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1. Eddie Constantine Eddie Constantine Actor, Alphaville Iconic American-born singer and actor in international films since the 1950s. Born in L.A. to Russian immigrant parents, Constantine studied voice in Vienna. He returned to the US, where his singing career wavered and he found work as a film extra. Constantine first achieved fame in Paris, where he launched a successful career as a popular singer under the tutelage of Édith Piaf...
2. Werner Peters Werner Peters Actor, Battle of the Bulge Corpulent German character actor, often seen in menacing or unpleasant roles. Trained under Lina Carstens (1935-1937), Peters initially started out as a comedian. After military service in World War II, he reinvented himself as a serious dramatic actor, resident for some time at the Munich Kammerspiele and at the Deutsches Theater...
3. Martina Servatius Martina Servatius Actress, Verbotene Liebe
4. Otto Gebühr Otto Gebühr Actor, The Golem
5. Christian Reiner Christian Reiner Actor, Wie Rauch und Staub
6. Erna Sack Erna Sack Actress, Nanon Erna Sack, "The German Nightingale" was born in Berlin in 1898 and was still a child when her voice attracted attention both at school and in the church choir in which she sang. For her parents, however, there could be no question of her training to become a singer. It was only when her fiancé, Hermann Sack...
7. Marcella Albani Marcella Albani Actress, La città dell'amore Forgotten today, Marcella Albani was an idol of the European cinema in the final years of the 1920s, making dozens of films in five different countries (Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Czechoslovakia). After sound came, her popularity declined and she turned to writing. One of her novels "La Città dell'amore" was even adapted for the big screen by Mario Franchini...
8. Heinz Schenk Heinz Schenk Writer, Zum blauen Bock
9. Willy Hagara Willy Hagara Actor, Paprika
10. Wilfried Seyferth Wilfried Seyferth Actor, Decision Before Dawn
11. Eugen Klöpfer Eugen Klöpfer Actor, Die goldene Stadt
12. Mustafa Schikane Mustafa Schikane Self, Der Sport-Spiegel
13. Gerhard Löwenthal Gerhard Löwenthal Self, Entscheidung in London: Abstimmung über den EWG-Beitritt
14. Martin Jente Martin Jente Actor, Im Auftrag von Madame
15. Martin Niemöller Martin Niemöller Writer, First They Came for...
16. Wilhelm Jacoby Wilhelm Jacoby Writer, Pension Schöller
17. Hans Jönsson Hans Jönsson Composer, Anna Boleyn
18. Nicholas Kaufmann Nicholas Kaufmann Writer, Wege zu Kraft und Schönheit - Ein Film über moderne Körperkultur
19. Marek Hlasko Marek Hlasko Writer, Petla
20. Ekkehard Böhmer Ekkehard Böhmer Director, Einer wird gewinnen
21. Maurits Binger Maurits Binger Director, A Carmen of the North
22. Sonja Hörbing Sonja Hörbing Actress, Die neue Losung
23. Conny Carstennsen Conny Carstennsen Production Manager, Jud Süß
24. Herbert Juttke Herbert Juttke Writer, Forfaiture
25. Hans Hirzel Hans Hirzel Self, Die Widerständigen. Zeugen der Weißen Rose
26. Helmut Schön Helmut Schön Self, Das Mädchen - Was geschah mit Elisabeth K.?
27. Alexander Hunzinger Alexander Hunzinger Actor, Der Verlorene
28. Gerhard Klarner Gerhard Klarner Actor, Singles
29. Wim Thoelke Wim Thoelke Self, Der große Preis
30. Gustav Freytag Gustav Freytag Writer, Die Journalisten
31. Jürgen Labenski Jürgen Labenski Writer, Ratschlag für Kinogänger
32. Friedrich Michael Friedrich Michael Writer, Der blaue Strohhut
33. Viktor Hospach Viktor Hospach Actor, Nachsitzen für Erwachsene
34. Anatol Radzinowicz Anatol Radzinowicz Production Designer, First Spaceship on Venus
35. Lutz Heck Lutz Heck Self, Auf Tierfang in Abessinien
36. Michael Palme Michael Palme
37. Bernard von Brentano Bernard von Brentano Writer, Die ewigen Gefühle
38. Otto F. Henning Otto F. Henning Actor, Jud Süß
39. Otto Schwartz Otto Schwartz Writer, Der Meisterboxer
40. Artur von Schwertführer Artur von Schwertführer Cinematographer, Sprengbagger 1010
41. Heinrich Beisenherz Heinrich Beisenherz Production Designer, Wunschkonzert
42. Olaf Buhl Olaf Buhl Self, Kennzeichen D
43. Rudolf Kraemer-Badoni Rudolf Kraemer-Badoni Self, Theater im Gespräch
43 names.