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1. David Carradine David Carradine Actor, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 David Carradine was born in Hollywood, California, the eldest son of legendary character actor John Carradine, and his wife, Ardanelle Abigail (McCool). He presided over an acting family that included brothers Keith Carradine and Robert Carradine as well as his daughters Calista Carradine and Kansas Carradine, and nieces Ever Carradine and Martha Plimpton...
2. Stirling Silliphant Stirling Silliphant Writer, In the Heat of the Night Advertising executive for Disney and Twentieth Century Fox before turning to screenwriting in the 1950s. Prolific writer who also published more than 50 books.
3. Larry Simms Larry Simms Actor, It's a Wonderful Life Child actor in US films of the mid-30's to early 40's.
4. Panna Rittikrai Panna Rittikrai Stunts, Ong-bak 2 Panna Rittikrai is the man behind Thai action star Tony Jaa, whose work in Ong-Bak, astounded viewers across the globe. Panna Rittikrai was born in the small village of Khon Kaen in Thailand. At a young age, he was a fan of martial arts films and he knew it would be his dream to become involved in the martial arts industry...
5. Barbara Mills Barbara Mills Actress, Gabriella, Gabriella Lovely long-haired brunette Barbara Mills was born on February 23, 1951. She hailed from Oxford, Massachusetts. Mills left home and moved to the bohemian artistic community of Venice Beach, California shortly after turning seventeen. Barbara established permanent roots in Venice Beach in the late 1960's...
6. Pierre Segui Pierre Segui Actor, The Deer Hunter
7. Sasha Gabor Sasha Gabor Actor, Battling Beauties
8. John Broome John Broome Writer, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
9. Apichart Chusakul Apichart Chusakul Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, American Gangster
10. Kishore Sahu Kishore Sahu Actor, Mayurpankh
11. Teresa Teng Teresa Teng Music Department, Jin shui lou tai Teresa Teng, sometimes spelled or written as Teresa Tang or Teresa Deng, was a popular and influential Chinese pop singer. She recorded many memorable songs, including "When Will You Return?". In addition to her Mandarin repertoire, she also recorded songs in Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, English and some few Indonesian...
12. Ratana Pestonji Ratana Pestonji Director, Prae dum
13. Nicholas Kallsen Nicholas Kallsen Actor, Say Anything...
14. Tony Sibbald Tony Sibbald Actor, A View to a Kill
15. William Sleator William Sleator Writer, House of Stairs
16. Trevor Murray Trevor Murray Visual Effects, Titanic
17. Meesak Nakarat Meesak Nakarat Actor, Air America
18. Darryl Read Darryl Read Actor, Remember a Day Born on tour of 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in Exeter, England, his career began eleven years later in film and television. Aged fourteen, he won a Venice Film festival award for Daylight Robbery (1964), since then he has appeared in countless TV and film productions including Minder, (released on DVD in 2002)...
19. Thomas Merton Thomas Merton Writer, What Do We Want, When Do We Want It
20. Ed Harper Ed Harper Production Manager, Battle of the Brave
21. Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Writer, El misterio Galíndez
22. Manuela Brandenstein Manuela Brandenstein Writer, Am Ende die Wahrheit
23. Jerry Snell Jerry Snell Actor, Un zoo la nuit
24. Peter Christopherson Peter Christopherson Director, Lost Highway Coil co-founder, writer, producer, video director, remixer, Psychic TV co-founder, Throbbing Gristle co-founder, artist, former member of Hipgnosis design team.
25. Maurice Rocco Maurice Rocco Actor, Incendiary Blonde
26. Terje Valenkamph Terje Valenkamph Actor, Som folk är mest
27. Susanne Haidinger-Neumayer Susanne Haidinger-Neumayer Self, Der Mann, der Peter Alexander war
28. Phra Jenduriyang Phra Jenduriyang Composer, The King of the White Elephant
29. Pawana Chanajit Pawana Chanajit Actress, Quan ji
30. King Chulalongkorn King Chulalongkorn Self, Berne: Arrivée du roi de Siam
31. Stephen MacLean Stephen MacLean Writer, Starstruck
32. Anthony Aikman Anthony Aikman Director, The Genesis Children
33. Are Storstein Are Storstein Actor, Henrys bakværelse
34. Marc Degener Marc Degener Actor, Freunde fürs Leben
35. Gerard van Essen Gerard van Essen Actor, Peppi en Kokki
36. Bernie Cooper Bernie Cooper Writer, Les bicyclettes de Belsize
37. Kaarlo Juurela Kaarlo Juurela Actor, Kivenhakkaaja Valperin painajaiset
38. Rune Ericson Rune Ericson Cinematographer, Ronja Robbersdaughter
39. Kukrit Pramoj Kukrit Pramoj Writer, U mong pa meung Kukrit Pramoj was the son of a Thai prince. He attended Oxford University in England and became active in Thai politics after World War II. Pramoj worked as a journalist and banker while military juntas ruled Thailand over the next several decades. He starred in the 1963 film "The Ugly American" as the prime minister of a fictional Asian country...
40. Sayan Meungjarern Sayan Meungjarern Actor, Buppha Rahtree
41. Aulis Rosendahl Aulis Rosendahl Actor, Kulkuri ja joutsen
42. Bhandit Rittakol Bhandit Rittakol Director, Kalla khrung nueng... muea chao nee
43. Apichej Kittikornjaroen Apichej Kittikornjaroen Actor, Sung horn "Big" was one of the three members of Thailand's very successful boy band D2B. On July 22, 2003, while only twenty years old, he was in a serious car accident. The crash resulted in the development of a brain infection. His body slipped into a coma, from which, even after four years, he was not destined to emerge...
44. Terence Heffernan Terence Heffernan Writer, Heartaches
45. Anthony Moncrieff Anthony Moncrieff Producer, Cause for Concern
46. Ossi Räikkä Ossi Räikkä Director, Taivaan ja talojen välillä
47. Cherd Songsri Cherd Songsri Director, Plae kao
48. Werner Possardt Werner Possardt Producer, Xaver
49. Simon Monkhouse Simon Monkhouse Self, This Is Your Life
50. Chip Houseman Chip Houseman Miscellaneous Crew, The Endless Summer 2
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