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1. Dot Farley Dot Farley Actress, Bangville Police
2. Eily Malyon Eily Malyon Actress, Going My Way
3. Hank Mann Hank Mann Actor, Modern Times
4. Maxie Rosenbloom Maxie Rosenbloom Actor, Nothing Sacred Max Rosenbloom was 5'11" and weighed 165-170 lb. during the peak of his professional boxing years (which included 289 fights). In later years the larger-than-life "Slapsie Maxie" would parlay his sports fame into a Hollywood career playing a series of Runyonesque-type thugs and pugs. Born Max Everitt Rosenbloom in Connecticut...
5. Frank Puglia Frank Puglia Actor, Jungle Book Puglia started his career at age 15 when he joined a traveling operetta company. Frank appeared in Italian opera from the age of 13. He came to the U.S. in 1907 and worked in a laundry before joining an Italian language theatre group in New York. In 1921, while appearing on stage, he was spotted by D.W. Griffith and was hired immediately...
6. Creighton Hale Creighton Hale Actor, The Cat and the Canary
7. Jack Walsh Jack Walsh Actor, A Simple Plan
8. William Reynolds William Reynolds Editor, The Godfather New York-born William Reynolds was a self-effacing editor with a distinguished sixty-year career in the motion picture industry, noted for his unobtrusive, seamless work on movies of every genre, from romantic melodramas to gangster films. A graduate of Princeton University, he started in the business...
9. Johnny Kascier Johnny Kascier Actor, Pleasure Treasure
10. Jane Keckley Jane Keckley Actress, As Told by Princess Bess
11. Nellie Manley Nellie Manley Makeup Department, Bonanza
12. Laska Winter Laska Winter Actress, What Ho, the Cook
13. Hugh Boswell Hugh Boswell Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Beverly of Graustark
14. Edwin Gregson Edwin Gregson Actor, The Naked and the Dead
15. Michael Cirillo Michael Cirillo Actor, Around the World in 80 Days
16. Curt Furburg Curt Furburg Actor, Berlin Correspondent
17. Mayme Kelso Mayme Kelso Actress, Why Change Your Wife?
18. Harry W. Gerstad Harry W. Gerstad Cinematographer, Dogs of War!
19. Marieke Douridas Marieke Douridas Actress, No I in Security
20. Edward Sowders Edward Sowders Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Foolish Wives
21. Frank Deshon Frank Deshon Actor, Border Raiders
22. Robert St. Claire Robert St. Claire Writer, Women in the Night
23. Ralph DePalma Ralph DePalma Self, Vanderbilt Cup Race
24. Mike Kelley Mike Kelley Self, After Modernism: The Dilemma of Influence
24 names.