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1. Viveca Lindfors Viveca Lindfors Actress, Stargate Ms. Lindfors was a Swedish born actress whose stage and screen career in the U.S. and Sweden spanned more than a half century. She was brought to Hollywood in 1946 by Warner Brothers in the hope that she would be a new Greta Garbo or Ingrid Bergman. She appeared with Ronald Reagan in her first Hollywood film...
2. Ove Tjernberg Ove Tjernberg Actor, The Hunters
3. Lars Hollmer Lars Hollmer Self, Accordion Tribe
4. Peter Nilson Peter Nilson Writer, Manden som ikke ville dø
5. Ulla-Bella Fridh Ulla-Bella Fridh Actress, Episode #1.20
6. Sven Delblanc Sven Delblanc Writer, Fjortonde delen
7. Gösta Knutsson Gösta Knutsson Writer, Peter-No-Tail He was born in a well-off family with two older sisters. His father was a wholesaler. During his childhood he spent the summers on a farm outside Tranås, Småland. One summer, 1923, he bought a cat without tail, something which later inspired him to write his novels for children, 'Pelle Svanslös'. He was never interested in making pranks like other small boys...
8. Werner Ohlson Werner Ohlson Actor, Vagabond Blacksmiths
9. Hans Sundberg Hans Sundberg Actor, Beware of the Jönsson Gang
10. Torbjörn Lundquist Torbjörn Lundquist Composer, Hugo and Josephine
11. Willy Kyrklund Willy Kyrklund Writer, Bröllopet
12. Per Scheutz Per Scheutz Production Manager, Hon eller ingen
13. Gösta Petersson Gösta Petersson Production Manager, Prison
14. Lasse Eriksson Lasse Eriksson Actor, Konsten att flytta ett piano
15. Topper Martyn Topper Martyn Actor, Episode #1.6
16. Peter Winner Peter Winner Director, Vår Herre tar semester
17. Pia Skoglund Pia Skoglund Actress, Vingslag i natten Skoglund grew up in Gothenburg. She started working in an office but took acting classes in her spare time. Discovered by director Schamyl Bauman who gave her a role in his Vingslag i natten. Her acting interest took her to the Royal Dramatic Theatre's acting school in 1951, and after graduation in 1954...
18. Ejnar Haglund Ejnar Haglund Actor, Den ljusnande framtid
19. Karl-Erik 'Cacka' Israelsson Karl-Erik 'Cacka' Israelsson Self, Kärlek på turné
20. Erik Strandell Erik Strandell Actor, Black Roses
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