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1. Jack Norton Jack Norton Actor, The Palm Beach Story Pencil-mustachioed character actor in Hollywood films of the '30s and '40s, cast perennially as a reeling, incoherent, comic drunk, often clad in evening clothes and satin high hat. In an effort to make his characterizations convincing, he often followed drunks and watched their movements closely in order to copy them. In real life, he was a total abstainer from alcohol.
2. Lila Lee Lila Lee Actress, Blood and Sand A performer since childhood (she was widely known then as "Cuddles"), pert and pretty, raven-haired Lila Lee was brought to Hollywood by Paramount mogul Jesse L. Lasky and debuted in a starring role with The Cruise of the Make-Believes as a poor girl supported by a rich admirer. Following her appearance as a servant wench in Cecil B. DeMille's Male and Female...
3. Maurice Gosfield Maurice Gosfield Actor, The Phil Silvers Show Maurice Lionel Gosfield was on January 28, 1913 in New York City, but was raised in Philadelphia and later Evanston, Il., where he began acting with the Ralph Bellamy and Melvyn Douglas Players, later joining the summer stock theater circuit in 1930. He made his Broadway debut as Manero in the play Siege in 1937...
4. Ward Crane Ward Crane Actor, Sherlock Jr. American actor of silent films. A native of Albany, New York, the son of a railroad engineer, he began a career in government, serving as confidential stenographer and then secretary to Governor William Sulzer of New York. Sulzer's impeachment and removal from office left Crane without a job, and he obtained a commission in the U.S...
5. Owen Martin Owen Martin Actor, The Pajama Game
6. Evelyn Ellis Evelyn Ellis Actress, The Lady from Shanghai
7. Gus Pixley Gus Pixley Actor, Dan Greegan's Ghost
8. Christy Mathewson Christy Mathewson Self, Christy Mathewson and the New York National League Team Baseball was a popular sport in its first 30 years, but it had always lacked one thing: a superstar. The 19th century was full of great players who won great popularity, but one thing the period lacked was a superstar the masses could idolize. The sport eventually did find its first superstar in the form of Christy Mathewson...
9. Felicia Manheim Felicia Manheim Miscellaneous Crew, The Ladykillers
10. Macey Harlam Macey Harlam Actor, The Habit of Happiness
11. Ernie Burnett Ernie Burnett Soundtrack, Café Society Songwriter ("Georgia Moonlight", "Steamboat Rag"), composer, pianist and publisher, educated at the Charlottenberg Conservatory and other music studies in Italy and Austria. He returned to the USA in 1901 and became a vaudeville pianist and entertainer. During World War I, he served in the 89th Division of the Allied Expeditionary Forces...
12. Percy Carr Percy Carr Actor, Vincennes
13. Emma-Lindsay Squier Emma-Lindsay Squier Writer, Dancing Pirate
14. George Majeroni George Majeroni Actor, My Lady Incog.
15. Herbert Ingraham Herbert Ingraham Soundtrack, Rough Seas
16. Manuel Quezón Manuel Quezón
17. Jack Shea Jack Shea Self, Lake Placid: An Olympic History
18. John Woodford John Woodford Actor, The Mad Dancer
19. Alan Brooks Alan Brooks Actor, Home Struck
20. Orme Caldara Orme Caldara Actor, The Spreading Dawn
21. Fred G. Sullivan Fred G. Sullivan Director, The Beer Drinker's Guide to Fitness and Filmmaking Fred Sullivan was a pioneering filmmaker in New York State's Adirondack Park. He attended film school in Boston and came to the Adirondacks to direct his first feature, Cold River. Fred died suddenly while playing basketball at Paul Smith's College.
22. George M. Hall George M. Hall Actor, Green-Eyed Love
23. Silvio Hein Silvio Hein Composer, Charity
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