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1. Jack Kerouac Jack Kerouac Writer, On the Road Jack Kerouac was born into a French-Canadian family and spoke French before he learned English. His father was a printer and a local businessman. His first story was inspired by the radio show "The Shadow". As a young writer he styled himself after Thomas Wolfe, and attended Columbia University. Although his most famous novel is "On the Road"...
2. Amber SexXxum Amber SexXxum Actress, Tampa Tushy Fest
3. Bruce Snowdon Bruce Snowdon Actor, Big Fish
4. Muriel Ostriche Muriel Ostriche Actress, The Farmer's Daughters Silent-film actress Muriel Ostriche was born in New York City on March 24, 1896. As a young girl she planned on becoming a schoolteacher, but that career fell by the wayside when, while still a high-school student, she was stopped on the street by director Christy Cabanne, who asked her to take a screen test at American Biograph studios...
5. Alexander Campbell Alexander Campbell Actor, Anatomy of a Murder
6. Frederick C. Davis Frederick C. Davis Writer, Lady in the Death House
7. Augie Donatelli Augie Donatelli Self, 1955 World Series
8. Marcia Kuyper Schneider Marcia Kuyper Schneider Director, Taking Children Seriously
9. Charles Hall Charles Hall Production Manager, Suddenly
10. Robert Seiter Robert Seiter Editor, Leave It to Beaver
11. Jane Gail Jane Gail Actress, Traffic in Souls Jane Gail born Ethel Magee in Salem, New York in 1890. She starred in early American silent drama and comedy movies, began on stage in 1905, her film career began as an extra in 1912 and became a leading lady the following year, she is best remembered for her role in 1913's 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde where she gained worldwide fame as Dr...
12. Marcy Vosburgh Marcy Vosburgh Producer, Married with Children
13. Princess Pearl Princess Pearl Actress, Everything Is Rhythm
14. Jeri Archer Jeri Archer Actress, Morals Squad
15. Ethel Wilson Ethel Wilson Actress, The Aldrich Family
16. Harry Hilliard Harry Hilliard Actor, The New York Peacock
17. Philip DeWilde Philip DeWilde Actor, Dawn of the Dead Philip DeWilde is a Genie nominated performer with over 20 years professional experience in television, radio and film. As a voice actor he continues to lead many successful campaigns for major corporations including Coca Cola, Pizza Pops, Dell Computers, Kraft Dinner, Mitsubishi, Pizza Hut and Rogers Wireless to name a few...
18. Arnold Johnson Arnold Johnson Soundtrack, Clean Slate
19. Waldemar Matuska Waldemar Matuska Actor, Lemonade Joe
20. Gil Brewer Gil Brewer Writer, Three Way
21. Chic Young Chic Young Writer, Blondie on a Budget
22. J. Parnell Thomas J. Parnell Thomas
23. Sadakichi Hartmann Sadakichi Hartmann Actor, The Thief of Bagdad
24. Douglas Brush Douglas Brush Actor, Doc Hollywood
25. Robert Ray Robert Ray
26. Umberto Bonsignori Umberto Bonsignori Director, Maeva
27. Edwin C. Hill Edwin C. Hill Writer, Hitler's Reign of Terror After his graduation from University of Indiana, Mr. Hill became a newsman. As one of the New York Sun's star reporters he covered centers of interest around the world. He became a director of newsreels and wrote syndicated newspaper columns. He was fond of riding, golf and his bull terrier. His flair for human interest won him a wide following.
28. Dave McKay Dave McKay Self, Scene and Heard: A Musical History of Isla Vista, CA
29. Jacqueline Saltzman Jacqueline Saltzman Actress, From Russia with Love
30. Leo Corday Leo Corday Soundtrack, Two Family House
31. Kent Thurber Kent Thurber Actor, Prisoner of Japan
32. Nicky Francis Nicky Francis Actor, Time for Fun
33. Ned Conlon Ned Conlon Actor, Heavy Metal
34. Elmer Schoebel Elmer Schoebel Soundtrack, The Aviator
35. Robert Schindler Robert Schindler Self, Canada A.M.
36. Joe 'Ducky' Medwick Joe 'Ducky' Medwick Self, Pennant Chasers
37. Wilson Turner Wilson Turner Miscellaneous Crew, Why Do Fools Fall in Love
38. Peter Bramley Peter Bramley Actor, Item 72-D: The Adventures of Spa and Fon
39. Will M. Cressy Will M. Cressy Writer, Stateroom Secrets
40. Robert J. Donovan Robert J. Donovan Writer, PT 109
41. LeRoy Clemens LeRoy Clemens Writer, Aloma of the South Seas
42. Thomas Burke Thomas Burke Self, Charlie Rose
43. Al Costello Al Costello Self, I Like to Hurt People
44. Marion L. Boswell Marion L. Boswell Actor, Summer Rental
45. Al Schmid Al Schmid Self, Playing by Ear Al Schmid was born in Burholme, Pennsylvania. He was working for a steel company in Philadelphia when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, and he enlisted in the Marine Corps two days later. After training at the Corps' Parris Island (SC) and New River (NC) training facilities, he was assigned to the 11th Machine Gun Squad, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Division...
46. Ivan Rudisill Ivan Rudisill Music Department, The Battle Cry of Peace
47. Essie Fay Essie Fay Actress, Prowlers of the Wild
48. Lennie Dee Lennie Dee Self, The Jack Paar Tonight Show
49. Geoffrey O'Hara Geoffrey O'Hara Soundtrack, Tin Pan Alley
50. Kenny Dee Kenny Dee Actor, Throat... 12 Years After
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