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1. G.D. Spradlin G.D. Spradlin Actor, The Godfather: Part II G.D. Spradlin started his career as a lawyer, then became an Independent Oil producer. He was active in local politics before turning to acting. He joined the Oklahoma Repertory Theatre in 1964.
2. John Sturges John Sturges Director, The Great Escape
3. Billy Booth Billy Booth Actor, Honey's Money
4. L. Ron Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard Writer, Battlefield Earth
5. Don Rich Don Rich Self, Episode #1.1
6. Florence MacMichael Florence MacMichael Actress, Mr. Bevis
7. Eric Lawson Eric Lawson Actor, Gymkata
8. Kirk Scott Kirk Scott Actor, Heathers
9. Sam Vlahos Sam Vlahos Actor, American History X Soteron "Sam" Vlahos was born in San Diego, California, on August 10, 1935 to Theodore Vlahos of Kakouri, Greece and Juanita Romero of Baja, Mexico. After serving the U.S. Air Force he pursued his acting career. Although he worked in television, movies and theater his greatest love was theater because of the challenge of one-take delivery and the spontaneity of audience feedback...
10. David Hand David Hand Director, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
11. Ferris Webster Ferris Webster Editor, The Great Escape
12. Peggy Doyle Peggy Doyle Actress, General Hospital
13. Max Smith Max Smith Actor, 101 Dalmatians
14. James Menzies James Menzies Writer, A Case of Immunity
15. Dick Gering Dick Gering Actor, Date Bait
16. William Woods William Woods Make-Up Department, Not as a Stranger
17. James Buxbaum James Buxbaum Producer, Dolphin in Pursuit: Part 2 Creator, writer, first story editor and associate producer of Sea Hunt series. After this he was story editor for the Aquanauts series. He then produced 58 episodes of the Flipper series, for which he also had script writing duties. In 1964 became vice president of the parent company of Ivan Tors Films, Inc. and for a time was president of Ivan Tors Miami Studios.
18. Ernie Ball Ernie Ball Thanks, Digimon: The Movie
19. Jack Scholl Jack Scholl Soundtrack, Casablanca
20. Earlene Heath Earlene Heath Actress, Folies Bergère de Paris
21. Robert Belcher Robert Belcher Editor, The Big Country
22. Corson Jowett Corson Jowett Sound Department, To Kill a Mockingbird
23. Eileen O'Malley Eileen O'Malley Actress, Cupid's Fireman
24. Muriel Mansell Muriel Mansell Actress, Homicide Limited
25. Herbert Gunn Herbert Gunn Actor, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
26. Cary Odell Cary Odell Art Director, Cool Hand Luke
27. Arthur Lovejoy Arthur Lovejoy Actor, Full of Life
28. Bud Fraker Bud Fraker Camera and Electrical Department, Frenchman's Creek
29. Vera Vance Vera Vance Actress, The Unholy Three
30. Gibson Holley Gibson Holley Art Director, The D.I.
31. Alice O'Neill Alice O'Neill Costume Designer, Just Imagine
32. Perry Smith Perry Smith Art Director, Railroaded!
33. Frederick E. West Frederick E. West Cinematographer, The Living Christ Series
34. Alf Haugan Alf Haugan Actor, Sister Kenny
35. Anne Blaisdell Anne Blaisdell Writer, Die! Die! My Darling!
36. Red Holloway Red Holloway Music Department, Can't Be Heaven
37. Reed Sherman Reed Sherman Actor, Big Daddy
38. Gudrun Lendrop Gudrun Lendrop Actress, Den kloge Mand
39. Robert Martin Robert Martin Sound Department, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
40. Cecil Smith Cecil Smith Actor, Petticoat Crusade
41. Everett Alton Brown Everett Alton Brown Sound Department, Angels with Dirty Faces
42. Larry Burke Larry Burke Actor, My Buddy
43. Bill Bates Bill Bates Art Department, Mean Streets
44. Charles Cowie Charles Cowie Camera and Electrical Department, The Appaloosa
45. Earl L. McMurtrie Earl L. McMurtrie Miscellaneous Crew, Kismet
46. Coyla Davis Coyla Davis Costume and Wardrobe Department, Adam Had Four Sons
47. Ralph McComas Ralph McComas Actor, Flat Harmony
48. Harry Bavaird Harry Bavaird Sound Department, South Pacific
49. Ernie Tripke Ernie Tripke Self, James Dean's Death
50. Charles Lewis Charles Lewis Production Manager, Mr. Robinson Crusoe
1-50 of 56 names.