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1. Pola Negri Pola Negri Actress, The Wildcat Barbara Apollina Chalupiec (aka Pola Negri) was born in Janowa, Poland on January 3, 1897. Pola was born into a comfortable lifestyle until her father was arrested by the Russians and sent to a Siberian prison camp. Moving to Warsaw in 1902, she was to spend her formative years in dire poverty. As a teenager...
2. Glenn Corbett Glenn Corbett Actor, Route 66 An American lead actor and supporting actor, rugged and commanding Glenn Corbett's background didn't seem like it would lead to Hollywood stardom. The son of a garage mechanic, Corbett served a hitch in the Navy and later met Judy, the woman who would become his wife, while she was working at a college...
3. Ann B. Davis Ann B. Davis Actress, The Brady Bunch Ann B. Davis made her debut in show business at age 6 earning $2.00 in a puppet show. At the University of Michigan, Anne planned to study medicine but got the acting bug from her brother who was the lead dancer in the national company of "Oklahoma" for over a year. Anne then spent six years in little theaters...
4. Big John Hamilton Big John Hamilton Actor, McLintock!
5. Martha Mansfield Martha Mansfield Actress, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Stunning silent screen actress Martha Mansfield was a musical comedy star in New York City by the time she entered films in 1916 for Max Linder. Before long she advanced to second leads in features, including the role of Millicent Carew in the John Barrymore starrer Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which to this day remains her best known...
6. Wally Taylor Wally Taylor Actor, Rocky III
7. Christopher Templeton Christopher Templeton Actress, Ready, Willing & Able
8. Tito Guízar Tito Guízar Actor, Brazil Federico Arturo Guízar Tolentino was born on April 8, 1908, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Over the objections of his father, he trained early as a singer and, as such, was sent to New York in 1929 to record the songs of Agustín Lara. While there he had a radio show, "Tito Guízar y su Guitar", and studied opera...
9. Tom Brumley Tom Brumley Self, The Jimmy Dean Show
10. Cosmé McMoon Cosmé McMoon Cosmé McMoon (born Cosmé McMunn; February 22, 1901 - August 22, 1980) was a Mexican-American musician, pianist and composer, best known as the accompanist to notably tone-deaf soprano Florence Foster Jenkins. McMoon was born as Cosmé McMunn in 1901 in Mapimí, Mexico, the son of Maria (Valadez) and Cosme McMunn. His paternal grandparents were Irish...
11. Richard Avedon Richard Avedon Miscellaneous Crew, Funny Face
12. Garrison Cade Garrison Cade Actor, WWE Sunday Night Heat
13. Drew Michaels Drew Michaels Actor, The Boys in Company C
14. Tim Curry Tim Curry Actor, Manglehorn
15. Rosita Fernández Rosita Fernández Actress, Leute mit Flügeln
16. Myra D. Hemmings Myra D. Hemmings Actress, Go Down, Death! Myra Davis Hemmings was a schoolteacher in the San Antonio public school system for over fifty years; she was also active in the African-American community, particularly in amateur theatrics. She and her husband John formed the Hemmings Players, a group of amateur actors who put on plays and other performances in and about San Antonio...
17. Marvin Jones Marvin Jones Actor, Angel Face
18. Zeke Mills Zeke Mills Actor, JFK
19. Gloria Ríos Gloria Ríos Actress, Una mujer decente
20. John Howland Wood John Howland Wood
21. Doria Avila Doria Avila Actor, Bells Are Ringing
22. Charles Heard Charles Heard Actor, Like Father, Like Son
23. Maureen Halligan Maureen Halligan Actress, Dead Man's Evidence
24. Red River Dave Red River Dave Actor, Pretty Women
25. Buddy Strait Buddy Strait Actor, Palo Pinto Gold
26. Janice Jarratt Janice Jarratt Actress, Kid Millions
27. Rube Waddell Rube Waddell Self, Rube Waddell and the Champions Playing Ball with the Boston Team
28. Ken Lamkin Ken Lamkin Cinematographer, Frasier
29. Eugene L. Eubank Eugene L. Eubank Actor, Bombardier
30. Kathleen Collins Kathleen Collins Actress, Border Devils
31. Margaret Cousins Margaret Cousins Writer, Lucy Gallant
32. Will Hussung Will Hussung Actor, Zelig
33. Buz Buckley Buz Buckley Actor, Saga of Death Valley
34. Jack Stern Jack Stern Soundtrack, King of California
35. Jack Specht Jack Specht Cinematographer, The Girl in Room 20
36. Gus García Gus García
37. Adolph Hofner Adolph Hofner Soundtrack, The Killer Inside Me
38. John Hemmings John Hemmings Actor, Beale Street Mama
39. Claude Stanush Claude Stanush Writer, The Newton Boys
40. Gregg Lawrence Gregg Lawrence Self, Carle Comes Calling Gregg Lawrence was a singer who made many records (RCA/Columbia) with the Frankie Carle Orchestra and the Tex Beneke Orchestra. He grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin and moved to Minneapolis to sing with the Sev Olsen Orchestra under his birth-name, Frankie Gelsone. He later led the Frankie Gelsone Orchestra in Minneapolis after Sev Olsen enlisted in the US Army in 1942...
41. Art Foster Art Foster Actor, The Verdict
42. John Wiley John Wiley Actor, The Great Locomotive Chase
43. Bond Blackman Bond Blackman Actor, Trauma
44. Glenn Falkenstein Glenn Falkenstein Self, The Best of Magic
45. Guy Massey Guy Massey Soundtrack, Modern Times
46. Valerio Longoria Sr. Valerio Longoria Sr. Actor, Selena
47. Charles Aber Charles Aber Actor, The Idle Class
48. Elmer Green Elmer Green Sound Department, The Girl in Room 20
49. Robert Mercer Robert Mercer Self, Today
50. Artie Fielder Artie Fielder Actress, Six Weeks Born in San Antonio, Texas, and attended Alamo Heights High School. Expecting a boy, Artie's parents named her in honor of her grandfather. She later went on to attend the University of Texas, Austin graduating 1975. Moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to pursue acting. Highly talented in music, her major at UT...
1-50 of 115 names.