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1. Michael Ende Michael Ende Writer, The NeverEnding Story Born 1929 in Germany as son of a surrealist painter who was banned by the Nazis in 1936. Went to Waldorf-school and deserted when he was called to the army at age of 16 in 1945. After the war he became an actor, critic and finally writer. His first big success was the children's book "Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivfuehrer" (Jim Knopf and Lukas the Engine-driver)...
2. Theodor Loos Theodor Loos Actor, Metropolis
3. Dieter Eppler Dieter Eppler Actor, Jonas
4. Viktoriya Gorshenina Viktoriya Gorshenina Actress, Don César de Bazan
5. Erich Ponto Erich Ponto Actor, The Third Man
6. Wilhelm Hauff Wilhelm Hauff Writer, Das Wirtshaus im Spessart
7. Ferdinand Porsche Ferdinand Porsche Uncategorised
8. Grete Wurm Grete Wurm Actress, Die Machtprobe Lived for many years in Munich-Bogenhausen, but she died in Stuttgart in her hotel room where she was for a play. Her grave is in Wiesbaden, Germany. Best role was Oma Drombusch in "Diese Drombuschs".
9. Adelheid Seeck Adelheid Seeck Actress, Mädchen in Uniform
10. Hans Helmut Dickow Hans Helmut Dickow Actor, Der Prozeß der Jeanne D'Arc zu Rouen 1431
11. Ulrike Meinhof Ulrike Meinhof Writer, Bambule
12. Heinz Edelmann Heinz Edelmann Art Director, Yellow Submarine
13. Manfred Rommel Manfred Rommel Self, Rommel - Mythos und Wahrheit
14. Fritz Hartnagel Fritz Hartnagel Uncategorised
15. Ortrud Beginnen Ortrud Beginnen Actress, Pappa ante Portas
16. Ilse Künkele Ilse Künkele Actress, Der Attentäter
17. Oscar Heiler Oscar Heiler Actor, Das Kurtheater After having passed his final secondary school exams at the Karlsgymnasium in Stuttgart, Oscar Heiler began a training in book trade. In 1928 he started his career as an actor at the Stuttgarter Schauspielhaus. Together with his famous Swabian colleague Willy Reichert he started performing their play "Häberle and Pfleiderer" about two Swabians gossipping in 1930...
18. Dieter Ertel Dieter Ertel Director, Fernsehfieber
19. Yan Frid Yan Frid Director, The Dog in the Manger
20. Wilhelm Zeno Diemer Wilhelm Zeno Diemer Actor, Alte Kameraden
21. Hermine Sterler Hermine Sterler Actress, Les saltimbanques
22. Paul Baur Paul Baur Actor, Der starke Stamm
23. Hans Mahnke Hans Mahnke Actor, Der doppelte Nikolaus
24. Johannes Lehmann Johannes Lehmann Self, The Secret of El Dorado
25. Peter O. Chotjewitz Peter O. Chotjewitz Actor, Der Hut oder Mondo Novo
26. Charlotte Schreiber-Just Charlotte Schreiber-Just Actress, Die Kontrolle
27. Eduard Mörike Eduard Mörike Writer, Zu viel
28. Cornelius Dane Cornelius Dane Actor, Off Beat
29. Willy Seiler Willy Seiler Actor, Anno 1960
30. Mila Kopp Mila Kopp Actress, Späte Liebe
31. Alexander P. Laub Alexander P. Laub Director, Alternate Ending
32. Kurt Buecheler Kurt Buecheler Actor, Die schöne Marianne
33. Waltrude Schleyer Waltrude Schleyer Self, Schleyer - Eine deutsche Geschichte
34. Karl Münchinger Karl Münchinger Soundtrack, Se7en
35. Grace Hoffman Grace Hoffman Actress, Die Soldaten
36. Martha Mödl Martha Mödl Actress, The Merry Wives of Windsor
37. Bruno Hoffman Bruno Hoffman Music Department, Fellini's Casanova
38. Gudrun Ensslin Gudrun Ensslin Uncategorised
39. Andreas Baader Andreas Baader Uncategorised
40. Klaus Steiger Klaus Steiger Actor, Das Boot ist voll
41. Eberhard Carl Eberhard Carl Actor, Totgesagte leben länger
42. Konrad Kujau Konrad Kujau Self, Neuanfänge
43. Rudolf Schaad Rudolf Schaad Editor, The Stationmaster
44. Käthe Lindenberg Käthe Lindenberg Actress, Auf der Suche nach Glück
45. Heinz Kenter Heinz Kenter Director, Frischer Wind aus Kanada
46. Ruth Mönch Ruth Mönch Actress, Kennwort Fähre
47. Wolfgang Windgassen Wolfgang Windgassen Actor, Schwarzwaldmädel
48. Prince August Wilhelm Prince August Wilhelm Self, Victory of the Faith
49. Hermann Kasack Hermann Kasack Writer, Der Untergang des goldenen Webstuhls
50. Oscar Müller Oscar Müller Actor, Der Funk-Amateur Oscar Mueller was born in Stuttgart. Before he became an actor he had trained as a banker. From 1940 - 1945 he was in the army. After WW II he took acting lessons with Rudolf Ferchau. In 1946 first acting appearances in the "Stuttgart Wilhelma Theatre" and the "Komoedie im Marquardt". In 1948 Oscar Mueller's career with the South German broadcast began which lasted for more than 50 years...
1-50 of 76 names.