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1. George P. Cosmatos George P. Cosmatos Director, Rambo: First Blood Part II
2. Stan Brakhage Stan Brakhage Director, Window Water Baby Moving
3. Paul Bradley Paul Bradley Actor, Goin' Down the Road
4. Ken Pogue Ken Pogue Actor, The 6th Day Ken is a Veteran actor of Movies and Television. He is probably best known to many as Major Jonathan B. Clack in the late-night series Adderly. Mr. Pogue plays a broad range of characters over his long career. Is cast as a bad guy a lot of the time, but lately has been cast mostly as an aging spouse, parent, or grandparent of the films lead characters.
5. Peggy Cartwright Peggy Cartwright Actress, From Hand to Mouth
6. George Clutesi George Clutesi Actor, Prophecy
7. Agnes Newton Keith Agnes Newton Keith Actress, Three Came Home
8. Mavor Moore Mavor Moore Actor, Scanners
9. Leighton Noble Leighton Noble Actor, It Ain't Hay
10. Ken Lawson Ken Lawson Producer, We Don't Live Here Anymore
11. Ulla Ryghe Ulla Ryghe Editor, Persona
12. Keltie Byrne Keltie Byrne
13. Peter Wildeblood Peter Wildeblood Writer, Crown Court
14. Jack Winter Jack Winter Writer, Love, American Style
15. Sue Rodriguez Sue Rodriguez Writer, At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story Sue Rodriguez was a Canadian right-to-die advocate who suffered from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease. She was diagnosed in 1992 and she was told that she would live at most 3 more years. She appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada to allow a doctor to assist her in committing suicide. The court ruled 5-4 against her case...
16. Jane Heffelfinger Jane Heffelfinger Actress, The Bird in a Gilded Cage
17. Evelyn Cherry Evelyn Cherry Producer, 55,000 for Breakfast
18. Dean Ryane Dean Ryane Makeup Department, Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying
19. Ken James Ken James Stunts, Firestorm
20. Bruce Hutchison Bruce Hutchison Writer, Park Avenue Logger
21. Alexander Gray Alexander Gray Actor, Festival
22. John Knight John Knight Sound Department, Al-ard
23. Leopold Simoneau Leopold Simoneau Soundtrack, Slumdog Millionaire
24. John Mackin John Mackin Actor, The Rustler and the Reindeer
25. Rod Parkhurst Rod Parkhurst Camera and Electrical Department, First Blood Rod graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography (Santa Barbara, Calf.) in 1960. Shortly thereafter he commenced his dream career as a Cinematographer. Working in the movie business took Rod to places around the world. He worked on many successful movies and TV shows such as Superman, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Days of Heaven, and First Blood, amongst many...
26. Colin Skinner Colin Skinner Actor, Ups & Downs
27. Fred Woodward Fred Woodward Actor, The Magic Cloak
28. Carol Shields Carol Shields Writer, Swann Carol Shields studied at Hanover College, the University of Exeter in England, and the University of Ottawa, where she received an M.A. In 1957 she married Donald Hugh Shields, a professor of Civil Engineering, and moved to Canada. Carol Shields lived in Canada until her death in Victoria, BC, in July 2003...
29. Richard Hayward Richard Hayward Actor, The Buddy Holly Story
30. Michael Heppell Michael Heppell Actor, Fighting Playboy
31. Lester Patrick Lester Patrick Self, Sport Slants #1
32. Wendy Hicks Wendy Hicks Actress, Festival
33. Hetty Clews Hetty Clews Actress, The Visitor
34. Richard Duce Richard Duce Art Director, Mr. Blabbermouth!
35. Emily Carr Emily Carr Self, Klee Wyck
36. Randy Bennett Randy Bennett Self, Rome Is Burning
37. J. McRee Elrod J. McRee Elrod Actor, Short Time
38. Joan Donaldson Joan Donaldson Self, W5
39. John Lanigan John Lanigan Actor, Falstaff
40. Stuart Baker Stuart Baker Actor, On Camera
41. Pierrette Alarie Pierrette Alarie Actress, Festival
42. Beth Gillanders Beth Gillanders Self, Hidden Pages
43. Dennis Kevis Dennis Kevis Art Department, Storm
44. David Sheppy David Sheppy Miscellaneous Crew, Wiseguy
45. Richard Bocking Richard Bocking Director, The Music of Man
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