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1. Sage Stallone Sage Stallone Actor, Rocky V
2. Alice Ghostley Alice Ghostley Actress, The Graduate Whether portraying a glum, withering wallflower, a drab and dowdy housewife, a klutzy maid or a cynical gossip, eccentric character comedienne Alice Ghostley had the ability to draw laughs from the skimpiest of material with a simple fret or whine. Making a name for herself on the Tony-winning Broadway stage...
3. Nicholas Colasanto Nicholas Colasanto Actor, Raging Bull Nicholas Colasanto, the actor and television director who achieved his greatest success as "Coach" on the TV series Cheers at the end of his career, was born January 19, 1924 in Providence, Rhode Island, one of seven children. He attended Providence's Central High School but did not graduate due to World War II...
4. Gene Autry Gene Autry Soundtrack, Sleepless in Seattle Orvon Gene Autry is considered by many to be the greatest western star of all time. He earned the designation of "America's Favorite Cowboy". He was "discovered" by Will Rogers while working as a telegrapher. One of his stars on the Walk of fame is for Live Performance (including rodeo), not live theater...
5. Elliott Reid Elliott Reid Actor, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
6. Lilyan Chauvin Lilyan Chauvin Actress, Catch Me If You Can A veteran actress including both leading and supporting roles, Chauvin started on the English stage before moving to America. She is started small roles through the 50s and 60s.
7. Norman Budd Norman Budd Actor, One Million B.C.
8. Dick Tufeld Dick Tufeld Actor, Lost in Space The first words heard in the Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea tv series belonged to Dick Tufeld: "This is the Seaview, the most extraordinary submarine in all the seven seas". The first words heard in the Irwin Allen's Lost In Space tv series belonged to Dick Tufeld: "This is the beginning, this is the day, you are watching the unfolding of one of history's great adventures...
9. Stu Nahan Stu Nahan Actor, Rocky IV
10. Biff Elliot Biff Elliot Actor, The Enemy Below
11. Cliff Norton Cliff Norton Actor, General Hospital
12. Lauretta Feldman Lauretta Feldman Self, Augenblick mal... Wer ist Marty Feldman?
13. Myrna Dell Myrna Dell Actress, The Lost Tribe Marilyn Adele Dunlap was born on March 5, 1924 (for her stage name she took her nickname, Myrna, and shortened her middle name, Adele, to "Dell", which she used as her last name). She started her career as a showgirl in the famous Earl Carroll Revue in New York, and made her film debut in A Night at Earl Carroll's...
14. Linda Stirling Linda Stirling Actress, Zorro's Black Whip American leading woman, a popular action star of serials in the 1940s. She studied music, dance, and drama as a child and received a scholarship to a Hollywood acting school. But she arrived in Hollywood to discover the school had closed, and she took a job as a showgirl at the Earl Carroll Theatre in Hollywood...
15. Don Nelson Don Nelson Writer, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
16. Nikita Knatz Nikita Knatz Art Department, Predator
17. Edward DeBlasio Edward DeBlasio Writer, Sara Who?
18. Arthur Dreifuss Arthur Dreifuss Director, The Quare Fellow German-born choreographer Arthur Dreifuss emigrated to the US in 1928, eventually becoming a theatrical producer in New York City. He went to Hollywood, first as a dance director in the 1930s, then from 1939 directing a steady stream of B-movies, initially for Poverty Row company PRC (Producer's Releasing Corporation)...
19. Rai Tasco Rai Tasco Actor, The Green Mile
20. Ralph T. Schlain Ralph T. Schlain Costume and Wardrobe Department, Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey
21. Bob Bardo Bob Bardo Producer, Passions
22. Irene Wallace Irene Wallace Actress, Landing the Hose Reel
23. Jack Egger Jack Egger Actor, Stella Dallas
24. Joe Glover Joe Glover Music Department, Birth of the Blues Composer, conductor, arranger, songwriter and arranger, educated at the University of Pennsylvania and a student of Ernst Toch, Pietro Floridia and Joseph Schillinger. He was an arranger for the orchestras of Fletcher Henderson and Andre Kostelanetz and worked in the music deparments of film studios for seven years...
25. Mary Hanes Mary Hanes Writer, Abandon Ship
26. William N. Clark William N. Clark Camera and Electrical Department, Magnum Force
27. Carl Brandt Carl Brandt Music Department, Gypsy
28. Judy Oseransky Judy Oseransky Producer, Population 436
29. Duke Taylor Duke Taylor Stunts, The Painted Stallion
30. Alex Ball Alex Ball Actor, Around the World in Eighty Days
31. Russell Kimball Russell Kimball Art Director, Flying Tigers
32. Marion Gibbons Marion Gibbons Thanks, Ghoulies
33. Roderick Mann Roderick Mann Writer, Foreign Body
34. Donald Specht Donald Specht Writer, Sonar One-Step
35. Frederick Moore Frederick Moore Cinematographer, A Year in the Life
36. Jack Elton Jack Elton Music Department, Episode #7.14
37. Chet Dowling Chet Dowling Writer, Candid Camera
38. Bert Schoenfeld Bert Schoenfeld Sound Department, Rocky
38 names.