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1. Arthur Davis Arthur Davis Director, Challenge of the GoBots Arthur Davis is the forgotten member of Warner Brother's "Golden Age", overshadowed by Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, & Robert Clampett. A serviceable animator, Davis came to Warner Brothers with fellow animator Frank Tashlin, after working for Columbia Screen Gems. Davis continued to work for Tashlin's animation unit until 1944...
2. Faxon M. Dean Faxon M. Dean Cinematographer, Braveheart Faxon M. Dean ASC was one of the earliest members of the American Society of Cinematographers. Throughout the 20's and 30's he principally worked for Jesse Lasky Productions. According to William Clothier (who became his assistant) he was the principal cinematographer on Paramount Pictures "WNGS" although many attribute the Akeley camera work to him...
3. Adele St. Mauer Adele St. Mauer Actress, The Gay Deception
4. Ruby Garcia Ruby Garcia Actress, Pocahauntus
5. Arthur Hecht Arthur Hecht Actor, Africa Screams Arthur Hecht's life in the spotlight began when he was named "Perfect Baby" in a Los Angeles Baby Week event. His photograph made the front pages and was the start of a life in pictures. As an adorable, curly-haired young boy, he got parts in "Buster Brown" comedies and a role in the "Our Gang" series...
6. Chris Pelekoudas Chris Pelekoudas Self, 1972 World Series
7. Pauline Lewis Pauline Lewis Costume and Wardrobe Department, Attack of the Puppet People
7 names.