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1. Michael Ende Michael Ende Writer, The NeverEnding Story Born 1929 in Germany as son of a surrealist painter who was banned by the Nazis in 1936. Went to Waldorf-school and deserted when he was called to the army at age of 16 in 1945. After the war he became an actor, critic and finally writer. His first big success was the children's book "Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivfuehrer" (Jim Knopf and Lukas the Engine-driver)...
2. Erich Ponto Erich Ponto Actor, The Third Man
3. Friedrich Feher Friedrich Feher Actor, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
4. Dietz Werner Steck Dietz Werner Steck Actor, Tatort Dietz Werner was born in Waiblingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg. His grandfather Caspar Alberti was an actor in Nuremberg. This animated Dietz Werner at an early age to imitate his fellow human beings especially the local pharmacist which made it difficult for the family to get medicine at the only pharmacy...
5. Hermine Sterler Hermine Sterler Actress, Volk in Not
6. Andreas Baader Andreas Baader
7. Grete Wurm Grete Wurm Actress, Diese Drombuschs Lived for many years in Munich-Bogenhausen, but she died in Stuttgart in her hotel room where she was for a play. Her grave is in Wiesbaden, Germany. Best role was Oma Drombusch in "Diese Drombuschs".
8. Ulrike Meinhof Ulrike Meinhof Writer, Bambule
9. Wilhelm Hauff Wilhelm Hauff Writer, Das Wirtshaus im Spessart
10. Cornelius Dane Cornelius Dane Actor, Kammerflimmern
11. Gottlieb Daimler Gottlieb Daimler
12. Fritz Hartnagel Fritz Hartnagel
13. Walter Kottenkamp Walter Kottenkamp Actor, Im Banne der Madonna
14. Gudrun Ensslin Gudrun Ensslin
15. Eberhard Jäckel Eberhard Jäckel Self, The Road to War
16. Lothar Späth Lothar Späth Self, Sabine Christiansen
17. Kurt Buecheler Kurt Buecheler Actor, Die schöne Marianne
18. Walter Erich Schäfer Walter Erich Schäfer Director, Nivose, der Schneemonat
19. Rudolf Schaad Rudolf Schaad Editor, Der Postmeister
20. Klaus Steiger Klaus Steiger Actor, Das Boot ist voll
21. Karl Münchinger Karl Münchinger Soundtrack, Se7en
22. Otto Erich Schilling Otto Erich Schilling Composer, Seelenwanderung
23. Hans-Werner Kirchner Hans-Werner Kirchner Actor, Hadschi Halef Omar
24. Adalbert Alexander Zinn Adalbert Alexander Zinn Writer, Die gute Sieben
25. Fred Goebel Fred Goebel Actor, Kinder der Landstraße
26. Gerhard Unger Gerhard Unger Actor, Wozzeck
27. Hans Peter Doll Hans Peter Doll Writer, Die venezianische Tür
28. Jörn W. Wilsing Jörn W. Wilsing Actor, Martha
29. Josef Traxel Josef Traxel Actor, Der Vogelhändler
30. Ernst Heinkel Ernst Heinkel
31. Hans Mahnke Hans Mahnke Actor, Kirmes
32. Margarete Hannsmann Margarete Hannsmann Self, Die Geliebte - Die Lyrikerin Margarete Hannsmann erzählt die Jahre mit HAP Grieshaber
33. Theodor Heuss Theodor Heuss Self, Gedenkfeier zum 150. Todestag von Friedrich von Schiller am 9. Mai 1955
34. Günter Behnisch Günter Behnisch Self, Berlin Babylon
35. Friederike Sailer Friederike Sailer Actor, Mommy
36. Gerhard Meyer-Vorfelder Gerhard Meyer-Vorfelder Self, Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen
37. Walter Hallstein Walter Hallstein Self, Zur Person
38. Heinrich Feischner Heinrich Feischner Composer, Bei Anruf - Mord
39. August Wilhelm von Preußen August Wilhelm von Preußen
40. Fatos Kastrati Fatos Kastrati Cinematographer, Kulla
41. Albert Bozenhard Albert Bozenhard Actor, Temperamental Artist
42. Käthe Lindenberg Käthe Lindenberg Actress, Das Duell
43. Hans Bayer Hans Bayer Writer, Deutschland, deine Schwaben
44. Martha Mödl Martha Mödl Actress, The Merry Wives of Windsor
45. Alexander P. Laub Alexander P. Laub Director, Alternate Ending
46. Alfred Neubauer Alfred Neubauer Writer, Helfer, Funktionäre - Startplatz räumen! Alfred Neubauer, born in Neutitschein in 1891, was the only son of a furniture-maker and as he grew up he developed a deep fondness for motors and racing cars, becoming with the years the manager of the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix racing team from 1926 to 1955 with its famed Silver Arrow cars. While serving in the Austrian Army he started repairing military vehicles...
47. Hermann Lang Hermann Lang Self, The Stars Shine
48. Rudolph Uhlenhaut Rudolph Uhlenhaut Self, Rennfieber
48 names.