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1. Jean Poiret Jean Poiret Writer, The Birdcage
2. Gilles Grangier Gilles Grangier Director, Archimède, le clochard
3. Jacques Rispal Jacques Rispal Actor, Stolen Kisses
4. Albert Valentin Albert Valentin Writer, The Changing of the Guard
5. Romeo Bosetti Romeo Bosetti Director, Une dame vraiment bien
6. Félix Oudart Félix Oudart Actor, Utopia
7. Charles Blavette Charles Blavette Actor, Les yeux sans visage
8. Lisette Lanvin Lisette Lanvin Actress, Hôtel des étudiants
9. Pierre Bachelet Pierre Bachelet Composer, Emmanuelle Pierre Bachelet, a popular singer (his song "Les Corons" became a tremendous hit in France), always had a special connection with the world of cinema. Wasn't he a graduate of the Rue de Vaugirard Film School? His becoming a film music composer soon appeared as the ideal link between his two passions...
10. Jean Lenoir Jean Lenoir Composer, Midnight in Paris
11. Philippe Mareuil Philippe Mareuil Actor, Rendez-vous de juillet
12. Marcel Gassouk Marcel Gassouk Actor, The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe
13. Robert Moor Robert Moor Actor, Perfectionist
14. Henri Crolla Henri Crolla Composer, La Parisienne
15. Alain Dhénaut Alain Dhénaut Director, Nuit d'ivresse
16. Charles Pasqua Charles Pasqua Self, 7 sur 7
17. Michel Renault Michel Renault Actor, Clémentine Tango
18. Raymond Bernard Raymond Bernard Music Department, La vendetta Raymond Bernard (not to be confused with the famous director of the same name) was a conductor, arranger and composer. After debuting in Ray Ventura's band, he became a member of the orchestra accompanying the circus shows in the early days of French television ("La piste aux étoiles" (1945)_). He also accompanied Gilbert Bécaud and Serge Reggiani during their song recitals...
18 names.