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1. Deborah Kerr Deborah Kerr Actress, The King and I Deborah Kerr was born on 30 September 1921 in Helensburgh, Scotland, the daughter of Captain Arthur Kerr-Trimmer. She was educated at Northumberland House, Clifton, Bristol. She first performed at the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park, London. She subsequently performed with the Oxford Repertory Company 1939-40...
2. Prunella Ransome Prunella Ransome Actress, Island of the Damned
3. Emeric Pressburger Emeric Pressburger Writer, The Red Shoes Educated at the Universities of Prague and Stuttgart, Emeric Pressburger worked as a journalist in Hungary and Germany and an author and scriptwriter in Berlin and Paris. He was a Hungarian Jew, chased around Europe (he worked on films for UFA in Berlin and Paris) before World War II, finally finding sanctuary in London--but as a scriptwriter who didn't speak English...
4. Joanna Dunham Joanna Dunham Actress, The Greatest Story Ever Told
5. Megs Jenkins Megs Jenkins Actress, The Innocents An engineer's daughter, she had first planned on becoming a ballerina, using her original Christian name Muguette, but abandoned those plans by the age of 17 when she realized that her physique was more in keeping with her other first name, Megs. She trained in Liverpool at the School of Dancing and...
6. Stratford Johns Stratford Johns Actor, Dance with a Stranger South African-born Stratford Johns was forever associated with the role of tough, abrasive Superintendant Charlie Barlow on TV's Z Cars and its sequels Softly Softly: Task Force and Barlow at Large. In between, he also played Barlow in the miniseries Jack the Ripper (which, in turn, led to a 'cold case' investigation series called Second Verdict)...
7. Gillian Barge Gillian Barge Actress, Love Actually
8. Jack Bruce Jack Bruce Soundtrack, Goodfellas
9. Percy Edwards Percy Edwards Actor, Labyrinth As a young lad Percy was fascinated by the wild creatures of his native Suffolk and found his ability to imitate them made an interesting "party piece" from the age of 12. His first broadcast experience came in the BBC radio series "Vaudeville" in 1930. He made hundreds of broadcasts until his "official" retirement in 1989...
10. Lydia Bilbrook Lydia Bilbrook Actress, The Picture of Dorian Gray
11. Sheila Raynor Sheila Raynor Actress, A Clockwork Orange
12. John Southworth John Southworth Actor, A Christmas Journey
13. Mona Bruce Mona Bruce Actress, To Sir, with Love
14. Ralph Truman Ralph Truman Actor, The Man Who Knew Too Much Veteran British character player Ralph Truman was a pioneer radio actor and appeared in over 5000 broadcasts during his career. Born in London at the turn of the century, his overall film career was commendable but less enviable than his voice work on the airwaves. Originally from the stage, he had just finished a run of "Josef Suss" in 1930 when he moved directly into films...
15. Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten Soundtrack, Moonrise Kingdom
16. Pat Keen Pat Keen Actress, Without a Clue
17. Shelagh Delaney Shelagh Delaney Writer, A Taste of Honey
18. Peter Handford Peter Handford Sound Department, Out of Africa
19. Hammond Innes Hammond Innes Writer, Campbell's Kingdom
20. Gwen Nelson Gwen Nelson Actress, Doctor Zhivago
21. Hubert Willis Hubert Willis Actor, The Boscombe Valley Mystery
22. Myra Hindley Myra Hindley Uncategorised
23. Margery Sharp Margery Sharp Writer, The Rescuers
24. Jack Parnell Jack Parnell Music Department, Barbra Streisand and Other Musical Instruments
25. William Alwyn William Alwyn Composer, A Night to Remember Virtuoso flautist and composer who taught at London's Royal Academy of Music as a professor from 1926 to 1955. During the war years, he was employed by the Ministry of Information, where he came to the fore as a composer of scores for documentary films which were used for morale building, the instruction of troops and for propaganda...
26. Elizabeth Jane Howard Elizabeth Jane Howard Writer, Mr. Wrong
27. Elton Hayes Elton Hayes Soundtrack, Enchanted
28. Jim Morahan Jim Morahan Art Director, The Ladykillers
29. Alf Ramsey Alf Ramsey Self, Gordon Banks
30. Norah Lofts Norah Lofts Writer, The Witches
31. Carey Blyton Carey Blyton Music Department, Death to the Daleks: Part One
32. Clifford Grey Clifford Grey Soundtrack, The Wolf of Wall Street Lyricist ("If You Were the Only Girl in the World", "Valencia", "Got a Date with an Angel") and author, educated at King Edward VI School. He began as an actor, then wrote the Broadway stage scores for "Sally", "Vogues of 1924", "Artists and Models (1924, 1925)", "Annie Dear", "June Days", "Gay Paree"...
33. Josef Ramart Josef Ramart Actor, The Queen of Spades
34. Joseph Kennedy Jr. Joseph Kennedy Jr. Uncategorised
35. Roger Deakin Roger Deakin Writer, A Beetle Called Derek
36. Joan Cross Joan Cross Actress, The Beggar's Opera
37. Ralph Keene Ralph Keene Director, Journey Into Spring
38. Bryan Drake Bryan Drake Actor, The Yeomen of the Guard
39. Doris Zinkeisen Doris Zinkeisen Costume Designer, Show Boat
40. Peter Pears Peter Pears Soundtrack, Distant Voices, Still Lives
41. Leonard Cheshire Leonard Cheshire Self, The Wall: Live in Berlin
42. Colette O'Neil Colette O'Neil Actress, Hindle Wakes
43. Derek Scott Derek Scott Music Department, Dyan Cannon
44. M.M. Kaye M.M. Kaye Writer, Part One: Return to India
45. Geoffrey Clarke Geoffrey Clarke Self, Out of Burning: The Rebirth of Coventry Cathderal
46. Lennie Bush Lennie Bush Music Department, The Last of the Blonde Bombshells
47. Louise Clarke Louise Clarke Self, Digging the Dancing Queens
48. Ronald Simpson Ronald Simpson Actor, Song of Freedom
49. Trish Williamson Trish Williamson Self, Good Morning Britain
50. John Hoskyns John Hoskyns Self, Path to Power
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