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1. Tom Aldredge Tom Aldredge Actor, Taking Chance Tom Aldredge was born on February 28, 1928, in Dayton, Ohio. First appearing off-Broadway in 1957 in "Electra" and on Broadway in 1959 in "The Nervous Set," Aldredge has appeared in over 30 Broadway and off-Broadway productions. Others include "On Golden Pond," "The Litte Foxes" (opposite Elizabeth Taylor)...
2. Billy Mays Billy Mays Self, Tool Guys
3. Steve Tracy Steve Tracy Actor, Steigler and Steigler
4. Dan White Dan White Actor, Attack of the Giant Leeches Dan White was born to George & Orpha White about one mile from the Suwannee River in Falmouth, Florida. Falmouth was a small sleepy town then, as it is still today. He was one of 12 siblings who were moved to Lakeland sometime around WW I. Lakeland is where Dan was introduced into show business in 1922 at the age of 14...
5. Jean Jennings Jean Jennings Actress, There Is No 13 Tall, slim, and leggy blonde looker Jean Jennings was born Cynthia Jean Jackson on February 13, 1957 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She was the daughter of Charles Lamar Jackson and Jean Denovan Jennings (she used her mother's maiden name for her porn pseudonym). Jean was a cheerleader in grade school...
6. Dwayne Schintzius Dwayne Schintzius Actor, Eddie
7. Curt Hennig Curt Hennig Self, WCW/NWO Bash at the Beach Curt Hennig was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the son of one of wrestlings all time legends - Larry Hennig - Aka Larry The Ax Hennig. Curtbegan training to follow in his fathers footsteps when he was just 12 years old. Starting off in the AWA - Curt began his career as a tag team wrestler....
8. George M. Steinbrenner III George M. Steinbrenner III Self, The Scout George Michael Steinbrenner III, one of the most successful sports franchise owners of the modern era, was born in Rocky River, Ohio on the Fourth of July, 1930, which is fitting for the owner of the New York Yankees, the premier baseball club in what is dubbed "America's Pasttime". (To fans of the Yankees' archrival, the Boston Red Sox, he is considered the Head of the "Evil Empire")...
9. Joe Lala Joe Lala Actor, Monsters, Inc.
10. Andrew Martin Andrew Martin Actor, Episode dated 30 January 2007
11. Ray Hernandez Ray Hernandez Actor, WrestleMania III
12. Brian Adams Brian Adams Actor, World Championship Wrestling: New Blood Rising
13. Norman Schwarzkopf Norman Schwarzkopf Self, Schwarzkopf: How the War Was Won
14. Joie Chitwood Joie Chitwood Stunts, Live and Let Die
15. Ross Sturlin Ross Sturlin Actor, Night of the Blood Beast
16. Mike Alfonso Mike Alfonso Actor, World Championship Wrestling: New Blood Rising
17. D. Christian Gottshall D. Christian Gottshall Actor, Matinee
18. Dick Afflis Dick Afflis Self, The Wrestler
19. Phil Berle Phil Berle Self, Milton Berle: Mr. Television
20. Kathryn Marlowe Kathryn Marlowe Actress, Dodsworth Kathryn Isabelle Rea was born in Corydon, Iowa. Parents: Fred Albertson Rea and Lenore Gertrude Wilson. Growing up on a farm in Missouri gave her an unusual assortment of playmates, there being no other children within miles. Cats; a dog; a calf who would play tag and let her ride; a pig; the runt of the litter who was hand raised by Kay's mother...
21. George Zaharias George Zaharias Thanks, Babe
22. John McKay John McKay Self, O.J.: A Study in Black & White
23. John Kuharek John Kuharek Self, Men Who Brought the Dawn
24. Rick Casares Rick Casares Self, Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears
25. Jimmy Stewart Jimmy Stewart Self, Game 2
26. Barton Stone Barton Stone Actor, Love of Life
27. Paul Ecenia Paul Ecenia Actor, Scream Bloody Murder
28. Tom McEwen Tom McEwen Self, Mantle
29. Jack Brisco Jack Brisco Self, Starrcade
30. Freddie Solomon Freddie Solomon Self, Super Bowl XVI
31. Frank Ragano Frank Ragano Self, Robert F. Kennedy: A Memoir
32. Bob Lassiter Bob Lassiter Self, Episode dated 25 June 1990
33. Tony Cuccinello Tony Cuccinello Self, 1964 MLB All-Star Game
34. Noble Sissle Noble Sissle Soundtrack, My Girl Handsome Noble Sissle is one of the unsung legends of ragtime, blues and early jazz. He and his band had an easy-listening, hot and breezy sound unlike any other contemporary band. When you went to see Sissle you got more then an earful of good music--you got good entertainment that would put a smile on your face...
35. Benjamin Doniger Benjamin Doniger Director, Modesta
36. Jim Barringer Jim Barringer Actor, Beyond the Sea of Death
37. Theo Bell Theo Bell Self, Super Bowl XIV
38. Lois Marrero Lois Marrero Uncategorised
39. Charles Anthony Charles Anthony Actor, La traviata
40. Bernard Suss Bernard Suss Actor, Mountain Rhythm
41. Bob Sipes Bob Sipes Actor, 300 Feet Below
42. Lorin E. Price Lorin E. Price Producer, Night of the Zombies Lorin E. Price, began producing in 1959, beginning Off Broadway with shows like 'The Mime and Me' and 'The Tiger Rag.' His first Broadway production was 'The Natural Look,' a play about Helena Rubinstein, which opened in 1967 with Gene Hackman, Brenda Vaccaro and Jerry Orbach in the leading roles. His first big success was 'George M!,' the 1968 musical about George M...
43. Gabe Paul Gabe Paul Self, Powel Crosley and the 20th Century
44. Fred Lasswell Jr. Fred Lasswell Jr. Writer, Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter
45. Johnny Vander Meer Johnny Vander Meer Uncategorised
46. Leonard Lewin Leonard Lewin Self, Willie Mays
47. Bob Hamilton Bob Hamilton Self, Episode #2.3
48. Santo Trafficante Santo Trafficante Uncategorised
49. Al Lopez Al Lopez Self, Bob Feller
50. John E. Coutts John E. Coutts Self, Sawing a Lady in Half
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