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1. Niall MacGinnis Niall MacGinnis Actor, Hamlet Niall MacGinnis is not as well known outside of Europe, but he was a wonderful character actor whose variety of roles matched his great gift for characterization and the look beyond just makeup that he projected. He was educated at Stonyhurst College and Trinity College, Dublin. He obtained a basic...
2. Margaret John Margaret John Actress, Run, Fatboy, Run
3. Eric Flynn Eric Flynn Actor, Empire of the Sun
4. Victor Spinetti Victor Spinetti Actor, A Hard Day's Night Comic eccentric and gifted raconteur, Victor Spinetti was born in Wales on September 2, 1929, the son of Giuseppe Spinetti and Lily (Watson) Spinetti. He was educated at Monmouth School. Initially interested in a teaching degree, he turned to acting instead and studied for the stage at the College of Music and Drama...
5. Gordon Wharmby Gordon Wharmby Actor, Last of the Summer Wine
6. William Marlowe William Marlowe Actor, The Gentle Touch
7. Cyril Chamberlain Cyril Chamberlain Actor, The Lavender Hill Mob
8. Richard Lyon Richard Lyon Self, Life with the Lyons
9. Dorothy Squires Dorothy Squires Self, Kane on Friday
10. Katherine Schofield Katherine Schofield Actress, The Naked Civil Servant
11. Clifford Evans Clifford Evans Actor, The Curse of the Werewolf
12. Tiny Ross Tiny Ross Actor, Time Bandits
13. Gene Pitney Gene Pitney Soundtrack, Bean Gene Pitney has one of the most distinctive voices in music. Whether you like it or not you know when it is Gene. Pitney has often been categorized (quite unfairly) as a teen-idol singer responsible only for melodramatic, angst-ridden ballads. This is to deny the true talent of the man and the extensive range he possesses...
14. Meredith Edwards Meredith Edwards Actor, A Run for Your Money
15. Glyn Owen Glyn Owen Actor, Howards' Way
16. Margaret Lacey Margaret Lacey Actress, Diamonds Are Forever
17. Alex Munro Alex Munro Actor, Holiday on the Buses Diminutive Scottish comedian and actor, Alex 'The size of it!' Munro was a headliner in British variety theatres for many years, eventually making his home in Llandudno in North Wales, where he ran his own show at the Happy Valley for 30 years. Born Alexander Horsburgh in Glasgow, he began, with his brother Archie and sister June...
18. Jack Howarth Jack Howarth Actor, Coronation Street
19. Max Faulkner Max Faulkner Actor, The Ipcress File
20. Ray Smith Ray Smith Actor, Dempsey and Makepeace Ray Smith was also a political activist and a member of Plaid Cymru, the national party of Wales. In the 1950s he worked as the party's southern organizer. He lived in the village of Dinas Powys in the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and later at Abercwmboi, Mountain Ash in Rhondda Cynon Taff.
21. Philip Needs Philip Needs Actor, Hand in Hand
22. Brian Hibbard Brian Hibbard Actor, Revolver
23. Ivor Roberts Ivor Roberts Actor, Hopscotch Ivor Roberts (19 July 1925 - 5 September 1999) was an English actor and a television continuity announcer who often appeared in comedic roles. Born in Nottingham, he returned to acting following service in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Roberts started his television career as a continuity announcer on regional television in Wales...
24. David Davies David Davies Actor, Probation Officer
25. Owen Nares Owen Nares Actor, Woman in Bondage
26. Sheila Fay Sheila Fay Actress, Together
27. Dafydd Havard Dafydd Havard Actor, Zulu
28. Leslie Sands Leslie Sands Actor, Cluff
29. Noel Johnson Noel Johnson Actor, Withnail & I
30. Jeff Nuttall Jeff Nuttall Actor, The World Is Not Enough
31. Marshall Jones Marshall Jones Actor, Cry of the Banshee
32. Mike Allonby Mike Allonby Thanks, Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
33. Colin Rix Colin Rix Actor, Eye of the Needle
34. Freddie Garrity Freddie Garrity Self, Little Big Time
35. Jon Rollason Jon Rollason Actor, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
36. Lena Zavaroni Lena Zavaroni Self, Lena Lena Zavaroni was born on the 4th of November in the town of Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, just off the West coast of Scotland. Although Scottish, her family was of Italian descent and she grew up in a musical environment, performing at an early age. As a ten year old, she appeared on the Thames Television...
37. Victor Winding Victor Winding Actor, The Expert
38. Claude Whatham Claude Whatham Director, That'll Be the Day
39. Norman Florence Norman Florence Actor, Debbie Go Home
40. Huw Ceredig Huw Ceredig Actor, The Edge of Love
41. Michael Forrest Michael Forrest Actor, Under Milk Wood
42. Brian Hawksley Brian Hawksley Actor, A Bridge Too Far
43. Dickie Valentine Dickie Valentine Self, Calling Dickie Valentine
44. Stephanie Parker Stephanie Parker Actress, Belonging
45. Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell Self, Aman
46. Artro Morris Artro Morris Actor, The Corn Is Green Birth name was Timothy James Artro-Morris and he was born in Wales on 11th February 1921. He died in Liverpool on 17th May 2014 and was cremated at Bangor (Gwynedd) Crematorium on 21st February 2014. The name "Artro" derives from the River Artro which outfalls into the Cambrian Bay south of Harlech.
47. Rachel Thomas Rachel Thomas Actress, Tiger Bay
48. Lynette Davies Lynette Davies Actress, The Foundation
49. Assheton Gorton Assheton Gorton Production Designer, 101 Dalmatians
50. Derek Crewe Derek Crewe Actor, Daisies in December
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