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1. John Boles John Boles Actor, Frankenstein
2. Elmer Kelton Elmer Kelton Writer, The Good Old Boys
3. Jim Gabriel Jim Gabriel Actor, Twenty Five
4. Gordon Watkins Gordon Watkins Actor, Alone in the Dark
5. Coke Robert Stevenson Coke Robert Stevenson Uncategorised
6. Bruce Beesley Bruce Beesley Actor, Radio Free Steve
7. Louise Massey Louise Massey Soundtrack, Where the Buffalo Roam
8. Douglas Hodges Douglas Hodges Writer, The Invisible Ray He was an attorney, author and entertainment writer for Variety. In his latter years he purchased the Walker Collection Agency located in the Ocean Center Bldg. in Long Beach, California. He and his wife maintained a successful business until his death, whereupon Nita Brown Hodges took over the helm until she sold it in the early '60s.
8 names.