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1. Rollin Moriyama Rollin Moriyama Actor, Foul Play
2. Charles McGregor Charles McGregor Actor, Blazing Saddles Bald, tubby and engaging African-American character actor Charles McGregor was born on September 1, 1922 in New York City. McGregor spent a fair share of his early life in jail, but cleaned up his act when he was released from prison and had a brief, but impressive career as a supporting actor in blaxploitation features made throughout the 70s...
3. Roxanne Kernohan Roxanne Kernohan Actress, Tango & Cash Stunningly lovely, vibrant and extremely well-built statuesque blonde beauty Roxanne Kernohan greatly enlivened a handful of hugely enjoyable late 80s horror, science fiction and exploitation pictures with her exceptionally attractive looks, bubbly, appealing and vivacious personality, and considerable sex appeal...
4. Kay Harding Kay Harding Actress, The Scarlet Claw
5. Robert Feero Robert Feero Actor, THX 1138
6. James Yagi James Yagi Actor, Bridge to the Sun
7. Pat Gleason Pat Gleason Actor, Detour
8. Robert Terry Robert Terry Actor, Murderers' Row
9. Louise Vienna Louise Vienna Actress, The Fortune Cookie
10. Lance Lance Actor, Leo & Lance
11. Carlos Gastel Carlos Gastel Producer, Episode #1.28
12. Paul Cristo Paul Cristo Actor, To Catch a Thief
13. Adolph Milar Adolph Milar Actor, Bulldog Drummond
14. Andy MacLennan Andy MacLennan Actor, The Blackbird
15. Vet Anderson Vet Anderson Animation Department, The Wizard of Oz Jesse Sylvester "Vet" Anderson, cartoonist, comic strip artist, illustrator, and sculptor, was born in Bear Lake, Michigan. He got the nickname "Vet" because he was a veteran of the Spanish American War at the age of 23. He created cartoons and comic strips for the Detroit Free Press, the New York Herald Tribune...
16. Vinnie Burns Vinnie Burns Actress, Dick Whittington and his Cat
17. Nina Campana Nina Campana Actress, The Petrified Forest Nina Campana was born on December 23, 1897 as Esperanza Susanna de Ybarrondo in Los Angeles, California to parents Vicenta Botiller & Dr. Thomas de Ybarrondo. She was first married to opera singer Ettore Camapana and then later on to Martin A. Wolfskill. Nina passed on June 21, 1950 at her home in Los Angeles.
18. Alice Ward Alice Ward Actress, Saturday Afternoon
19. Billie Bellport Billie Bellport Actress, Fibbing Fibbers
20. Elinor Oliver Elinor Oliver Actress, Camille
21. Ralph Linn Ralph Linn Actor, Women in Bondage
22. Donna Dabney Donna Dabney Actress, The Wild Ride
23. Wallace Sullivan Wallace Sullivan Writer, Libeled Lady
24. Charles Kaley Charles Kaley Actor, Lord Byron of Broadway
25. Robert Bradford Robert Bradford Actor, How Green Was My Valley
26. David Lemos David Lemos Miscellaneous Crew, Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt
27. Ernie Crockett Ernie Crockett Special Effects, Saturday Afternoon
28. Chester W. Schaeffer Chester W. Schaeffer Editor, The Tingler
29. Ben Gutterman Ben Gutterman Production Manager, The Living Ghost
30. Ted Martine Ted Martine Art Department, Crusader vs the State of Texas
31. Fred Westerberg Fred Westerberg Cinematographer, The Ten Commandments
32. Jay Hanna Jay Hanna Actor, The Tomboy on Bar Z
33. John Vasconcellos John Vasconcellos Self, Stanley Tucci
34. Carroll Graham Carroll Graham Writer, Bordertown
35. David Lamson David Lamson Writer, We Who Are About to Die
36. Roland Lakes Roland Lakes Self, Episode dated 5 October 1971
37. Mitzi Strollery Mitzi Strollery Actress, Please Don't Eat the Babies
38. Harriett Eells Harriett Eells Actress, One-Way Ticket
39. Frank Arthur Swales Frank Arthur Swales Actor, Surrender
40. J. Wesley Warner J. Wesley Warner Actor, Scarlet Days
41. Joe Ward Joe Ward Art Department, Junior
42. Clarke Jennings Clarke Jennings Actor, Mutiny on the Bounty
43. Dolores Rousse Dolores Rousse Actress, Against All Odds
44. Bert Dawley Bert Dawley Cinematographer, The Lady of the Lake
45. Irma Sorter Irma Sorter Actress, Pie
46. J.C. Richardson J.C. Richardson Casting Director, The Legion of Death
47. Edgar Anderson Edgar Anderson Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Man in the Iron Mask
48. Harold Yager Harold Yager Actor, To the Shores of Tripoli
49. Toyo Fujita Toyo Fujita Actor, The Dragon Painter
50. Robert L. Bratton Robert L. Bratton Sound Department, Touch of Evil
1-50 of 62 names.