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1. Eartha Kitt Eartha Kitt Actress, The Emperor's New Groove An out-of-wedlock child, Eartha Kitt was born in the cotton fields of South Carolina. Kitt's mother was a sharecropper of African-American and Cherokee Native American descent who became pregnant after being raped by a white plantation owner. Given away by her mother, she arrived in Harlem at age nine...
2. Charles Keating Charles Keating Actor, All My Children
3. Evan Hunter Evan Hunter Writer, The Birds
4. Eva Le Gallienne Eva Le Gallienne Actress, Resurrection Legendary stage actress Eva Le Gallienne's life began just as grandly as the daughter of poet Richard Le Gallienne. Sarah Bernhardt was her idol growing up and, at age 18, was brought to New York by her mother. Making her London debut with "Monna Vanna" in 1914, she proved a star in every sense of the word...
5. Pamela Parsons Pamela Parsons Actress, Project: Kill
6. William Spier William Spier Writer, The Devil's Widow
7. Doris Wiss Doris Wiss Actress, The King's Musketeers
8. Ray Ashley Ray Ashley Writer, Little Fugitive
9. Don Elliott Don Elliott Music Department, The Getaway
10. Forrest Wilson Forrest Wilson Writer, Super Gran
11. Haila Stoddard Haila Stoddard Actress, The Secret Storm
12. Paul Cadmus Paul Cadmus Self, Paul Cadmus: Enfant Terrible at 80
13. Fred Hellerman Fred Hellerman Soundtrack, Sing Your Song Songwriter ("Kisses Sweeter than Wine", "I Never Will Marry"), composer, author and singer, educated at Brooklyn College (Bachelor of Arts degree) and Columbia University. He served in the US Coast Guard during World War II, and co-founded the Weavers folk-singing group, for which he also sang and accompanied on guitar...
14. Hamilton Basso Hamilton Basso Writer, The View from Pompey's Head
15. Edward Kogan Edward Kogan Actor, Roseland
16. Jeff Gralnick Jeff Gralnick Producer, NBC News Decision 2010
17. Don Elliott Don Elliott Self, The Jackie Gleason Show
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