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1. Richard Wagner Richard Wagner Soundtrack, Apocalypse Now Richard Wagner was a German composer best known for his operas, primarily the monumental four-opera cycle "Der Ring des Nibelungen". He was born Wilhelm Richard Wagner on May 22, 1813, in Leipzig, Germany. He was the ninth child in the family of Carl Wagner, a police clerk. Richard was only six months old when his father died...
2. Raoul Moretti Raoul Moretti Composer, Under the Roofs of Paris
3. Lucio Quarantotto Lucio Quarantotto Soundtrack, Wanted
4. Mario Del Monaco Mario Del Monaco Soundtrack, The Untouchables
5. Ezra Pound Ezra Pound Writer, Maçã com sabor de gasolina During WWII, Pound was the "Tokyo Rose" of Italy, making several hundred anti-American radio broadcasts in an effort to undermine the US war effort. After the defeat of the Axis powers, Pound was arrested by American forces. Returned to the United States to face treason charges, Pound was examined by physicians and pronounced unfit for trial due to his insanity...
6. Carlo Micheluzzi Carlo Micheluzzi Actor, Fiori d'arancio
7. Margherita Seglin Margherita Seglin Actress, 4 passi fra le nuvole
8. Ugo Facco de Lagarda Ugo Facco de Lagarda Writer, Police Chief Pepe
9. Rodolfo Cimino Rodolfo Cimino Writer, Io, Canova
10. Emilio Baldanello Emilio Baldanello Actor, Casello N. 3
11. Maxime Desjardins Maxime Desjardins Actor, Atlantis
12. Alberto Mondadori Alberto Mondadori Director, The Boys of Via Paal
13. Pier Antonio Quarantotti Gambini Pier Antonio Quarantotti Gambini Writer, La rosa rossa
14. Tonino Micheluzzi Tonino Micheluzzi Actor, Sbirulino
15. Giuseppe Zago Giuseppe Zago Actor, Il vagabondo
16. Antonio Somma Antonio Somma Writer, Un ballo in maschera
17. Titian Titian Art Department, Night Descends on Treasure Island
18. Giacinto Gallina Giacinto Gallina Writer, La famegia del santolo
19. Domenico Cimarosa Domenico Cimarosa Composer, Il matrimonio segreto
19 names.