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1. Juano Hernandez Juano Hernandez Actor, Kiss Me Deadly He was the son of a Puerto Rican seaman. He was self-educated and spent much of his childhood in Brazil singing on the streets to raise money for food. He became an actor after having been a circus performer, radio actor, and vaudeville performer. He worked in the chorus of the 1927 stage production of the musical "Show Boat"...
2. Roberto Clemente Roberto Clemente Self, Game 5 Roberto Clemente Walker was born in Barrio San Anton in Carolina, Puerto Rico, August 18, 1934. The youngest of four children, Roberto excelled in track and field, winning medals in the javelin throw and short distance races. However, his real love was baseball. He played amateur baseball with Juncos...
3. Emma Rosa Vincenti Emma Rosa Vincenti Actress, El hijo de Angela Maria
4. Luis Aguad Jorge Luis Aguad Jorge Actor, La criada malcriada
5. Marta Romero Marta Romero Actress, El señor doctor
6. Luis Raul Luis Raul Actor, East Side Story
7. Elena Montalban Elena Montalban Actress, Maruja
8. Mapy Cortés Mapy Cortés Actress, Un beso en la noche
9. Nelson Millán Nelson Millán Actor, La traición
10. Hector Camacho Hector Camacho Self, Sweatin' to the Oldies 2
11. Awilda Carbia Awilda Carbia Actress, El sueño del regreso
12. Walter Rodriguez Walter Rodriguez Actor, ¡Que buena vida!
13. Axel Anderson Axel Anderson Actor, Assassins
14. Pau Casals Pau Casals Soundtrack, Spy Sorge Born of a Catalan father and Puerto Rican mother in the small town of Vendrell, Spain, Casals began his career performing music with his father Charles in church. One of 9 children, Casals became an international sensation due to his musical style, however with the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and Franco's eventual victory and rise in Spain...
15. Ramón Peón Ramón Peón Director, Entre hermanos
16. Rafael Hernández Rafael Hernández Soundtrack, American Pie 2
17. Ernesto Concepción Ernesto Concepción Actor, El beso que me diste
18. Tommy Muñiz Tommy Muñiz Actor, Lo que le pasó a Santiago
19. Adalberto Rodriguez Adalberto Rodriguez Actor, El curandero del pueblo
20. Víctor Arrillaga Víctor Arrillaga Actor, The Renovation
21. Chavito Marrero Chavito Marrero Actor, Lovesickness
22. Cucho Viera Cucho Viera Actor, Fascination
23. José Luis Torregrosa José Luis Torregrosa Actor, La farándula corona
24. Mirta Silva Mirta Silva Actress, Las canciones unidas
25. Fidel Cabrera Fidel Cabrera Actor, Mi aventura en Puerto Rico
26. Guillermo de Cun Guillermo de Cun Actor, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
27. Tigre Pérez Tigre Pérez Actor, Bananas
28. Esther Sandoval Esther Sandoval Actress, Creature from the Haunted Sea
29. Jack Delano Jack Delano Director, Los peloteros
30. Luz Minerva Rodríguez Luz Minerva Rodríguez Actress, Lo que le pasó a Santiago Puerto Rican actress known for her supporting roles on television, film, and theatre. She appeared in Jacobo Morales' Academy-Award nominated film Lo que le pasó a Santiago.
31. Alfredo Barbieri Alfredo Barbieri Actor, Las zapatillas coloradas
32. Rafael Tufiño Rafael Tufiño Self, Yo soy Boricua, pa'que tu lo sepas!
33. Karl Wallenda Karl Wallenda Self, Episode dated 24 February 1972
34. Luis Muñoz Marín Luis Muñoz Marín Self, Episode #1.10
35. Paquito Cordero Paquito Cordero Producer, El curandero del pueblo
36. Ramón Rivero Ramón Rivero Actor, La farándula corona In Puerto Rico, Ramón Rivero is known mostly for his radio shows and his theater work. It is said that the whole of Puerto Rico stopped at midday to listen to "El Tremendo Hotel", a 15 minute radio sketch that ran from 1948 to 1956. His funeral was the largest ever seen in Puerto Rico, with half the capital city of San Juan flooded with people, there to say goodbye to their favorite entertainer.
37. Gregory Battcock Gregory Battcock Actor, The Illiac Passion
38. Delia Esther Quinones Delia Esther Quinones Actress, A Flight of Hope
39. Lucy Boscana Lucy Boscana Actress, Episode #1.1
40. Juan Ramón Jiménez Juan Ramón Jiménez Writer, Platero y yo
41. Walter Busó Walter Busó Actor, Cristobalito, the Calypso Colt
42. Marcos Betancourt Marcos Betancourt Actor, 12 Hours
43. Madeline Willemsen Madeline Willemsen Actress, Rappaccini's Daughter
44. Mariano Artau Mariano Artau Actor, Mami
45. Orlando Rodríguez Orlando Rodríguez Actor, Contra el viento
46. Luis Vigoreaux Luis Vigoreaux Actor, Frente al destino A major Puerto Rican actor and television producer, Luis Vigoreaux helped revolutionized Puerto Rican television. A product of the first generation of Puerto Rican actors to appear on television, Vigoreaux became a staple to island audiences every week. In 1958, he met future wife, actress Lydia Echevarria and soon they were married...
47. Devin Foutz Devin Foutz Actor, The Grid
48. Thomas Koppel Thomas Koppel Composer, Everything Put Together
49. Amilcar Tirado Amilcar Tirado Director, El Santero
50. Camilo Delgado Camilo Delgado Actor, Strangers in the City
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