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1. Andy Whitfield Andy Whitfield Actor, Gabriel
2. Wendy Hughes Wendy Hughes Actress, Snowy River: The McGregor Saga Wendy Hughes was an accomplished actress who had won over 13 major awards. She had been called "one of the world's great actresses" with "the beauty and talent to become an international star". Hughes was born in Melbourne and studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. She has two children, Charlotte (17) and Jay (13).
3. Robert Helpmann Robert Helpmann Actor, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Son of James Murray Helpmann & Mary (nee Gardiner), he was educated at Prince Alfred's College, Adelaide, South Australia. He first danced solo at the Theatre Royal, Adelaide in The Ugly Duckling in 1922. He went on to become the pricipal dancer at Sadlers Wells ballet from 1933 to 1950. World renowned as a dancer and choreographer...
4. Michael Pate Michael Pate Actor, Matlock Police Michael Pate began his career in 1938 writing and broadcasting a program called "Youth Speaks" for ABC Radio with George Ivan Smith. He also wrote for newspapers and magazines and worked as a book and theatre critic. His book of short stories was published in Australia and the United States. Michael was one of the original members of "The Youth Radio" at Sydney's 2GB radio station...
5. John Meillon John Meillon Actor, My Name's McGooley, What's Yours?
6. Googie Withers Googie Withers Actress, Within These Walls Googie Withers began her acting career at the age of 12. She was dancing in the chorus in a West End revue when she was spotted by a Warner Brothers casting director. She went to do a screen test for them at the Riverside Studios and was invited to become an extra. On her first day at the filming of The Girl in the Crowd she arrived on the set just after Michael Powell had just sacked the second lead...
7. Arkie Whiteley Arkie Whiteley Actress, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
8. Andrew Lesnie Andrew Lesnie Cinematographer, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
9. Max Phipps Max Phipps Actor, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
10. Chips Rafferty Chips Rafferty Actor, Mutiny on the Bounty Years before Jack Thompson arrived on the scene, Chips Rafferty was regarded by many as the personification of the stereotypically rugged, straightforward and laconic Aussie male. Tall and thin, though not particularly striking in appearance, Rafferty was a tailor-made star for the austere, modestly-budgeted dramas made 'down under' in the 1940's and 50's...
11. Michael Hutchence Michael Hutchence Soundtrack, Donnie Darko Michael Hutchence is one of the greatest singers and performers in Australia's history, with a career that spanned 20 years. Born to Kelland Hutchence and Patricia Hutchence (a film and television make-up artist), Michael was the second of three children. He grew up in Hong Kong, USA, and Australia, and often hung out with his mother on film sets...
12. Victoria Shaw Victoria Shaw Actress, General Hospital
13. Daniel Pollock Daniel Pollock Actor, Romper Stomper
14. John McCallum John McCallum Producer, Skippy
15. Ramli Hassan Ramli Hassan Actor, Anna and the King
16. Leonard Teale Leonard Teale Actor, Homicide
17. John Hargreaves John Hargreaves Actor, Long Weekend John Hargreaves was the quintessential Australian man. An actor of sparkling, biting wit, he once said he would easily give up his remarkable career if it ever bored him, in favor of metallurgy because it was something that always interested him. Despite his lengthy list of credits in his home country...
18. Gerry Duggan Gerry Duggan Actor, Goldfinger
19. Jeff Truman Jeff Truman Writer, Neighbours
20. Ruth Cracknell Ruth Cracknell Actress, Mother and Son
21. Jerome Ehlers Jerome Ehlers Actor, The Marine
22. Daniel Rigney Daniel Rigney Actor, The Island of Dr. Moreau Danny("Rigo") was a very promising and exciting young actor. His tragic early death from a brain haemorrhage robbed Australia of one of its most natural stage and screen actors. He lived life to the full and taught the rest of us what living really meant. Danny's NIDA class-mates really loved him - his film and TV appearances are a living reminder of what might have been.
23. Tony Hancock Tony Hancock Actor, Hancock's Half Hour Tony Hancock was born in Birmingham, England, the son of John and Lillian Hancock. He was educated at Durlston Court, Swanage, and Bradfield College, Reading. He served in the R.A.F. (ground crew) during the war. In 1942 he was in the R.A.F. Gang Show. He was de-mobbed in 1946. He appeared at the Windmill Theatre...
24. Lloyd Lamble Lloyd Lamble Actor, Curse of the Demon
25. June Bronhill June Bronhill Actress, Are You Being Served in Australia?
26. Mark Priestley Mark Priestley Actor, All Saints
27. Belinda Emmett Belinda Emmett Actress, Home and Away Belinda Emmett was born on 12 April 1974 in Umina Beach, New South Wales, Australia. As a teenager, she worked for local radio station Coast Rock FM before landing her first major acting role as "Tracy Russell" in the popular sitcom Hey Dad..!. She became a household name two years later when she joined the cast of popular drama series Home and Away as "Rebecca Fisher"...
28. Joseph Fürst Joseph Fürst Actor, Diamonds Are Forever Lean, distinguished-looking Viennese character actor, latterly white-haired and with distinctive dark eyebrows. Though he initially studied law in Vienna, Fürst became interested in acting and was given his first opportunities on stage in Canada. He then moved to England in search of better job prospects...
29. Charlotte Dawson Charlotte Dawson Self, Australia's Next Top Model Charlotte Dawson was born in New Zealand. She left New Zealand at age 16 to model in Europe and New York. After about ten years of modeling she moved to Australia, where she worked in television and in the fashion industry. In 2002 she returned to Auckland, where she worked on shows How's Life, Getaway and Charlotte's Lists. Since 2007 she has been a judge on Australia's Next Top Model.
30. Kerry Casey Kerry Casey Actor, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
31. Peter Archer Peter Archer Actor, Enter the Dragon
32. Marcia Hathaway Marcia Hathaway Actress, Shadow of the Boomerang
33. Terry Bourke Terry Bourke Director, Lady Stay Dead
34. Marit Allen Marit Allen Costume Designer, Brokeback Mountain
35. Claude Hulbert Claude Hulbert Actor, The Ghost of St. Michael's Popular stage and film comedian Claude Noel Hulbert was born in Fulham, London in 1901, younger brother of the highly well-known comedian, singer and comic dancer Jack Hulbert. Like his brother he was educated at Cambridge and was a member of the Footlights comedy club as an undergraduate. He began...
36. Billy Mitchell Billy Mitchell Actor, The Dish
37. Pat Thomson Pat Thomson Actress, Strictly Ballroom
38. Roy Redgrave Roy Redgrave Actor, Our Friends the Hayseeds
39. Georgina Cookson Georgina Cookson Actress, Darling Lean, aristocratic-looking British character actress,on stage from the 1940's. She was noted on Broadway for her performance (and for bringing the house down with her tango on opening night)as Lady India in Jean Anouilh's 'Ring Around the Moon' (1950-51). On television, her aquiline features and impeccable bearing led to her gravitating towards upper class roles as wealthy or snooty socialites...
40. Bunney Brooke Bunney Brooke Actress, Round the Twist
41. Lois Ramsey Lois Ramsey Actress, Crackerjack
42. June Salter June Salter Actress, Dot and the Kangaroo
43. John Ewart John Ewart Actor, Razorback Veteran Australian actor John Ewart's career got off to a promising start when he played 'Dopey' in a 3XY radio production of 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs'. John was aged four. Numerous radio shows and theatre productions later at the age of 18 he so impressed legendary film maker Charles Chauval...
44. Harold Hopkins Harold Hopkins Actor, Gallipoli
45. Noel Ferrier Noel Ferrier Actor, The Year of Living Dangerously
46. Peter Reynolds Peter Reynolds Actor, Devil Girl from Mars
47. Johnny O'Keefe Johnny O'Keefe Soundtrack, Shine Born in Sydney on 19 January 1935, Johnny O'Keefe became the undisputed King of Australian rock and roll. There was little or no rock music scene in Australia, and certainly no Australian rock recordings, prior to 1957, when Bill Haley toured the country. A local band, the Dee Jays with vocalist Johnny O'Keefe...
48. Esben Storm Esben Storm Writer, Round the Twist
49. Doc Neeson Doc Neeson Soundtrack, Red Dog
50. John Clayton John Clayton Actor, Police Rescue
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