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1. Adolfo Celi Adolfo Celi Actor, Thunderball Sicilian born actor/writer/director was very popular with European audiences, but largely unknown to the west apart from his portrayal of the villainous SPECTRE agent "Emilio Largo" in the spectacular James Bond film Thunderball. However, due to his heavy accent, Celi's voice was dubbed by Robert Rietty...
2. Tonino Cervi Tonino Cervi Producer, Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!
3. Italo Calvino Italo Calvino Writer, Boccaccio '70
4. Luigi Bonelli Luigi Bonelli Writer, The Man Who Smiles
5. Alfredo Martinelli Alfredo Martinelli Actor, Le avventure di Fantasio Nuvola
6. Pinturicchio Pinturicchio Art Department, Parajanov: The Last Spring
7. Maurizio Grande Maurizio Grande Producer, Concerto per attore solo
7 names.