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1. Isabel Dean Isabel Dean Actress, The Passionate Friends In a career spanning 50 years, Isabel Dean demonstrated talent and versatility while never fulfilling the great promise initially indicated. With large eyes and classically chiseled features, she became best known as an exponent of somewhat steely patrician ladies of elegance and breeding. That...
2. Robert Raglan Robert Raglan Actor, Corridors of Blood
3. Patrick Barr Patrick Barr Actor, Octopussy Patrick Barr, born into a judicial family in British India in 1908, was active for more than half a century on the stage, screen and, later, very successfully on television. Tall and distinguished, the son of a judge and (in retirement) theatrical manager, Barr was educated at Radley and Trinity College, Oxford, winning a "blue" in the 1929 University Boat Race...
4. Cardew Robinson Cardew Robinson Actor, Shirley Valentine
5. Doreen Dawn Doreen Dawn Actress, The Masque of the Red Death
6. Peter Forbes-Robertson Peter Forbes-Robertson Actor, Plenty
7. Jack Lambert Jack Lambert Actor, Dracula: Prince of Darkness Scots character actor of British films, often confused with American heavy Jack Lambert.
8. John Scott John Scott Actor, Probation Officer
9. Barbara Bruce Barbara Bruce Actress, The Case of the Smiling Widow
10. Kevin Laffan Kevin Laffan Writer, Emmerdale Farm
11. Antony Brown Antony Brown Actor, Brazil
12. Geoffrey Russell Geoffrey Russell Actor, Murder by Decree
13. Vanessa Freeman Vanessa Freeman Actress, Pirate Video Deluxe 6: Double Confusion
14. Robert W. Paul Robert W. Paul Producer, Rough Sea at Dover Robert Paul was an electrician and scientific instrument maker, with offices at Hatton Garden in London. He was approached by two Greek businessmen who had obtained an Edison kinetoscope (a slot machine that ran film in a continuous loop, that the customer viewed through an eyepiece). It should be noted that all the early Thomas A. Edison films were made for these machines--they were not projected...
15. Peter Croft Peter Croft Director, Here and Now
16. Dorothy Reynolds Dorothy Reynolds Actress, Oh! What a Lovely War
17. John Harlow John Harlow Director, While I Live
18. Jeanne Watts Jeanne Watts Actress, Three Sisters
19. Paul Toothill Paul Toothill Actor, Carry on England
20. Brian Carroll Brian Carroll Actor, Lifeforce
21. George Doonan George Doonan Actor, The Entertainer
22. Max Butterfield Max Butterfield Actor, Woman in a Dressing Gown
23. Albert Ward Albert Ward Director, When Woman Hates
24. Harry Robertson Harry Robertson Composer, Hawk the Slayer Henry MacLeod Robertson was born in Elgin, Scotland on 19 November 1932. His professional music career began in 1957 as composer and conductor for TV shows such as Six-Five Special and Oh Boy! Applying for membership of the Performing Right Society the following year, he registered the pseudonyms Henry MacLeod...
25. Nicholas Mallett Nicholas Mallett Director, Doctor Who
26. Ossie Noble Ossie Noble Self, For Deaf Children
27. Lee Doig Lee Doig Editor, Secret Agent
28. Dorothy Turner Dorothy Turner Actress, Escapade
29. Arnold Locke Arnold Locke Actor, Keep Off the Grass
30. Mark Dowse Mark Dowse Actor, New Scotland Yard
31. Mary Quinn Mary Quinn Actress, Tom Barnardo
32. Keith Shepherd Keith Shepherd Actor, Temptations
33. John Oldknow John Oldknow Production Manager, Lion of the Desert
34. H. Agar Lyons H. Agar Lyons Actor, Little Lord Fauntleroy
35. Nick Middleton Nick Middleton Special Effects, Das Boot
36. Joan Ryan Joan Ryan Actress, The Naked Civil Servant
37. Laidlaw Dalling Laidlaw Dalling Actor, Tom the Trader
38. Daisy Dormer Daisy Dormer Actress, Music-Hall Cavalcade: Stars of Yesterday and Today Daisy Dormer born Kezia Beatrice Stockwell in Southsea Portsmouth in 1883 her father John Henry Stockwell a rivetter at HM Dockyard, mother Mary Ann Stockwell nee Barber. Dainty Daisy Dormer began as a dancer on stage in her home town at the age of six years old. A pretty dark haired singing and dancing star (a figure of innocence in her singing) became famous in music halls and pantomimes...
39. Brenda Dunrich Brenda Dunrich Actress, A Farthing Damages
40. Walter Hann Walter Hann Set Decorator, King John
41. Hamish Roughead Hamish Roughead Actor, Trumpet in the Clouds
42. Thelma Rea Thelma Rea Actress, Another Case of Poisoning
43. Stella Smallwood Stella Smallwood Editor, Spotlight on the Night Mail
44. Roma Beaumont Roma Beaumont Actress, What the Parrot Saw
45. Walter Summers Walter Summers Writer, The Human Monster
46. Thomas Clyde Thomas Clyde Producer, Chase a Crooked Shadow
47. Lionel Grigson Lionel Grigson Music Department, Duet
48. Harold Shampan Harold Shampan Writer, Dateline Diamonds
49. Olive Lucius Olive Lucius Actress, The Limping Man
50. Edward Dorian Edward Dorian Production Manager, House of Whipcord
1-50 of 78 names.