13 names.

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1. Tommy Sexton Tommy Sexton Actor, Codco
2. Zachary Andrew Turner Zachary Andrew Turner Thanks, Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
3. Brenda Devine Brenda Devine Actress, Dick
4. Ray Bellew Ray Bellew Actor, Razzle Dazzle
5. Janis Spence Janis Spence Actress, Gullage's
6. William T. Carleton William T. Carleton Actor, Home Wanted
7. Michelle Jackson Michelle Jackson Actress, Anchor Zone
8. Joey Smallwood Joey Smallwood Self, Joey
9. Gracie P. Aylward Gracie P. Aylward Writer, Comedy Now! Gracie was born in Newfoundland to an Irish Catholic father and an British Protestant mum. Her father worked for the justice department ward for the criminally insane. His love of tall tales and inappropriate sharing of work stories with his young daughter helped to shape Gracie's humor from an early age, much to her mother's chagrin...
10. Donald Jamieson Donald Jamieson Self, The Canadian Federation
11. Ray Guy Ray Guy Writer, Young Triffie's Been Made Away With
12. Dermot O'Reilly Dermot O'Reilly Self, Water Street
13. John Wyre John Wyre Composer, Mountain Gorilla
13 names.