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1. Frances Bay Frances Bay Actress, Happy Gilmore Cute, tiny, and prolific little old lady character actress Frances Bay worked constantly in both films and TV shows alike after making her debut at the age of 59 in life with a small part in the comedy Foul Play in 1978. She frequently portrayed eccentric elderly women and good-hearted grandmothers in all kinds of pictures and television programs...
2. Gordon Jones Gordon Jones Actor, Flying Tigers
3. Robert F. Simon Robert F. Simon Actor, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance A prolific character actor of tall, imposing presence, Robert F. Simon drifted into acting via the Cleveland Playhouse, hoping that this would cure his natural propensity for shyness. After training at the Actor's Studio in New York, he had a ten year run on Broadway (1942-52), in which he cut his teeth...
4. Joe Mantell Joe Mantell Actor, Chinatown
5. Frank Aletter Frank Aletter Actor, General Hospital For someone who goes only to movie theaters, Frank Aletter is a total stranger. It is true that the actor appeared in no more than a handful of theatrical films (Gerhart in Mister Roberts, a commanding officer in Tora! Tora! Tora!, Leigh Jensen in Private School...). But for a TV fan things are just the opposite...
6. Dolph Sweet Dolph Sweet Actor, Another World A barrel-chested, bull-necked presence on stage, film and TV, the tough-minded character actor was born Adolphus Jean Sweet in New York City on July 18, 1920, the son of an auto mechanic. He initially attended the University of Alabama in 1939, but his studies were interrupted by WWII Air Force duty...
7. René Enríquez René Enríquez Actor, Harry and Tonto
8. Elizabeth Rogers Elizabeth Rogers Actress, An Officer and a Gentleman
9. Philip Abbott Philip Abbott Actor, General Hospital
10. Robert Livingston Robert Livingston Actor, The Vigilantes Are Coming Bob Livingston's father was a newspaper editor in Quincy, Illinois. As a reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News Bob did a story on the Pasadena Playhouse, and that got him interested in acting. In his mid-20s, he was doing bit parts for Universal and Fox and went from there to romantic roles with MGM...
11. Lou Scheimer Lou Scheimer Producer, The Secret of the Sword
12. Virgil W. Vogel Virgil W. Vogel Director, The Mole People Virgil W. Vogel began his career at Universal in 1940 as an assistant editor. He worked as an editor for many years, although by the mid-'50s he had begun to tire of the job and pressed Universal executive Edward Muhl for a shot at directing. Vogel was handed The Mole People with John Agar...
13. Gale Robbins Gale Robbins Actress, Calamity Jane Little known singer/actress Gale Robbins was a knockout-looking hazel-eyed redhead who made a slight dent in post-war Hollywood. Born Betty Gale Robbins in Chicago, Illinois (some say Mitchell, Indiana) on May 7, 1921, she was the daughter of Arthur E. and Blanche Robbins, and educated at Chicago's Jennings Seminary at Aurora...
14. Boyd 'Red' Morgan Boyd 'Red' Morgan Actor, Foxy Brown
15. Joan Vohs Joan Vohs Actress, Sabrina Typecast often as a dumb blond, Joan Vohs struggled her entire career to break out of that mold. She did manage partial success, but ultimately dropped out of acting altogether in order to become a full-time mom. She was born in Queens, New York, was a Rockette at age 16 and a Connover model before any acting for movies or television...
16. Ben Frommer Ben Frommer Actor, Scarface
17. Gilbert Green Gilbert Green Actor, Norma Rae
18. King Moody King Moody Actor, Teenagers from Outer Space
19. Charles Correll Charles Correll Cinematographer, Animal House
20. Arnold Laven Arnold Laven Producer, The Glory Guys Laven, Jules V. Levy and Arthur Gardner met in 1943 in the First Motion Picture Unit of the Army Air Force. They were stationed at the Hal Roach Studio in Culver City, California (with other notables such as Capt. Ronald Reagan, Capt. Clark Gable and Lt. William Holden, making training films...
21. Ralph Byrd Ralph Byrd Actor, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome Ralph Byrd had an 18 year career in Hollywood both as a leading man and as a character actor, though he is best remembered for his role as Chester Gould's comic strip detective, Dick Tracy, in several movie serials and on television (first for ABC and then in a syndicated series). During his film career he was a contract player for RKO and 20th- Fox...
22. Morgan Jones Morgan Jones Actor, Forbidden Planet
23. Jack Shea Jack Shea Director, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour
24. Paul Bradley Paul Bradley Actor, One Grave Too Many
25. Jerry McNeely Jerry McNeely Writer, Sin of Innocence
26. Ray Heindorf Ray Heindorf Music Department, The Music Man Songwriter ("Some Sunday Morning"), composer, conductor, and arranger, educated at the Troy Conservatory. He joined ASCAP in 1945 and his other popular-song compositions include "Sugarfoot", "Hollywood Canteen", "I'm in a Jam", "Some Sunny Day", "Pete Kelly's Blues", and "Melancholy Rhapsody".
27. Ben Astar Ben Astar Actor, 5 Fingers
28. George Wyle George Wyle Soundtrack, Lord of War Songwriter("The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"), composer, educator, author, conductor, arranger, and a specialist in both professional and amateur choral work. After his education at James Monroe High School, he began his musical career in 1933 as a pianist and arranger, becoming a conductor in 1944...
29. Morgan Wallace Morgan Wallace Actor, Grand Hotel
30. Zina Provendie Zina Provendie Actress, Hanging Man
31. Al J. Jennings Al J. Jennings Actor, Beating Back
32. Alyn Lockwood Alyn Lockwood Actress, Badman's Gold
33. Ralph B. Serpe Ralph B. Serpe Producer, Francesco
34. Roger Christian Roger Christian Soundtrack, War of the Worlds Roger Christian, in addition to appearing in several films, was a prominent radio personality in Los Angeles from the 1960s to the 1980s, and a well-known songwriter (primarily as lyricist) who co-wrote a number of songs for The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. Among the many stations he worked for, were KRLA...
35. Ray Rennahan Ray Rennahan Cinematographer, For Whom the Bell Tolls Ray Rennahan started working behind movie cameras from 1917. Early on, he had the foresight to recognise the potential for dramatically enhancing motion pictures by the application of colour cinematography. During the 1920's, he was regarded as a leading innovator in the development of the three-strip Technicolor process...
36. Viola Kates Stimpson Viola Kates Stimpson Actress, General Hospital
37. Jaroslav Gebr Jaroslav Gebr Art Department, Robin Hood: Men in Tights
38. John C. Champion John C. Champion Producer, The Texican
39. Gayle Kellogg Gayle Kellogg Actor, Crime Wave
40. Roberta Jonay Roberta Jonay Actress, The Emperor Waltz
41. Forest Hamilton Forest Hamilton Music Department, Klansman
42. Laurie Anders Laurie Anders Actress, The Marshal's Daughter Singer, dancer, trick roper, ventriloquist, martial-arts (jujitsu) expert and deadpan-comedienne Laurie Anders was born and raised on a ranch in Casper, Wyoming. She worked as a stenographer and secretary to the president of a steamfitters and plumbers union there, then started singing with a country-and-western combo in Wyoming...
43. Calvin Clements Sr. Calvin Clements Sr. Writer, The Night the Town Died
44. Barbara Jean Wong Barbara Jean Wong Actress, The Man from Button Willow
45. August Neves August Neves Actor, Waterworld
46. Burt Styler Burt Styler Writer, Edith's Problem
47. Rickie Layne Rickie Layne Self, Episode #17.22
48. Herbert Klynn Herbert Klynn Miscellaneous Crew, I Spy As an animation producer, Mr. Klynn helped create several award winning cartoon shorts: "Mr. Magoo," "Gerald McBoing-Boing," "Madeline and Christopher Crumpet." Also worked as an animation director for the U.S. Army Signal Corps motion picture unit in Los Angeles during World War II. Additionally known as a graphic designer...
49. Marshall Sheriff Marshall Sheriff Actor, Gang of Roses
50. Sue Rihr Sue Rihr Actress, Days of Our Lives
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