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1. Harry Harvey Harry Harvey Actor, The Roy Rogers Show Harvey had a musical background and began his entertainment career in 1918 with "Gus Hill's Honey Boy Minstrels." From there he went on to appear in various minstrel and burlesque shows. This led to many roles in Broadway shows. He went to Hollywood in 1934 and had a career spanning almost fifty years...
2. Rudolf Sieber Rudolf Sieber Producer, Die glückliche Mutter Husband of actress Marlene Dietrich, whom he introduced to Josef von Sternberg who in turn starred her in The Blue Angel. Although they only lived together for the first five years of their marriage, Sieber and Dietrich never divorced. Sieber was living on a chicken ranch in the San Fernando Valley when he died following a lengthy illness.
3. D'Andrea Bryant D'Andrea Bryant Actress, Nothing But Trouble D'Andrea Bryant was named Andrea Delores Bryant by her loving parents. She was born on December 3, 1954 and passed on December 20, 2008 in the San Fernando Valley, California. She was perhaps best known as an actress and model appearing in the cult-classic motion picture Nothing But Trouble starring...
4. Eddie Hice Eddie Hice Stunts, Repo Man
5. Hal Hopper Hal Hopper Music Department, Colt .45 Composer, songwriter and author. He joined ASCAP in 1949, and his popular-song compositions include "Colt .45", "Mind If I love You?", "There's No You", "The Riddle Song", and "With All My Heart".
6. Lou Lubin Lou Lubin Actor, Shadow of the Thin Man
7. Jack Williams Jack Williams Stunts, Wild Wild West
8. Florence Gilbert Florence Gilbert Actress, The Lucky Dog Born and mostly raised in Chicago. Mother took her and brother Eddie to Los Angeles when she was 14 (c. 1918) but reportedly looked a few years older, and got her into movies. Worked for Christy and Fox Studios. Around 1926, married entrepreneur Ashton Dearholt and bore him two children, son Lee and daughter Caryl Lee...
9. Louis L. Edemann Louis L. Edemann Sound Department, Schindler's List
10. Candy Candy Actress, Barely Legal 10
11. Jack Bradbury Jack Bradbury Animation Department, Pinocchio
12. Bob Burrows Bob Burrows Actor, Love Camp
13. Inez Harries Inez Harries Self, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
14. Luiz Fernando Ianelli Luiz Fernando Ianelli Actor, O Menino e o Vento
15. Ronald V. Ashcroft Ronald V. Ashcroft Editor, Like Wow!
16. Wesley Tuttle Wesley Tuttle Actor, The Night Rider
17. Fred Sweeney Fred Sweeney Actor, Carefree
18. Gary Griffin Gary Griffin Editor, Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold
19. Brian Westfall Brian Westfall Cinematographer, Steven Spielberg's Movie Upon graduating USC film school in 2000, Brian worked for James Cameron brother Mike Cameron at Dark Matter LLC (now defunct)in Valencia, California - filming behind the scenes and underwater footage for Ghosts of the Abyss aboard the Keldysh, the science Russian ship used in the movie Titanic. While at sea, 9/11 happened...
20. Larry Verne Larry Verne Art Department, Rambo III
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