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1. David Langton David Langton Actor, Magic Casements His father, a wine importer loved the theatre and encouraged his acting ambitions and got him his first job at 16 touring with a Shakespearean company painting scenery and doing walk on parts. His mother disapproved thinking it wasn't a job for a respectable middle class young man. By 1939 he'd graduated to leading roles but then the war came...
2. Andrew Faulds Andrew Faulds Actor, Cleopatra Faulds was born in Africa into a missionary family. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1948, but it was as a radio actor that he first became widely known, playing Jet Morgan in Charles Chilton's "Journey into Space" on the BBC. In 1959, he and his wife were among those providing hospitality for the black-listed Paul Robeson during the latter's season at Stratford...
3. Marie Corelli Marie Corelli Writer, Leaves Out of the Book of Satan
4. George Skillan George Skillan Actor, Spitfire
5. Paul Hardtmuth Paul Hardtmuth Actor, The Curse of Frankenstein
6. Randle Ayrton Randle Ayrton Actor, The Manxman Randle Ayrton born in Chester in 1869. Educated at Geneva University. became a highly well-known performer in classical theatre, making his acting debut at the Old Avenue Theatre in London in 1890, and has been successful in London's West End and in America until the late 1930's. sophisticated gentleman in English silent and sound films...
7. Ted Valentine Ted Valentine Actor, Come Fly with Me
8. Alfred Barrett Alfred Barrett Writer, Cash on Delivery
9. Bryan Cowgill Bryan Cowgill Self, Roots Remembered
9 names.