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1. Luana Anders Luana Anders Actress, Easy Rider Born Luana Margo Anderson on May 12, 1938, Luana Anders began her show-business career as a bike messenger at MGM along with fellow thespians Jack Nicholson, Sandra Knight and future film producers George Edwards and Fred Roos. She convinced Nicholson to join her in her improv acting class...
2. Johnny Sheffield Johnny Sheffield Actor, Tarzan's New York Adventure His father was the actor Reginald Sheffield who began as a child star and later turned to character acting. Johnny appeared at age seven on Broadway in the original cast of "On Borrowed Time". When Maureen O'Sullivan wanted out of her Jane role in the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan series, it was decided that she and Tarzan would adopt a son (they had to adopt...
3. Gloria Winters Gloria Winters Actress, Sky King Born in Los Angeles, Gloria worked in show business as a child. Small roles in movies led Gloria to be cast as William Bendix's daughter "Babs" on the television series "The Life of Riley" (1949). This show ran during the 1949-50 season. Her next television series was "Sky King" (1951), wherein she was cast as the niece...
4. Dick Beals Dick Beals Actor, Davey and Goliath Dick Beals provided the voice for the commercial character Speedy Alka-Seltzer and originated the voice of Gumby and the first Davey from the TV series "Davey and Goliath," As a child, he was too small to play sports so started cheerleading for his local high school at age 7. At Michigan State, he was a member of the cheerleading squad and earned his bachelor's degree in 1949...
5. Tina Russell Tina Russell Actress, Is There Sex After Death? Tina Russell was born Linda Marie Mintzer on Sept. 23, 1948, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to John H. and Margaret Ditzler Mintzer. She grew up in Williamsport and graduated from high school there in 1966. Her senior photo shows a mature brunette with a "Laura Petrie" hairstyle, looking more like a future nurse than a porn star...
6. Elliot Rodger Elliot Rodger Camera and Electrical Department, The Virgin Killer
7. June Storey June Storey Actress, The Snake Pit If the purpose of a "prairie flower" was to help distract the cowboy hero from the bad guys and/or his horse, then lovely "B" blonde actress June Storey fit the bill. She certainly inspired guitar-strumming balladeer Gene Autry to warble a few ditties in ten of his popular Republic Pictures' oaters...
8. Austen Jewell Austen Jewell Production Manager, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
9. James Rugg James Rugg Special Effects, Star Trek Special Effects man. Supervised effects on the original Star Trek TV series; nominated for Emmy award (1966-1967). Worked on special effects crew for many other TV shows: Cannon, Barnaby Jones, Hawaii 5-0, Mission Impossible, Stagecoach West, Broken Arrow, Perry Mason, others. Contributed to effects on several films: Silent Running...
10. Don Michaelson Don Michaelson Actor, Space Cowboys
11. Arthur Berthelet Arthur Berthelet Director, Sherlock Holmes
12. Laurie Burke Laurie Burke Music Department, Curry Cookies
13. Joe Walls Joe Walls Actor, To Kill a Mockingbird
14. Elliott J. Clawson Elliott J. Clawson Writer, The Leatherneck
15. Bill Harmatz Bill Harmatz Actor, Mission: Impossible
16. Gloria Hurst Gloria Hurst Actress, Our Gang Follies of 1938
17. William Eckhardt William Eckhardt Production Manager, Planet of the Apes
18. John Finn John Finn Self, Tora Tora Tora: The Real Story of Pearl Harbor
19. Sid Laverents Sid Laverents Producer, The Sid Saga Part 1
20. J. Barry Herron J. Barry Herron Cinematographer, Orca
21. Frank Sanucci Frank Sanucci Music Department, Riders of the Rockies
22. Lou L. Ostrow Lou L. Ostrow Producer, Li'l Abner Ostrow started his career as a film cutter at Universal Studios, later moving on to become an executive producer at Metro in 1938. There he was involved with the creation of the "Andy Hardy" and "Dr. Kildare"
23. Charles Amador Charles Amador Actor, Terrible pesadilla
24. Bill Rosendahl Bill Rosendahl Producer, Week in Review
25. Dean Vernon Dean Vernon Sound Department, Lou Grant
26. Jane Barclay Jane Barclay Actress, The Fugitive
27. Dan Walker Dan Walker
28. Burt L. Standish Burt L. Standish Writer, The Adventures of Frank Merriwell
29. Arthur W. Cernitz Arthur W. Cernitz Actor, Balalaika
30. Tom Hamilton Tom Hamilton Self, 1947 Army-Navy Game
31. Donna Barrett Gilbert Donna Barrett Gilbert Makeup Department, Rambo III
32. Vernon Story Vernon Story Actor, Kvinnan som försvann
33. Ralph Lindenmeyer Ralph Lindenmeyer Self, Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack
34. John W. Leezer John W. Leezer Cinematographer, The Mystery of the Leaping Fish
35. Anita De Beltrand Anita De Beltrand Makeup Department, Arsenic and Old Lace
36. Glenn Marlin Glenn Marlin Actor, The Spike Jones Show
37. Annette Elin Annette Elin
38. John Noble John Noble Self, Emerald City
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