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1. Thora Hird Thora Hird Actress, Last of the Summer Wine In a career than spanned eight decades, Thora Hird was widely-regarded as one of Britain's finest character actresses. She made over 100 films as well as starring in a host of TV comedies and, as a straight actress, excelled in the works of playwright Alan Bennett. Even in her 90s, she was working almost daily...
2. Henry McGee Henry McGee Actor, The Worker
3. Charlie Drake Charlie Drake Actor, The Worker
4. Terence Conoley Terence Conoley Actor, Fierce Creatures
5. Avice Landone Avice Landone Actress, The Leather Boys
6. Robert Banks Stewart Robert Banks Stewart Writer, Bergerac
7. Alan Freeman Alan Freeman Self, Top of the Pops
8. William K.L. Dickson William K.L. Dickson Cinematographer, Newark Athlete Born in France to British parents, William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson stayed in that country until age 19, when he, his mother and sisters (their father had died sometime before) returned to Great Britain. Once there, Dickson--in an early indication of his lifelong fascination with science and mechanics--began a correspondence with Thomas A. Edison in the US...
9. Anthony Dutton Anthony Dutton Actor, Firelight
10. Sheila Dunn Sheila Dunn Actress, Doctor Who
11. Douglas Camfield Douglas Camfield Director, Doctor Who
12. Doris Rogers Doris Rogers Actress, The Madame Gambles
13. Jay Neill Jay Neill Actor, Brotherly Love
14. Emily Perry Emily Perry Actress, The Dame Edna Experience
15. Harry Brunning Harry Brunning Actor, The Persian Kitten
16. Nancy Gabrielle Nancy Gabrielle Actress, Passport to Pimlico
17. Paul Bernard Paul Bernard Director, Doctor Who
18. Adele Strong Adele Strong Actress, Voyage of the Damned
19. Bill Martin Bill Martin Actor, Are You Being Served?
20. George Betton George Betton Actor, The Largest Theatre in the World: Heart to Heart
21. Roy Denton Roy Denton Actor, Soldier, Soldier
22. Bob Raymond Bob Raymond Actor, Count of Monte Cristo
23. Edward O'Neill Edward O'Neill Actor, The Town of Crooked Ways
24. Charles Herbert Lightoller Charles Herbert Lightoller Perhaps one of the most intriguing individuals associated with the Titanic because of the many unique events that happened both before and after the sinking. As a young man, he assured his sister the sea wasn't wet enough to drown him and went on to prove just that. Charles Lightoller's career at sea began in 1888 at the age of thirteen and was a harrowing one almost from the start...
25. George Truzzi George Truzzi Actor, A King in New York
26. Alexander Pope Alexander Pope Writer, Acis and Galatea
27. Avril Conquest Avril Conquest Actress, No Hiding Place
28. Ellis Jackson Ellis Jackson Self, Music Hall Parade
29. Andrzej Panufnik Andrzej Panufnik Composer, Powidoki
30. Eric Braun Eric Braun Thanks, Backstory
31. Harry Seltzer Harry Seltzer Actor, The Benny Hill Show
32. Gerald Malvern Gerald Malvern Producer, The Usurper
33. Hugh Croise Hugh Croise Director, Always Tell Your Wife
34. Hugh Jenkins Hugh Jenkins Self, Decision 79
35. Veronica Brady Veronica Brady Actress, Looking In
36. Jan Pilbeam Jan Pilbeam Actress, On Approval
37. Ava June Ava June Actress, The Turn of the Screw
38. James Saunders James Saunders Writer, Ein Duft von Blumen
39. James R. Gregson James R. Gregson Writer, The Way of an Angel
40. Ian Cooper Ian Cooper Actor, Morning Departure
41. Eva Rowland Eva Rowland Actress, A Sailor's Bride
42. Alan Osbiston Alan Osbiston Editor, The Guns of Navarone
43. Ken Roberts Ken Roberts Actor, Citizen James
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