue
26. Temple Abady Temple Abady Composer, Folly to Be Wise
27. Claire Pauncefort Claire Pauncefort Actress, Adam Bede
28. William Henry Hudson William Henry Hudson Writer, Green Mansions
29. Brian Fahey Brian Fahey Soundtrack, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
30. John Gliddon John Gliddon Actor, The Dawn of Truth
31. Edith Coats Edith Coats Actress, Hansel and Gretel
32. J.B. Morton J.B. Morton Writer, Boys Will Be Boys
33. Graham Shipham Graham Shipham Editorial Department, Alfie
34. Jane Royle Jane Royle Make-Up Department, Schindler's List
35. Peter Rolfe Johnson Peter Rolfe Johnson Editor, Joe MacBeth
36. Eric Goodhead Eric Goodhead Producer, The Beggar's Opera
37. William N. Boyle William N. Boyle Production Manager, So Long at the Fair
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