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1. King Hu King Hu Director, A Touch of Zen He was educated in art school in Beijing, left China for Hong Kong in 1949 and entered the film industry in 1951 in the art department. In the 1950s he began acting and in 1958 joined Shaw Brothers as an actor and writer, and later a director. In 1967 he left to start his own studio in Taiwan, returned to Hong Kong in 1970s, working in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China before his death.
2. Sihung Lung Sihung Lung Actor, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
3. Jeanette Tsui Lin Jeanette Tsui Lin Actress, People Between Two China
4. Mei-Yao Chang Mei-Yao Chang Actress, Honkon no shiroibara
5. Kai-Shek Chiang Kai-Shek Chiang Self, Universal Newsreel
6. Kun Li Kun Li Actor, The Big Boss
7. George Wang George Wang Actor, The 10th Victim
8. Tien Miao Tien Miao Actor, The River No stranger to the international spotlight acting in period martial arts films with the likes of King Hu, Li Han Hsiang, Ting Shan Hsi and Joseph Kuo with credits spanning from the 60s through the early 80s, imposing and distinctive veteran Taiwanese character actor Mao Tien remained busy through the...
9. Bao-Yun Tang Bao-Yun Tang Actress, Lonely Seventeen
10. Ying Lee Ying Lee Actor, Sons of the Good Earth
11. Tu Chin Tu Chin Actor, Hello Dracula
12. Hsing-Lai Wang Hsing-Lai Wang Director, Ba bai luo han
13. Hsiang Ting Ko Hsiang Ting Ko Actor, Temptress Moon
14. Wen-Ying Wen-Ying Actress, Heartbreak Island
15. Feng-Pan Yao Feng-Pan Yao Director, Zhen jia tai tai
16. Rabbit Yang Rabbit Yang Actress, The New World
17. Frankie Kao Frankie Kao Actor, Au revoir Taipei
18. Morris Hsiang Jung Morris Hsiang Jung Actor, Zombie 108
19. Tian-Lu Li Tian-Lu Li Self, The Puppetmaster
20. Subhas Chandra Bose Subhas Chandra Bose Uncategorised
21. Lung Ku Lung Ku Writer, Wu ye lan hua When in Taipei he studied in the English Department of Tamkang English Junior College, but he would not finish his studies because he decided to be a novelist. In 1960 he wrote his first novel, "Cangqiong Shen Jian" ("Divine Sky Sword"). Soon he was considered as one of the best "wuxia" writers of his time...
22. Pu-Liao Hsu Pu-Liao Hsu Actor, Wu quan
23. Che-Fu Liang Che-Fu Liang Director, Da sha san fang
24. Ching-Jui Pai Ching-Jui Pai Director, The Wheel of Life
25. Shun Chao Shun Chao Actor, Cape No. 7
26. Johnny Chung-Jen Lin Johnny Chung-Jen Lin Actor, Cape No. 7
28. Tsun-Shou Sung Tsun-Shou Sung Director, Zao shou
29. Shih Lu Shih Lu Actor, Dragon Inn
30. Mei Chin Mei Chin Actress, Jin se ye cha
31. Hsiu-Min Chiu Hsiu-Min Chiu Actress, Au revoir Taipei
32. Kuo Tsai Lai Kuo Tsai Lai Producer, Fast Fists
33. Yao Chung Yao Chung Actor, Xue lu xue lu
34. Chia-Nung Kung Chia-Nung Kung Actor, Hu bian chun meng
35. Nai-mei Yang Nai-mei Yang Actress, Hu bian chun meng
36. Ching-Hsin Chen Ching-Hsin Chen Actor, Like a Hero
37. Hugh Lee Hugh Lee Uncategorised
38. Lung Chien Lung Chien Director, The Screaming Tiger
39. Chia Li Chia Li Director, Hei ye dao li ming
40. Teng-Kuei Yang Teng-Kuei Yang Producer, Meltdown
41. Sean Hung Sean Hung Actress, Island Etude
42. Mao San Mao San Writer, Red Dust
43. Nora Sun Nora Sun Self, Shanghai
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