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1. Juan Piquer Simón Juan Piquer Simón Writer, Extra Terrestrial Visitors Juan Piquer Simon (who goes by "J.P. Simon" on foreign releases) resides in Madrid, Spain, where he has produced and directed "exploitation" pictures for two decades running. He owns his own studio and creates and/or designs many of the impressive special effects sequences you see in any of his many imaginative undertakings...
2. José Sancho José Sancho Actor, Live Flesh
3. Antonio Ferrandis Antonio Ferrandis Actor, Volver a empezar
4. Manolo Escobar Manolo Escobar Self, Episode dated 25 January 1993
5. André Delvaux André Delvaux Director, L'oeuvre au noir After having studied German philology, law, piano and composition Andre Delvaux filmed some TV documenturies. In 1965 he debuted at the movies with a film adapted from a novel of 'Johan Daisne'. His films always played in a set between reality and fantasy. Writing his own scripts he filmed e.g. "Femme...
6. Antonio Iranzo Antonio Iranzo Actor, Island of the Damned
7. Carlos Casaravilla Carlos Casaravilla Actor, Death of a Cyclist
8. José Yepes José Yepes Actor, Carmen
9. Florián Rey Florián Rey Writer, Orosia Spanish director Florian Rey began his career in the film industry in the 1920s as an actor, but he soon switched careers and directed his first film in 1924. His 1927 film Sister San Sulpicio starred Spanish actress Imperio Argentina, whom he later married. His best-known film is The Cursed Village, considered by many film historians to be a masterpiece of early Spanish cinema...
10. Roberto Uranga Roberto Uranga Self, The Eurovision Song Contest Born in Bilbao, second of nine children, from parents singers, singing has been a tradition among all members of his family, specially among the eldest children, Amaya, Roberto, Izaskum and Estíbaliz. On his late teens he joined his sisters Amaya, Izaskum and Estíbaliz as well as some friends to form the group "Voces y Guitarras" (voices and guitars)...
11. Isabel Pallarés Isabel Pallarés Actress, La Venus de Milo
12. Werner Fuetterer Werner Fuetterer Actor, Faust
13. Joan Molina Joan Molina Actor, Tramway to Malvarrosa
14. Mervyn Haisman Mervyn Haisman Writer, Jane and the Lost City
15. Paul Ciappessoni Paul Ciappessoni Director, A Perfect Recapture
16. Maruja Boldoba Maruja Boldoba Actress, Pestañas postizas
17. Bert Trautmann Bert Trautmann Self, Cup Fever
18. Rolf Botvid Rolf Botvid Actor, Sten Stensson kommer till stan
19. Joan Monleón Joan Monleón Actor, Episode #1.13
20. Germán Montaner Germán Montaner Actor, Torremolinos 73
21. Ricardo Muñoz Suay Ricardo Muñoz Suay Writer, The Moment of Truth
22. Julio Alejandro Julio Alejandro Writer, Viridiana
23. Joanot Martorell Joanot Martorell Writer, The Maidens' Conspiracy
24. Andreu Alfaro Andreu Alfaro Self, Episode #2.6
25. Julio Espí Julio Espí Actor, El faba de Ramonet
26. Freire Freire Soundtrack, The Women on the 6th Floor
27. Manuel Palau Manuel Palau Music Department, La santa Misa
28. Gemma Santatecla Gemma Santatecla Miscellaneous Crew, Bear Cub
29. Bruno Lomas Bruno Lomas Self, Codo con codo
30. Juan Gil-Albert Juan Gil-Albert Self, El congreso Internacional de los escritores en defensa de la Cultura
31. Ted Walker Ted Walker Writer, The Wind in the Willows
32. Maurits Balfoort Maurits Balfoort Director, Middernachtzon
33. Maria del Carmen Cuesta Maria del Carmen Cuesta Self, Que mi nombre no se borre de la historia
34. Miguel Asins Arbó Miguel Asins Arbó Composer, The Executioner
35. José Bernat i Baldoví José Bernat i Baldoví Writer, El virgo de Visanteta
36. Juan Andreu Juan Andreu Cinematographer, La garra del mico
37. Giacomo Lauri Volpi Giacomo Lauri Volpi Actor, Das Lied der Sonne
38. Ronald Fraser Ronald Fraser Miscellaneous Crew, Revolution, Counter-Revolution & Terror
39. Julio Salvi Julio Salvi Actor, ¿Dónde está?
40. Marianne Gyllenhammar Marianne Gyllenhammar Actress, Turn of the Century
40 names.