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1. Christopher Allport Christopher Allport Actor, Another World
2. Jerome Bixby Jerome Bixby Writer, The Man from Earth
3. Dennis Moore Dennis Moore Actor, The Dawn Rider A dark-haired, durably handsome and dependable cowboy actor equipped with a strong stance and taciturn seriousness both on and off camera, Dennis Moore was cast as both hero and villain in his three-decade-long career. A player in well over 200 hundred "B"-level oaters and serials during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s...
4. Stuart Randall Stuart Randall Actor, Indestructible Man
5. Jack Prince Jack Prince Actor, The County Nurse Jack Prince, whose birth name was John Upchurch, was trained in singing at an early age. Prince appeared on Broadway in the 1950s in main and understudy/replacement roles in at least three musicals: "Guys and Dolls" (1950-1953), as "Nicely Nicely Johnson", "Lil' Abner" (1956-1958) as "Marryin' Sam", and "Destry Rides Again" (1959-1960) as Tom Destry's sidekick "Wash"...
6. Tommy Luske Tommy Luske Actor, Peter Pan
7. Belinda Lee Belinda Lee Actress, It Happened in '43 Green-eyed blonde bombshell Belinda Lee was born in Devon, England to a hotel owner (Robert Esmond Lee) and florist (Stella Mary Graham) on June 15, 1935. Nicknamed Billie, she was an incredible beauty while still in her early teens, attending the Rookesbury Park Prep School at Hampshire and St. Margaret's boarding school at Devon...
8. Charles Tannen Charles Tannen Actor, The Grapes of Wrath
9. Charles H. Gray Charles H. Gray Actor, The Young and the Restless
10. Fred Draper Fred Draper Actor, A Woman Under the Influence
11. Karl 'Killer' Davis Karl 'Killer' Davis Actor, Zombies of Mora Tau
12. Daniel B. Clark Daniel B. Clark Cinematographer, Charlie Chan in Egypt
13. Tom Jankiewicz Tom Jankiewicz Writer, Grosse Pointe Blank
14. Pat Collins Pat Collins Self, Lucy and Pat Collins Known as the "hip hypnotist", Pat Collins ran a nightclub on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. She was a pioneer in hypnotism as entertainment, one of the first to be honest as to what hypnotism could do, as opposed to hypnotists that would claim having the ability to control people beyond their will...
15. Norman Ollestad Norman Ollestad Actor, Ring of Terror
16. Ward Ramsey Ward Ramsey Actor, Cape Fear
17. Dudley Manlove Dudley Manlove Actor, Plan 9 from Outer Space
18. Jeanie Roberts Jeanie Roberts Actress, Okay Toots!
19. Lucien Hafley Lucien Hafley Set Decorator, The Flight of the Phoenix
20. John Rogers John Rogers Actor, Lassie Come Home
21. Russ Clark Russ Clark Actor, The Crime Patrol
22. Ray Lanier Ray Lanier Actor, Andy and Opie - Bachelors
23. Herkie Styles Herkie Styles Actor, The Bellboy
24. Lucy Knoch Lucy Knoch Actress, Executive Suite
25. Mark Curtiss Mark Curtiss Writer, Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme
26. Richard Bickenbach Richard Bickenbach Animation Department, Charlotte's Web
27. Katherine Grant Katherine Grant Actress, Oranges and Lemons
28. John Bridges John Bridges Actor, Westward Bound
29. William Flaherty William Flaherty Actor, The Monolith Monsters
30. James Harrison James Harrison Actor, Vengeance Valley
31. Oren Haglund Oren Haglund Production Manager, Brink of Fear
32. Jack Denbo Jack Denbo Actor, Barton Fink
33. Lillian Porter Lillian Porter Actress, That Night in Rio
34. Barry Shipman Barry Shipman Writer, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
35. John McCarthy Jr. John McCarthy Jr. Set Decorator, The Quiet Man
36. Pauline Garon Pauline Garon Actress, The Love of Sunya Born in Montreal, the youngest of 11 children, Pauline Garon spent seven years at one of the most prestigious convent schools in Montreal, le Sacre-Coeur. She wasn't yet 20 when she ran away to New York to become an actress. After some success on Broadway in plays such as "Buddies" and "Sonny," she made her first movie...
37. Robert L. Simpson Robert L. Simpson Editor, The Grapes of Wrath
38. Raymond Bond Raymond Bond Actor, A Foreign Affair
39. Leslie Sketchley Leslie Sketchley Actor, Tiger Rose
40. Babe Stafford Babe Stafford Director, Sing, Bing, Sing
41. Monroe Salisbury Monroe Salisbury Actor, The Squaw Man Monroe Salisbury was born Orange Salisbury Cash, the son of David Cash and Ellen Louise Salisbury Cash, and grandson of Aaron Cash and Ann Roat Cash of Evans, Erie County, New York. He grew up with two sisters, Adelaide Mary Cash and Anna Louise Cash. By 1900, he was a working actor supporting his widowed mother and living in Providence...
42. Joel Riordan Joel Riordan Actor, Boardinghouse
43. Janet Barrett Janet Barrett Actress, Mr. Skeffington
44. Jack Semple Jack Semple Actor, Around the World in Eighty Days
45. Bill O'Hallaren Bill O'Hallaren Writer, The Bank Examiner Swindle
46. Antony Ellis Antony Ellis Writer, The Gazebo in the Maze Affair
47. Cordelia Callahan Cordelia Callahan Actress, Doubling for Romeo
48. Joe Scott Joe Scott Actor, The Sour Milk Fund
49. Patrick 'Grampy' Davis Patrick 'Grampy' Davis Actor, The Supernaturals
50. Lyle Boyer Lyle Boyer Editor, Isle of the Dead
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