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1. Pauline Chan Pauline Chan Actress, Gwok chaan Ling Ling Chat Born in Shanghai, China, as Pinyin Chen Baolian, Pauline Chan emigrated to Hong Kong at age 12 with her mother when her parents divorced. A beautiful young girl, it didn't take long for photographers and agents to notice her and she began modeling at 15. In 1990 she entered the Miss Asia beauty pageant...
2. Lingyu Ruan Lingyu Ruan Actress, Shen nu
3. Kimi Qiao Kimi Qiao Actor, Ye dian
4. Blackie Shou Liang Ko Blackie Shou Liang Ko Actor, Cung on zo Shou-Liang was born in China in 1953 before moving to live in Taiwan when he was three. When he was 16 he had taken up motorsports and had begun racing motorcycles and cars professionally. Shortly after this he got into acting for films. Spotting that most stuntmen in Taiwan specialised in martial arts and such...
5. Yin Wang Yin Wang Actor, Yan yu meng meng
6. Yang Bai Yang Bai Actress, Shi zi jie tou
7. Xuan Zhou Xuan Zhou Actress, Malu tianshi Legendary Chinese actress and singer Zhou Xuan was born on 1 August (year of birth uncertain as either 1918 or 1920) in Jiangsu province, China and originally named Su Pu. At 3, she was sold by her uncle (by deceit) to the Wang family and thereafter her name changed to Wang Xiaohong. Later she was sent to a Zhou family...
8. Jian'er Zhu Jian'er Zhu Composer, Lie huo zhong yong sheng
9. Yu Sun Yu Sun Director, Dalu
10. Frances Trego Montgomery Frances Trego Montgomery Writer, Billy Whiskers Frances Trego Montgomery was a prolific writer of children's stories during the early twentieth century. She is best known for her popular "Billy Whiskers" series, which were about the misadventures of a mischievous but somewhat short-tempered goat. Many children, including the future President of the United States...
11. Jay Speiden Jay Speiden Writer, Unscrewed with Martin Sargent
12. Shu Chen Shu Chen Actor, The Last Emperor
13. Wei Li Wei Li Actor, Wo zhe yi bei zi
14. Charles Charras Charles Charras Actor, Une petite note d'humanité
15. Sisi Chen Sisi Chen Actress, San xiao
16. Jiqun Liu Jiqun Liu Actor, Zi sha he tong
17. Likun Yang Likun Yang Actress, Wu duo Jinhua Yang Likun was born in a family of 11 children (she's number 9, hence the nickname "Xiaojiuer", i.e., "Little Nine"). She joined Yunnan Province Singing & Dancing Troupe at the tender age of 11. She had only appeared in two musicals, Five Golden Flowers (1958) and Ashima (1964), and yet she became Judy Garland of China at her time...
18. Daolin Sun Daolin Sun Actor, Fei chang da zong tong
19. Xianzhai Wang Xianzhai Wang Actor, Genü hongmudan
20. Xinghuo Zhong Xinghuo Zhong Actor, Li Shuangshuang
21. Wei Te Wei Te Director, Shan shui qing
22. Xia Ai Xia Ai Actress, Chun can
23. Hui Shi Hui Shi Actor, Wo zhe yi bei zi
24. Chuanxi Chen Chuanxi Chen Music Department, Reineke Fuchs
25. Liting Chen Liting Chen Director, Yao yuan de ai
26. Xiao-zhong Yang Xiao-zhong Yang Director, Chun
27. Niu Tie Niu Tie Actor, Zhe bu shi wu hui
28. Zhengqiu Zheng Zhengqiu Zheng Director, Zi mei hua
29. Xun Lu Xun Lu Writer, Shang shi
30. Xinfang Zhou Xinfang Zhou Actor, Song shi jie
31. Zuolin Huang Zuolin Huang Director, Biao
32. Xiaodan Tang Xiaodan Tang Director, Nan zheng bei zhan
33. Wenyuan Yao Wenyuan Yao
34. Xiao Feng Xiao Feng Actor, Tie dao you ji dui
35. Zhi Cheng Zhi Cheng Actor, Biao
36. Lu Bai Lu Bai Actress, Ti yu huang hou
37. Yi Fei Chen Yi Fei Chen Director, Li fa shi
38. Min Sun Min Sun Actor, Chuan jia nu
39. Jin Ba Jin Ba Writer, Witch from Nepal Jin Ba is one of China's most acclaimed modern novelists. Born into a wealthy family, he received a broad education in China, graduating in 1925, and traveling to France in 1927-28. Early in life he became a committed anarchist and socialist, and in France wrote his first novel, Miewang [destruction] (1929)...
40. Xiaoqiu Zheng Xiaoqiu Zheng Actor, Zi mei hua
41. Shujun Shi Shujun Shi Director, Xiao jiao qi mou sheng ji
42. Jie Tang Jie Tang Actor, Baiyun Ta
43. Zhegu Zheng Zhegu Zheng Actor, Zhi guo yuan
44. Max Mohr Max Mohr Writer, The Strange Case of Captain Ramper
45. Shaofen Huang Shaofen Huang Cinematographer, Tao hua qi xue ji
46. Fei Han Fei Han Actor, Qiao lao ye shang jiao
47. Qiong Liu Qiong Liu Actor, Fang mao zi
48. Ruifang Zhang Ruifang Zhang Actress, Li Shuangshuang
49. Jinglin Xuan Jinglin Xuan Actress, Zi mei hua
50. Chunqiao Zhang Chunqiao Zhang
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