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1. Raoul Walsh Raoul Walsh Director, White Heat Raoul Walsh's 52-year directorial career made him a Hollywood legend. Walsh was also an actor: He appeared in the first version of W. Somerset Maugham's "Rain" renamed Sadie Thompson opposite Gloria Swanson in the title role. He would have played the Cisco Kid in his own film In Old Arizona if an errant jackrabbit hadn't cost him his right eye by leaping through the windshield of his automobile...
2. Patsy Swayze Patsy Swayze Miscellaneous Crew, Hope Floats
3. Albert C. Rusk Albert C. Rusk Transportation Department, Erin Brockovich
4. Shirley Tegge Shirley Tegge Actress, Half Way to Hell
5. Milton Kibbee Milton Kibbee Actor, The Luckiest Guy in the World
6. Joseph M. Newman Joseph M. Newman Director, This Island Earth Joseph M. Newman worked his way up from office boy and clerk to writer and assistant director under George Cukor, Ernst Lubitsch and others. In 1937 he was briefly assigned to MGM's British section as a second unit director, but returned home within the year to direct short features. His occasional...
7. Richard Jamison Richard Jamison Actor, Every Which Way But Loose
8. Mark Balelo Mark Balelo Self, Storage Wars
9. Lincoln Demyan Lincoln Demyan Actor, White Lightning
10. Marilyn O'Connor Marilyn O'Connor Actress, Secret Santa
11. Anthony R. Lovett Anthony R. Lovett Writer, Latex
12. John Graham John Graham Camera and Electrical Department, The King of Queens
13. Daniel D. Harris Daniel D. Harris Actor, The Green Mile Daniel's family moved to Nashville after he was born in Colorado Springs. Both of his parents were classical music legends Roy and Johana Harris so their home was filled with music. By the age of fourteen, he moved to California (parents taught at U.C.L.A.) and bought his first guitar in Santa Monica. Shortly, Daniel and brother Shaun formed a successful rock group...
14. Bill Reese Bill Reese Actor, The Hellcats
15. Russ Klein Russ Klein Soundtrack, The Lawrence Welk Show
16. Jules Engel Jules Engel Animation Department, Popeye the Sailor Founder of the experimental-animation program at CalArts in 1970 (where he taught for over thirty years), and a founder of the UPA animation studio, Jules Engel choreographed the famous hippopotamus/alligator dance, the bottle-dancing Cossack thistles and the mushroom ballet within "Fantasia" (1940)...
17. Hal Geer Hal Geer Producer, The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour
18. Charles H. Schram Charles H. Schram Makeup Department, The Godfather: Part II
19. Weldon Bleiler Weldon Bleiler Actor, The Bad Seed
20. Herbert Wiere Herbert Wiere Actor, Oh, Those Bells Herbert Wiere was born in Vienna in 1909 into a family having a long tradition in show business. In 1922, he and his brothers, Harry Wiere and Sylvester Wiere, formed The Wiere Brothers comedy act and began performing in theatres and on stages. They came to America for the first time in 1935 and remained in 1937...
21. Truck Krone Truck Krone Camera and Electrical Department, The Lawrence Welk Show
22. Glenn Spencer Glenn Spencer Music Department, Gunsmoke
23. Peter V. Saldutti Peter V. Saldutti Costume and Wardrobe Department, Tequila Sunrise
24. Mary Harper-Johns Mary Harper-Johns Actress, Knock on Wood
25. Wilbur Mosier Wilbur Mosier Production Manager, Ironside
26. Don Hulbert Don Hulbert Actor, Singin' in the Rain
27. Dan Carrington Dan Carrington Visual Effects, Blade: Trinity
28. Edward A. Biery Edward A. Biery Editor, Friendly Persuasion
29. Edward Staten Vance Edward Staten Vance Art Department, Coming to America
30. Bob Winquist Bob Winquist
31. Phiroze Nazir Phiroze Nazir Actor, Man-Eater of Kumaon
32. Eddy King Eddy King Actor, The Thin Red Line
33. Josep Carner Ribalta Josep Carner Ribalta Writer, Galas de la Paramount
34. Dorothy Seay Dorothy Seay Actress, Silent Pal
35. Richard E. Reilly Richard E. Reilly Editorial Department, The Big Valley
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